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How long have you lived in your house?

less than 3 years


between 3 and 10 years


between 10 and 20 years


more than 20 years


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What are the paint colors?

very light and neutral everywhere


some rooms are bright colors  (green, orange, red, blue)


some rooms are dark colors (brown, black, dark blue)


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What are your light fixtures like?

They are original from more than 20 years ago


They are all contemporary style


I don't have any, they are still plain light bulbs


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What updates have been done?

none, everything is over 20 years old


 minor repairs only (when something breaks)


cosmetic updates only (paint, light fixtures)


major updates were done (kitchen, bathrooms, floors)


4 / 9

How much stuff do you have?

Not very much, as I don't like clutter


Some closets and rooms have too much stuff


A lot, as I tend to accumulate things over the years


5 / 9

Does each room have a function?

Yes, each room has it's own purpose (bedroom, office, dining, etc)


Some rooms are multi-functional (bedroom+office)


No, at least one room is a catch all or a storage room


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How is your furniture and decor?

My furniture is outdated, I never got around to replacing it


My furniture is not bad, but I lack decor (artwork, accessories)


My furniture is nice and house well decorated


7 / 9

How 'personal' is your house?

There are no photos, religious symbols, diplomas displayed


Some personal items, such as photos, collections, religious items


Very personalized (photos everywhere)


8 / 9

How long has the house been for sale?

Not for sale yet, just getting it ready


between 0 and 3 months


over 3 months


9 / 9

Your house is ready!

Congratulations! You can be proud of your property. Your home is in great shape and is ready to be showcased.

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 Almost ready to put the house on the market

Your house is almost ready for sale. You need to do some minor adjustments to make it showcase ready.

Make a list of the items to be worked on and get going. If you need any additional help and want to learn how to stage your house like a pro, please click below to connect with us.

Some work is needed, but it will pay off :)

The house needs some preparation before you put it on the market. But don't worry, a bit of time and effort will pay off at sale time. Let's do it!

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Let's get to work!

You need to do some work before putting the house on the market. Updating the appearance of your house will make a BIG difference. Put the effort in and you will sell your house faster and better! $$$$

If you want to learn how to stage your house like a PRO, connect with us by clicking below.