Which House on Mango Street Character Are You?

Answer these 7 questions to find out which character you are from The House On Mango Street!

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Do You Tend To Be...





1 / 9

Are Most of Your Friends...





2 / 9

What is more important?



Your Family + Friends


3 / 9

Are you...



Still Growing


4 / 9

Do you try to...

Stand out 


Fit in


5 / 9

Do you...

Work hard


Lose motivation easily


6 / 9

Do You Know What You Want To Be When You Grow Up?





Haven't Thought About It


7 / 9

Do you want to...

Move When You Grow Up


Stay in Northern Virginia


8 / 9

Do you...

See the Good in Everyone


See the Negative in Everyone


9 / 9


You got Esperanza. You are very talented and also very caring. You often put others needs before your own, which rarely leaves time for yourself. This can hinder your true potential. However, you are a good person and ultimately on a good path.


You got Sally. You have very much potential but there is something holding you back, whether it is yourself or someone else. You are mature and do not need a lot of friends, however you find comfort and safety from people you can trust.


You got Nenny. You see the positive aspect in all situations, and you can often make a bad situation bearable. You are a dreamer, and if other people don't share your ideas, you are unlikley to try to change yourself to fit in.