Everyone's unique, however, as professionals we share some common characteristics. Have fun finding out what type of a real estate agent you are.

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You're having a super crazy day. Your phone won’t stop ringing and your mail inbox is full of bunch of emails. How do you feel?

Stressed out. It’s all too much for me. I prefer dealing with one thing at a time.


Bring it on! I’m so looking forward to this!


It’s a bit overwhelming, but my perfectly thought out checklist has got me covered.


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Do you have a vision for where you want your business to be in five years?

Yes. And I’m constantly thinking about it.


Not really. I’m taking it slowly, let’s see where it ends up to be.


Yes. And I take actions accordingly. You should see my vision board!


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Do you have a healthy work-life balance?

Yes. I am crushing this work-life balance thing.


Not really. Mission impossible.


Yes, however, at times it gets really hard to maintain my work-life balance.


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How do you cope with stress?



I make a healthy snack/drink and treat myself to the fullest.


Sleep/Binge-watch the entire season of my favorite show to sleep.


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Every real estate agent is a ninja in a blazer. Do you agree with this statement?





Absolutely  Yes.


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Husband loves the house. Wife, on the other hand, literally hates it. What do you do?

Give them more time to come up with the final decision.


Be patient with them and show them several similar listings to choose from.


Take the husband’s side and try to persuade the wife.


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 What’s the hardest part of being a real estate agent?   

 Making it past the first year. 


 Sleep deprivation. 


 Handling a 24/7 job. 


7 / 7


Congrats! You are a perfectionist when it comes to your job. There is nothing more important for you than making sure you get the job done right!

You have this all-or-nothing thinking and that, in fact, helps you thrive and stay on top. What people admire the most in you is that you tend to set unrealistic standards and somehow still manage to meet them. Deadlines are constantly creeping up on you, but you seem to be on the top, because that’s who you are.

At times, being a pure perfectionist can be overwhelming and fear of failure always haunts you. But you got this. After all, that’s what makes a perfectionist.

Ultimate Goal Seeker

Congrats! You are an ultimate goal seeker. And a very good one.

You are determined, you are driven, you have the passion and energy it takes to close even the toughest deals. Be proud of yourself, the character you have is rare. Some people may find you rather selfish and authority obsessed, however, remember, they are the ones, who gave up on their goals too soon. You see a deal and you do your best to close it no matter what.

Keep reminding yourself, that being passionate and determined is never a crime, rather, it’s a blessing.


Congrats! You are a total chillaholic. You somehow always manage to maintain a laid-back attitude and that’s what everyone loves about you.

You tend to see a bigger picture and that’s why you see the world with clarity. You are never busy with trying to be someone you’re not, because you know exactly who you really are and you’d never trade being that very person for anything. That’s why it is quite easy for you to not care what other people may have to say about you.

You are quite reliable as well. Homebuyers tend to listen to you and they really care what you have to say. Keep doing a great job!

A total Improviser

Way to go! You are a total improviser. You have pleasantly unpredictable nature and that’s why people love to spend time with you. You tend to look for patterns and connections and that’s what makes you a great listener.

You are constantly chasing happiness and you seem to have your priorities straight. That’s great! You might be getting some critique because of that, however never compromise who you are no matter what.