Where is your brand currently?

Is your brand growing? Or just getting started? And what do you need to be successful. Let's find out. 

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Choose the answer that best fits your Brand right now:

You know your ideal customers in depth. You know their age and gender and their likes and dislikes. You know what makes them tick!


You're starting to understand more about who your ideal customers are, but you still need to do some more investigating.


You sorta, kinda know the age of your ideal customers... maaaaybe?


1 / 10

When it comes to your Brand, how often do you share on social media?

Every once in a while when you get a really cool idea but never consistently


Multiple times a day and on a regular basis


You share consistently several days a week


2 / 10

When it comes to people interacting with your Brand, where are you right now?

You get a comment here and a comment there, but you'd like to have more interaction from your followers.


No one comments or asks questions or even says hi. You feel like you're shouting into the void.


People comment often on your blog and on your social media channels. You get responses from people via email and/or direct message.


3 / 10

When it comes to your offerings (products and services) which of the following is the most true?

You have several offerings for sale on your website and you bring in consistent sales


You have several offerings for sale but you don't make a lot of sales


You have a few offerings and your sales are pretty consistent


You have a few offerings but your sales could be better


You don't really have anything for sale right now


4 / 10

When you talk about your products or services, how do people respond?

They get what it is that you offer and they are excited to purchase


They sorta get what you're offering, but they tend to ask a lot of questions and seem a little hesitant to buy


You don't get a response, let alone sales


5 / 10

When it comes to your fonts, colors, textures, patterns, etc. you:

Use consistent branding on every single platform


Have different fonts on different platforms and have different colors that you choose between depending on your mood


Aren't really sure about fonts, colors, textures, patterns or anything when it comes to your branding. (You might not even have a website or logo at this point.)


6 / 10

When it comes to the competition, you:

Know who your competitors are and how your Brand is different


Are very similar to one or two of your competitors, but you're not sure how to stand out


Haven't researched your competitors because you're not sure what you want to sell


7 / 10

When you share your content (blog posts, social media posts, links to products, etc.) which of the following is true?

You share the link alone with no text or photos


You share the link with great copy but you fail to share any sort of photos/graphics with the content


Share? Why would you do that?


You share the link with great copy, photos, graphics, and/or videos


8 / 10

When it comes to your Brand, do you share things that are unique to you as an individual (like your creative hobbies, the things you like, or certain words or phrases that you only use with your real life friends)?

Yes, often.


Not at all.


Sometimes, but you could do better.


9 / 10

Branding makes you feel:

Excited! You want to continue to strengthen your Brand Personality.


Confused. You have heard that it's something that you should do, but you're not sure where to get started.


Confident. You know what you're doing and you are constantly trying to strengthen your brand.


10 / 10

Your Brand is Just Getting Started. 

Your brand is just getting started and is in need of branding 101! To grow faster a consistent brand and a personalized message will take you a long way.

Your Brand Is Ready To Go Bigger!

Your business is at its tipping point. You can either level up and see some serious cash flow. Or remain where you are by doing what you have done with your branding and marketing.

Your Brand Is Growing!

Your brand is already growing so whatever you are doing you are doing it right. But lets talk about how we can put workflows in place with your website and marketing so you don't have to work so hard ;)