What kind of Engineer are You?

Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, or maybe something else?

Take THE Quiz!

What activity looks the most fun?

Making a circuit


Making something with your hands


Upgrading an RC car


Drawing how a toy is made


Help your dad work on the car brakes


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Which game is more fun?

Mouse Trap


Rockem Sockem Robots








2 / 5

Which toy do you want to play with?


3 / 5

You work for Santa, and he lets you choose from the following jobs. Which one do you choose?

Fulfill every kid's request by designing toys


Determine the fastest way to get all the toys in the world delivered in one night


Design the sound system for Santa's sleigh


Create the perfect hot chocolate for Santa


Help the elves build the machines that make the toys


4 / 5

What do you want to be when you grow up?



Toy Maker




Theme Park Character


Video Game Creator


5 / 5

Electrical Engineer

Electronics and how they work interest you. When the garage door stops working, you want to take apart the control, and fix it. Your favorite toy is your remote control robot you've programmed to bring you snacks after school. The idea of learning how everything in your house is powered is exciting to you!

Mechanical Engineer

You love to build things, especially with moving parts! You are fascinated with how everything works, and can be found watching your dad work on his car. You have fun taking things apart and trying to figure out why they aren't working.

Industrial/Process Engineer

You love to find short cuts. You're always looking for the most efficient way to get something does. You try various ways home in order to find the quickest way to get home from school. You figure out quicker ways to get your chores done so you can go play.