Which Character From H2O Are You?

Find out which character you are most like!

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What is the first thing you grab when you there is an emergency?



First-Aid Kit




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How do you feel about meeting new people?

I love meeting new people!


Sometimes I like to meet new people, if I'm in the right mood


Meeting new people scares me 


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How do you spend a Friday night?

Watch TV


Go out with friends




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You tend to be a?

Reasonable person


Emotional person


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 Which is a higher value, justice or mercy?





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When there is a problem, what do you do to solve it?

Talk about it with a trusted person


Deal with it yourself


Think about it and then ask someone for an opinoin


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Which person at a party are you?

The life of the party!


I usually find a friend or two and talk with them


I don't go to parties


I greet people I don't know


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Would you rather argue or talk it out?

Talk it out


Argue to prove my point


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What’s your favorite sports











I rather read


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Whats your favorite type of music









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How do you show affection

By giving big hugs, and encouraging them a lot 


By not showing it at all, but the person knows


Subtly give them advice or ask "How are you doing?"


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Do you look out at the world or in at yourself more often?

I prefer to look inside and improve myself


I look at the world for inspiration


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Which is something you are better at? Practicality or cleverness:





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Which do you spend more time on?





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You can handle a lot of different scenarios with ease where others may stumble. You understand others very well and care deeply for those closest to you. You may be stubborn, but always fight for the right cause.


You may be different than others, but in a good way. You have the smarts to help be a leader and know how to solve a situation quickly and with logic. You also would not hesitate to help people, but to also know how to make hard choices.


You are the type of person to whom all your friends turn when they need advice or someone to talk to. Sometimes you are mysterious and close off your thoughts and emotions. That doesn’t mean you can’t take the lead at times though – when need be, you’ll take up the reigns and spearhead a mission. You have an innate ability to understand situations and know what must be done for an ideal outcome.