What Kind of Home Owner Are You?

Take our fun quiz to learn what kind of homeowner you are!

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What's Your Favorite Thing to Do on the Weekend?

Rest and Relax


Hit Up the How-To Videos on YouTube


Practice Your Best Bed Making Skills


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What's Your Retirement Plan?

Buy Low, Sell High, Repeat.


I've got a baller 401K calling my name.


All the Side Hustles then Save, Save, Save.


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What is your drink of choice?

Vodka Martini -Stirred, Not Shaken. 


Bottled Water. 


Beer. Definitely Beer. 


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What's Your Dream House?

A diamond in the rough in a baller location. 


A forever home that is done to the nines. 


A home with an awesome Carriage House or ADU!


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Which best describes your bedroom dresser?

I'm always shopping consignment stores -so some unique antique! 


I built it myself from scraps I had on my last project.


It's a new piece that just hit the showroom floor


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Who would you like to have over for dinner?

Martha Stewart


The Property Brothers


Doesn't matter as long as they're a beloved friend or family member. 


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Hands Off Homeowner

Aint nobody got time to DIY. Your time is best spent with family, friends, or conquering that next epic project for work. You love your home and care deeply about what's on your four walls but you'd much rather leave the Honey-Do List to the Pros.

House Hacker

You're pretty sure that if you buy a fixer upper you could make a killing when you go to sell a couple years down the road. Chip and Joanna have nothing on your DIY skills! You're not into starting a real estate flipping empire but you know the power of real estate and adding value to a awesome property in a baller location!

Host With The Most

You're not into driving strangers around town but you're pretty sure your baller design and hospitality skills could make you some serious passive income by opening your own short-term rental and getting in on this sharing economy! Easy arrival process: check. Bottled water: check. Weekly cash deposits into your bank account: check! Why Landlord when you can be a Host with the Most?!