Which Early Woman Writer are you?

Find out which early woman writer you are!

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What do you do in your free time?



Share you dramas with friends


Dig your own grave


Give unsolicited advice 


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What do you read most for your writing inspiration?

The Bible






Anecdotal Tales


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Do you want everyone to read your writing?

Hell no, I'll be in trouble if anyone read that


Sure, maybe I'll get famous from it.


Only if women learn from it


I have no desire for money


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What is the purpose of your writing? 



To teach others how to live a holy life


To make money.


To teach women to stand up for themselves


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What's your pet peeve?

Reading non-fiction


Having to dumb myself down so men don't get offended


Women who let others walk all over them


Women who don't care about religion or the Bible


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What word describes you best? 







Brutally Honest


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Anne Finch

You love to write poetry, yet your creativity gets rushed because you need to provide for yourself. Your greatest work will come when you give it the time it deserves. Don't be afraid to sell your art, we all need to eat.

Julian of Norwich 

You are pretty punk-rock. It may seem like you are following all of the rules, but underneath that facade is a rebellion. You are religious and are grateful for the gift you have to write. You like to feel validated in your writing. You aren't afraid to die, you dig your own grave everyday.

Mary Wollstonecraft 

Men have ruined the life of women, but women have allowed for it. You want women to fight against the oppressive power. You write to empower and motivate people to be the best that they can. You may come off as harsh, but your intentions are good.

Margaret Cavendish

You don't give any F***ks as to what people think of you. You write for the sake of entertainment. You believe that there is a world where women will always succeed. You are the life of the party and are the greatest story teller. You inspire others without even knowing. There's nothing wrong with being a little extravagant!