What Divergent Faction are you in?

One choice can transform you.

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Which trait do you value most?





Strength and Persistence 






I value many of these things. I don't like being forced to make choices.


1 / 10

Pick a creature:







No creatures for me, thanks


This is stupid. Why should this affect my results?




2 / 10

What hair color would you like? 

Light blonde




Dirty blonde




Black hair




Dyed hair


This is a dumb question. 


3 / 10

What do you care most about?

My Grades!


My friends. I love hanging with my besties.


The charity I volunteer with.


I love debate club, mock trial, model UN, etc.


Anything that gets my heart rate up. I love adrenaline.


All or some of the above.


4 / 10

What do you look for in a romantic partner?



Intelligence. I want to be able to learn from and teach my partner.


Honesty and trustworthiness. 


Friendship and respect. 


Bravery. I want to adventure with my partner. I want to spend an exciting lifetime with them. Courage is key.


Looks. :P


Most of these traits are really important to me.


I'm aro so no thanks. 


5 / 10

Choose a weapon to go into battle with:







Armor; the best offense is a good defense


My knowledge. I can defeat anyone with my smarts and logic. 


I'd never pick up a weapon. I believe in peace. I will not harm people.


Anything to protect my friends and family, or really anyone. But I'd prefer not to use violent methods.


6 / 10

Favorite color?













My favorite color shouldn't affect the results of this quiz. What does that have to do with anything?


7 / 10

Do you enjoy arguing/debate?





8 / 10

You've been fighting with your best friends. How do you work it out?

Just be honest with them about how their actions/comments affected me. I expect them to do the same. And frankly, sometimes I enjoy an argument.


I don't argue with people. That's self-indulgent.


Peace serum :P


Just try again, enough chatting and we'll be friends again


Do something fun/scary/intense together. Experiences bring people closer together


What friends?


It depends. Most of these solutions appeal to me. Situations vary and your reaction must change to meet the needs of the situation.


9 / 10

Do you like school?

Yes! I love discussing anything and everything. 


Yes! I love love love to learn.


Yes! I love being with my friends.




Sometimes. It depends on the day.


10 / 10

You are Dauntless!

“We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.”

You belong in Dauntless. You are considered to be a rebel. You are brave, courageous, ready to fight and to win. You are persistent. You believe that cowardice is the cause the World's problems. You often wear black.

You are Abnegation!

You are selfless. You care fiercely about other's well being and equality. You always put others before yourself, sometimes a little to much. You believe that selfishness is the cause of the Worlds problems. You may consider being a public servant or running a charity. You love the color gray, and wear gray most of the time.

You are Candor!

"They tell the truth, even when you wish they wouldn't."

You belong in Candor! You are honest and speak your mind. You enjoy arguments and debates. You are not afraid to criticize and critique. You believe that lies and dishonesty are the cause of the world's problems. You like to wear black and white.

You are Amity! 

"They're all about kindness and harmony, always happy."

You belong to Amity. You value peace and kindness. You do not enjoy conflict. You love nature, and especially enjoy plants. You are also a bit of a tree-hugger. You are artsy. You enjoy spending time outside and with your (many) friends. You often wear yellow and red.

You are Erudite!

"The smart ones"

You belong in Erudite. You are intelligent, quick witted, logical, and curious. You believe that ignorance and stupidity is at the root of the world's problems. You enjoy solving problems, and love the classroom setting. You love being the teacher and the student. You like to wear the color blue.

You rebel! You are divergent.

"I am divergent and I cannot be controlled"

You are divergent. You can't be controlled, and don't neatly fit into the binaries. You are a rebellious and complex person.

You are Factionless!

"My people are ready for war if that's what it takes."

You don't believe in the faction system as it has wronged you and your community. You believe that it is a system designed to benefit the few, not the many. You don't believe in binaries. Society wasn't built for you, and you are determined to rebuild it. You are aching for a revolution.