3 Ways to Learn ChatGPT to Boost Your Business in the New Year

It’s never too late to learn something new, especially if your goal is to boost your business in the new year. You may already know artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. And now that ChatGPT has been around for some time, we’ll give you three ways to learn it.

This article focuses on ChatGPT; however, you can compare it to Bard and use what’s most comfortable for you. 

Three ways to learn ChatGPT to boost your business in the new year:

  1. Learn ChatGPT on YouTube
  2. Learn ChatGPT on blogs you trust
  3. Get into ChatGPT and test out prompts

Learn ChatGPT on YouTube

If you’re a visual learner, YouTube is the perfect place to learn about ChatGPT. Our YouTube channel will walk you through ChatGPT (and other platforms), including various ways to use the tool for your business. 

There’s an overwhelming amount of tutorials on YouTube; first, consider what you’ll use ChatGPT for and how it aligns with your business goals. Then, search the ChatGPT videos for exactly what you need. 

Save the most helpful videos and create a playlist in your account!

Learn ChatGPT on Blogs You Trust 

Learning ChatGPT through blogs you trust can be a great way to learn visually while having the opportunity to copy and paste prompts before coming up with your own. This is a resourceful way to learn ChatGPT without pausing every time you leave to try something. 

You can learn how to write a prompt on our blogs. Here are a few to get started:

Blog posts may feel easier to save since you can bookmark tabs to revisit later. Plus, there are tools like Notion to clip articles to save to a to-read list. 

Test Out Prompts in ChatGPT

The only way to learn ChatGPT is to log in to the platform and play around with the tool. Use the knowledge you gained from YouTube videos and prompts you gathered from blog posts to manipulate the settings to test it out. 

As you gain confidence using ChatGPT, test your own prompts. The best way to learn prompt engineering is to write them in and see what you get back. This practice is how we have learned to use ChatGPT for quizzes!


Jumpstart your 2024 goals with ChatGPT. Learn how to use it to boost your business in the new year with YouTube videos, blogs you trust, and by testing it yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert at using ChatGPT!

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