What would your daemon be?

In The Golden Compass, everyone has a daemon which is an animal companion. This animal represents you and your personality and is as close to you as your own heart.

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Your friend is goofing off in class. What do you do?

Tell them to stop! I don't wanna get in trouble.


  I'm the one goofing off with them :)


I don't do anything, it's not my problem.


I watch, hoping they get in trouble. 


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Which of these outfits would you choose? 


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Which of these words would your friends use to describe you?









Short tempered


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What do you do when you first meet someone?

Judge them silently.


Think of tricks to play on them! Or see if they could be my new partner in crime.


I'm chatty, excited and silly!


I'm just nice I guess.


Decide if I like them. If not, glare.


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Which sounds like the most fun?

Drama! I love watching it go down. 


Pulling pranks on people.


People watching.


Hanging out with my friends.


Helping people. I love it!


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Which app is your favorite? 


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Where's your ideal travel destination?

My bed.




The North Pole


Somewhere popular like LA




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What do you look for in a friend? 

Someone to be my partner in crime


Someone who cares about me.


Someone who follows the rules.


Someone who will tell me all the gossip. 


Someone I can talk with. 


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What's your favorite food?







Nuts and seeds




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Cats are watchful and observant. This represents how you notice what's happening around you. You are wise beyond your years yet elegant, judgmental and serene.

"His daemon was a beautiful autumn-colored cat, massive in size, who stalked along the table with upraised tail and elegantly inspected Pantalaimon..." Pg. 118


Leopard's are quick, clever and aggressive. This shows that you know what you want and you go out and get it. You always know whats what and you are ready to pounce at any moment.

"And his daemon growled with a deep savage rumble, which made Lyra suddenly aware of what it would be like to have teeth meeting in her throat." (pg. 28)


Having a bird as a daemon in The Golden Compass usually signifies that you are a witch. But for you this means you are a trickster, not too much of a rule follower, someone who as a lot of fun but doesn't think of consequences. You may also be just a little bit evil.

"The goose made his stately way to the stern of the ship, where he looked around, elegant and wild simultaneously, and a cause of fascinated terror to Lyra, who felt as though she was entertaining a ghost." Pg. 185


Dog daemons in The Golden Compass are usually daemons to servants. In your situation, this means that you follow the rules, submit to authority, and seek praise or validation. You are also a hard worker.

"The Butler bowed slightly and turned to leave, his daemon trotting obediently behind him." (pg. 5)


People with ferret daemons are kind, compassionate and silly. They are loved by others and sensitive at heart.

"Jacob's [ferret] daemon gave a little mew of anxiety and love..." Pg. 146