Which novel describes you as a couple?

Each one of us could have a novel written about our life, and maybe there is a novel written about your love story. Can we tell something about your relationship, using iconic couples of literature? Let’s find out! 

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Which picture reminds you of your life as a couple? 


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What role will family play in your relationship?

None. My relationship is none of their business. 


They rely on us as a couple. We influence their lives a lot.


They are not exactly happy about our relationship, but coming around.  


They are happily surprised about our relationship, maybe sometimes too much involved. 


We help each other a lot. 


Our relationship has been a cause of a large fall out with relatives. 


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How do you feel about your beloved?

Our relationship tend to have hot and cold periods, but mostly it’s hot and spicy. Life is dull without a good fight and latter reconciliation in bed. 


They were sent by Universe to make the world a better place and for me to be happy. This unique human being is my soulmate. 


They give me hope that my life is not entirely lost. 


They make me smile and put up with me. What more could I ask? 


They are my other half; we would feel lost without each other. Life would not be the same. 


I grew to love them over time, and now it is hard to imagine life without them. 


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Which symbol of love represents your relationship?


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What are your life goals together?

Our life is unpredictable, we can’t make any plans. 


To work on our relationship. We don’t want to lose our spark over time.


We need to create our life from the scratch. Our goal is to find a place where we could both be happy. 


To rise a family or contribute towards society in other meaningful ways and to grow old together. 


To learn how to live with each other, we have many differences. 


To support each other and enjoy every day we have. 


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What annoys you about your partner?

Stubbornness and the fact that they flirt too much with others.


They are too domesticated and usually not up for adventures.


I lost a lot for their sake and sometimes I cant stop thinking about it.


They can be pretty silly.


The fact that I can't really trust nobody, not even them.


They can be unapproachable at times. 


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Which sweets would you pick for your loved one? 


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Gone with the Wind by Margareth Mitchell

Scarlett and Rhett has a lot of flirtation, stubbornness and passion between them and so do you. Life is not an easy, smooth sailing for both of you, but it’s never dull. Those around you almost physically feel the spark when they see “Scarett” in action, however, that does not always prove to be enough. For relationship to work you should appreciate each other more. Mutual respect is a must.

1984 by George Orwell

Winston and Julia are a couple that has nothing to lose, as the obstacles they have to overcome are unimaginable. They are rational and irrational at the same time, because every human being will instinctively grab the chance to feel warm, loved and understood in this large, cold and unforgiving world, no matter of the circumstances they find themselves in. Don’t be too tough on yourself and your partner in crime! You will find your peace eventually.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester are unusual couple, sometimes people will talk about them and stare. However, for Jane and Edward, age differences, money, status, health conditions and other things becomes irrelevant, because they feel they have found their intellectual and spiritual equal. This relationship may involve some sacrifices, but that’s fine, as long as you both feel it’s worth it.

Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

Aragorn and Arwen’s love defies time, space and matter, it’s unworldliness can change destinies. You are very lucky to experience such love - few do. Even if life tries to tear you apart, nothing can take away what you both had. Hold each other thigh in warm silence and let the feelings of gratitude overcome you – that is all you actually need to celebrate your relationship.

Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding

Bridget and Mark may seem like opposites that attract, but actually, they have something very important in common – a warm and loving heart. Sure, you will need many adjustments, a lot of forgiveness and a lot of humor to make this relationship work, but it is all worth it if you have found someone who likes you very much. Just as you are.

Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling

Arthur and Molly Weasley are icons of domestic bliss and harmonious relationship. You work hard day after day to sustain everything you have created together. Friends and family appreciate your everyday heroism, and your love makes a life little bit better for people around you. None of this could be possible without your perfect teamwork as a couple. Your love story is a blessing.