What Type Of Reader Are You?

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1. Have you ever read a sentence over and over again by accident? 





What are you talking about 


1 / 5

2. What do you do if someone interrupts you while you're reading?

Completely ignore them


Stop Reading and listen to them


Yell! "Can't you see I'm reading?!


Tell them to hold on a minute while you finish your page


2 / 5

3. How many books do you read a month?

At least one, but sometimes you're too busy


More than 2


It varies, but you always aim high


You never count- you're always reading


3 / 5

4. How many classics have you read?

Are you kidding? Too many to count


Every classic that you had to read for school. Maybe a couple more


Classics aren't your thing.


4 / 5

5. And finally, pick a reading medium:

Paper or bust






Anything! Just gotta read!


5 / 5

Partial Reader

this type of readers are incapable of finishing what they started. No matter how invested they are in the beginning, they eventually lose interest, get distracted, or simply move on to the next book. The problem is,they never get to the end of a book. Needless to say, it isn't the best strategy for school reading.

The “Weekend Warrior” Reader

Let’s start off easy. The “Weekend Warrior” Reader approaches reading with a cool demeanor, as this type of reader doesn’t sweat over an ever-mounting “to-read” list. They read for pleasure on the weekends or whenever the opportunity presents itself. Let’s be honest, this is a great way to approach reading!

Physical Book Loyalist.

These are readers who live and die by printed and bound books, refusing to even call a book in any other form by the word "book." Call them old-fashioned, but for them, there's just something about the feeling of cloth and the smell of paper that make reading a "real" book that much better.


OK, this reader is the antithesis of the weekend warrior reader. This reader cannot get their hands on ENOUGH prose and literature, and that covers every genre. Nothing gets in the way of their reading challenge goals, numerous book clubs, and heavy involvement in the #bookstagram communities. The type to read a book (or more!) a day. We commend your drive, reader!