Which Daughter of Deep Silence Character are you?

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Your friends would describe you as...



a romantic, when you fall you fall hard




two faced




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Most weekends I...

Hang with my friends (libby)


explore the town (Grey)


chill in my room (Frances)


Go to the beach (grey)


It depends (_____)


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Choose the word that connects to you/describes you the best:

Traditional (Like Thanksgiving to stay the same... no changing the stuffing or the pie.)


Seeks harmony (You see deeply into who people are and who they can become. You want them to be happy and living in a way they gives them room to find themselves.)


Doer (Always in motion, hard time sitting still - you want to be doing something.)


Proof needed (You ask why and don't take someone else's word for it, always asking why, need an explanation.)


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I would love to travel to...

Anywhere but the ocean, I hate the oceean!!!!!! (Frances)


France... or anywhere in Eurpoe! its so beautiful there! (Libby)


Anywhere as long as I am with the people I love. (_____)


Japan...it would be a blast. (Grey)


Paris.... no Newyork.... 


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Which phrase best describes you:

I like rules and I want everyone to follow the rules.


It’s important to be your genuine self...don't try to be someone you aren't.


Live for the moment


I want to find the right way...the best way to do it.  


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Choose the word that describes/connects to you best

Practical (You like things in order, organized, and done as they should be.)


Inspiring (You understand how to reach people deeply to awaken their best dreams.)


Impulsive (You don't like rules and want the freedom to do things your way.)


Capability (You want to master an understanding and a knowing of all objects, ideas and event. There are many things you SHOULD know and SHOULD be able to do and do them well.)


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Choose the word that describes/connects to you best

Details (You notice details and like to plan things out. You make to do lists.)


Possibilities (You see the potential in ideas and people..what might be but isn't yet.)


Puzzle pieces (You love to take something apart and play with it or fix it.)


Big picture (You see how things are connected and what they might become.)


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Would you rather:

Belong to a club, organization or team?


 Search for the meaning of life.


Do something/work with your hands? (draw, fix, build, paint, fix a computer?)


Discuss the reasons for the Civil War?


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Would you rather:

betray your family for a good cause


go against your morals and lie


change your identy to a dead girl and fake your own death


fall in love with your enemy 


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If I had to choose one book to read every day for the rest of my life, it would be:

About sports, families or animals


A book about people who are finding their true selves and striving to bring goodness to the world


A book that would teach me, inform me about how a country governs itself, how a detective solved a case, how a great person thought about the problems he or she faced


Really funny or really scary (probably a graphic novel)


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You are Greyson Wells! The senators son. You are kind and do the right thing, even if it means going against your family's wishes. You are picky when it comes to your love life... but when you meet the one you fall hard.


You read to feel the sense of fulfillment that comes from leading an army to victory or finding the hidden treasure, or solving the mystery. Reading is a way to get into a story and truly find joy.


"My first thought is that she can't be talking to me and I glance at her ears, searching for a signs of earbuds or a hands-free head set. But then she holds out her hand to me, her grin earnest and lopsided. "I'm Libby." Libby's attention was like a spotlight that made anyone caught in its glare feel somehow more than." (Page 67)

You got Libby!

As you can tell in this quote Libby poseses the " cool factor". You are the type of person that everyone loves to be around. You are kind, funny, thoughtful, likeable, and sweet.


You read to solve problems and become part of the mysteries presented in the world of books.