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Agricultural Engineer

If you are interested in designing, creating and improving technology for the agricultural industry than agricultural engineering may be for you. This form of engineering will allow you to work with new and efficient ways of food production in many different agricultural fields. You may work as a consultant or in the factory manufacturing products like tractors, and irrigation systems. This hands on style of engineering will allow you to emphasis the importance of environmentally sustainable agriculture.

Communications Officer

Communications Officers are employed in many different
sectors. They can be found in large and small businesses, governments or non-governmental/nonprofit organizations. As a Communications Officer, you will be raising a company or organization's profile with clients, the public and media, either with regard to a particular environmental issue or by presenting a broader environmental message.

Community Investment Manager

Do you wish the corporate world would lend a hand to support the community it serves?

Community Investment Managers do just that. Working for large corporations, small businesses, charities, non- governmental organizations and financial institutions, Community Investment Managers help to fund projects that give back to the community.

Conservation and Fisheries Officer

As a Conservation Officer, you maintain the integrity of the natural habitat in accordance to laws and policies. Conservation and fishery officers enforce federal and provincial regulations established for the protection of fish, wildlife and other natural resources. Conservation and Fishery Officers will also collect and relay information.

Electrical Engineer

Your creativity, technical savvy and keen sense of innovation are put to the test in this rapidly growing career. These skills will help you design and install electrical equipment used for power generation or transmission. Electrical engineers are key players in both the wind and solar industry and will be in great demand as those fields expand and evolve.

Energy Efficiency Advisor

With homeowners becoming more aware of the energy they use in their homes and how they can save money by switching to energy efficient appliances this sector is rapidly growing. As an energy efficacy advisor you will give consultation to homeowners or home developers on how to save on their energy consumption. Not only will you reduce energy consumption, but you will also save your clients hundreds of dollars. You must be able to demonstrate knowledge on the new energy efficient technology and basic tradesmen skills.

Energy Manager

With energy costs on the rise, many companies and organizations are looking to Energy Managers to help them be smarter about their energy use. Energy Managers analyze an organization's energy use (including "peak times", or the times of day when the most amount of energy is being used) and help a company develop new, cost effective ways to be more energy efficient.

Energy Retrofitter

Always in a new location, you are implementing systems that save energy in homes, institutions, and businesses in this rapidly expanding field. As regulations change and social attitudes shift, more and more homeowners will be requesting energy

Environmental Campaigner

Concerned about the environment? Want to inspire minds and make a difference? Companies and environmental groups often require passionate and creative thinkers to raise awareness and educate the public on specific environmental issues. These people, called campaigners, can play a crucial role in changing public attitudes and encouraging people to take action

Environmental Economist

Environmental Educator

As an Environmental Educator, your goal is to educate groups about energy conservation, ecology and sustainability. Whether presenting to school groups or on guided tours, your main goal is helping people learn about environmental issues in a fun and interactive manner.

Environmental Enforcement Officer

Are you tired of seeing companies get away with poor environmental performance and practices? Becoming an Environmental Officer can be the solution. Usually employed by a government body, environmental officers help to ensure public safety by enforcing environmental regulations within the public and private sector.

Environmental Engineer

If you are interested in modifying and creating new technology to help sustain the environment then environmental engineering may be for you. You will be addressing issues such as energy preservation, waste management and water control. These rapidly growing careers will create many opportunities to work in a variety of fields that strive to preserve our natural resources.

Environmental Lawyer

If you have a passion for the environment and a strong sense of justice, then an Environmental Lawyer is the career for you! As an Environmental Lawyer, you may work on environmental disputes between parties, criminal cases, or perhaps in negotiating contracts and land claims for renewable energy developments.

Environmental Planner

If you have a vision of how cities should grow in the context of the natural world, then you may be interested in Environmental Planning. Environmental Planners are liaisons of development for the natural world. Before developers can start building a new condo, the Environmental Planner must consider the impacts on nearby wetlands or other lands that have environmental considerations.

Outdoor Adventure Guide

If you love adventure and nature and want to share your passion with others, than you may be interested in becoming an outdoor adventure guide. Adventure guides organize and facilitate excursions into many different environments and ecosystems. Adventure guides will bring a fun, and exciting atmosphere to groups and individuals that are motivated to discover what Mother Nature has to offer.

GIS Analyst

As a Conservation Officer, you maintain the integrity of the GIS (Geographic Information System) data is used in the sciences, business, government and other fields to do everything from track wildlife to computer the best delivery routes for a truck. GIS analysts perform analysis on data sets stored in a GIS database.

Green Roof Installer

Do you have a passion for the outdoors and enjoy working with plants? This technical and labour intensive position may be right up your alley. The green roof industry is growing.

Hazardous Materials Specialist

Hazardous Materials Specialists are involved in the cleanup of substances that may be harmful to people and the environment. Hazardous Materials Specialists may be involved in a broad range of situations from removing asbestos from a building to cleaning spills from accidents.

LEED Consultant

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized green building certification that measures efficiency in green design and construction. LEED recognizes achievements in areas such as water efficiency, energy efficiency and sustainable building materials. As homeowners desire greener designs, LEED consultants will become more in demand.

Master Electrician

Master Electricians (ME) have always played a major role in building projects and power generation. With the rise of the renewable energy industry, MEs have a chance to “green” their electrical expertise and capitalize on the growing demand for clean, green energy. As we transition out of fossil fuel-based energy sources, these tradesmen will be important players in helping to kick start the new green economy.

Recycling Coordinator

Recycling Coordinators are people who manage recycling programs for companies, institutions and organizations. Recycling Coordinators are great leaders who are passionate about recycling and getting other people involved in waste reduction

Renewable Energy Researcher

A Renewable Energy Researcher must keep on top of the latest innovations in the world of energy. With a dedication to sustainable energy sources, you may find yourself working on improving technologies for wind, solar, hydroelectricity, geothermal or biomass facilities.

Renewable Energy Sales Representative

Are you passionate about renewable energy? Do you enjoy introducing family and friends to new ideas and getting them to think differently? Renewable energy sales representatives do that on a daily basis. This is an ideal position for anyone with a knack for sales and a passion for new technology.

Green Software Developer

The Software Developer designs software that gathers and interprets information about the energy that is produced in solar, wind and geothermal installations. Green software can also help businesses monitor their renewable energy sources, greenhouse gas emissions and overall energy use.

Wind Turbine Technician

Wind turbine technicians can be found high up on platforms inspecting, cleaning, calibrating, repairing, and troubleshooting the various components of a turbine to ensure efficient operation.

Sustainable Architect

Are you passionate about building design and committed to a more sustainable future? Sustainable architecture is the perfect marriage of these two exciting areas. As an architect, you have creative control over which technologies get included in building design.

Development Coordinator

Money, money, money! We all know it won’t buy us happiness, but unfortunately, it’s a necessary part of running an organization. Many non-governmental organizations and charities rely solely on public and private funding to run their programs. As a Development Coordinator, you will be a key player in helping these organizations grow and carry out their important work.

Solar Panel Installer

Do you like working outdoors and with your hands? This high growth sector needs you! Solar panels are an innovative way to reduce reliability on traditional energy sources and can lead us towards a more sustainable future.

Nanotechnology Researcher

Do you like working with the latest technology? Do you enjoy creating and running experiments in the lab? Nanotechnology is a young field, but it is already showing huge promise in countless fields of science and technology. Medicine, engineering and even the clothing industry, are already all benefiting from nanotech applications.

Air Quality Forecaster

Do you want to provide important information to people in your city on a daily basis? Are you interested in shaping policies that could affect you, your local communities, and your country? Air quality forecasters work alongside meteorologists to provide location.

Water Quality Technician

Do you like working outdoors collecting samples? Are you passionate about the environment and the health of ecosystems? Water Quality Technicians play an important role in providing facts and proof to the general public with regards to the water system and our direct and sometimes harmful impact to it.Roles and Re

Sustainable Fashion Designer

Are you a trend-setter in fashion? Are you passionate about clothing that not only looks good, but is also good for the earth? As people become more conscious of where their ctlothing comes from, how its made, and who is making it, there will be more demand for clothes that do not have a negative impact on human rights and the environment.

Passive House Builder

PassiveHouse is a high-performance building standard and the only internationally recognized energy standard in construction. PassiveHouse buildings consume up to 90% less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings. Passive homes help reduce the amount of energy a building uses and significantly reduces the costs for heating and cooling a building.

Documentary Film Maker

Is film your artistic medium? Are you passionate about sharing stories, documenting the truth, and bringing the untold and forgotten into the light? By being a documentary film maker, you are able to share images and ideas that the average person may not know or think about in their everyday life. Documentary films could potentially cover any movie genre


Are you interested in microscopic organisms? Do you want to know how and why diseases start, how they spread through a population, and how to mitigate their harmful impacts and prevent future outbreaks? Epidemiologists are scientists who study disease. They are critical in the protection and maintenance of public health and safety, and will be in greater demand as communicable diseases spread more rapidly and have increased strength on a warming planet.

Horticultural Artist

Do you enjoy gardening and creating art? Have you ever thought of plants as an artistic medium? As a horticultural artist, you are bringing beauty to the outdoor shared spaces in a community, and using your skills to promote healthy green spaces and environmentally friendly practices.