What is your reading style?

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How many books are you currently reading?

I only read one at a time, so I can give it all my attention.


I've lost track.


I'm in the middle of a few non-fiction books, a novel, and one of those classics I've always meant to get to.


How can you be reading more than one book at a time?


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When you hear about a new huge best-seller, what is the first thing that you do?

You look up the synopsis to see if it's really any good or not.


You run out to your nearest bookstore to buy it.


You wait for the movie version.


You don't do anything. You could really care less.


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What do you currently read the most?



Only whatever is required for school


Novels of all kinds - it's the quality of the story that draws me


Whatever I can get my hands on


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When the huge blockbuster film version of your favorite book comes to theaters, what do you do?

Boycott it because you read online that they did horrible, horrible things to the sacred text


Go see it with mixed feelings, knowing it can't possibly measure up but looking forward to seeing some of the best moments on a big screen


Throw a theme party before the show, and go to the movie in costume with all your similarly obsessed friends


I don't have a favorite book


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How many books do you have in your to-read pile?

I have no such pile


1 to 3


4 to 10


My whole library is my to-read pile


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What do you do if someone interrupts you while you're reading?

You don't hear them; you are too enthralled in your book


Stop your reading and listen to them


Yell, "Can't you see I'm reading?"


Tell them to hold on a minute while you finish your page


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How many books do you read a month?

Only what I have to


More than 2


It varies, but you always aim high


You don't count- you're always reading


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What's your bookmark of choice?

A regular old bookmark




Whatever's closest (receipt, napkin, pen, etc...)


No bookmarks for you- you'd rather just finish the book


Memorizing the page number


I don't read


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The Philosopher

You will never lose your hunger for increasing your knowledge. You likely prefer nonfiction and "think" books, but you can enjoy a novel if it teaches you something. You hold the deep conviction that, although the world may work in mysterious ways, you can decode those ways if you apply yourself. For you, the best books are ones that help you solve the puzzle of human existence.

The Endurance Reader

Like a long-distance runner, you have powers of endurance and you don't mind tackling epics or long sagas that cover varied terrain and multiple generations. Covering so much ground appeals to you because you enjoy the sensation of slowly compassing the distance you cross, enfolding the landscape into yourself. You read pretty much anything and everything. You are a natural-born bookworm. You derive satisfaction from the achievement of completing the journey.

The Picky Reader

You do not love reading, but you definitely don't hate it either. You will read for fun occasionally, but the book has to be really good and catch your attention in the first chapter.

The Skimmer

You are not a reader! You could care less about reading and books. You only read when you have to, and even then you just skim over the content. You would much rather be outdoors, shopping, or on your phone.