Make a Personality Quiz with AI

Personality quizzes are the most popular type of quiz for Interact customers; they build email lists, drive sales, and engage website visitors. With all the new AI tools constantly evolving, it’s time to learn how to make a personality quiz with ChatGPT. 

Note: We are using the OpenAI Playground to create this quiz. 

Let’s dive right in! 

Crafting Your Personality Quiz Title 

One of the greatest things about AI is that it can point you toward the best quiz title for your business, which used to be a challenging part of the quiz-making process. 

Before building your quiz in ChatGPT, you must be clear on your quiz idea and title. To get started, ask ChatGPT to read your website and tell you the primary concept of your business: 

screenshot of read my website in chatGPT

This first step ensures ChatGPT is translating your website correctly. It’s important to make sure the primary concept that AI is giving you is, in fact, based on what you do. 

Next, ask the prompt that will tell you which idea is best for your business and see what ChatGPT comes up with:

screenshot of chatGPT, user asking what is the best quiz idea for my business?

Once you have your quiz title, determine your quiz results. You need to know your quiz results to ask the right questions to get people to the right place.

If you already know what results you want for your quiz, tell AI what they are. Your results do not need to be fully fleshed out. A brief or long description of what the results entail will work. 

This work is how you implement your human touch into AI. Yes, AI writes the result pages for you; however, you tell AI what you want it to say. You’re giving it the meat of the information so your thoughts and ideas reach your audience on the quiz result page.

Telling ChatGPT Your Quiz Audience 

When you make a personality quiz with AI, it is vital that your quiz directly targets your ideal audience—this is how you will successfully collect the most leads. We created three different personas that make up our audience for this quiz. Now, we tell AI who those people are: 

screenshot of chatGPT including personas

AI does all the work of turning that information into specific outcomes for your quiz:

screenshot of chatGPT output with outcomes for quiz

Important Tip: Once AI gives you results, ensure the content aligns with your voice. Each outcome should be something you would recommend to the people who land on each specific quiz result. 

…which segways nicely into writing the quiz questions

Writing Your Personality Quiz Questions 

When your outcomes align directly with your brand message, AI can ask the best questions, getting people to the correct result. In the next step, ask AI to write five questions with three answer choices per question: 

screenshot of user asking chatGPT to write quiz questions

Here’s what we got back from AI in the “Assistant” section: 

screenshot of chatGPT output with quiz questions

In the score part of the quiz question, AI pinpoints which answer relates to which result. AI will do all of the work for you, even building out the logic for your quiz. 

Now that you have your quiz title, results, and questions, the only missing pieces are your quiz description and opt-in form!

Your Quiz Description and Opt-in Form

Your quiz description explains to quiz-takers why they would want to take your quiz. AI can type that out for you and summarize the main point of whatever quiz you created.

screenshot of user asking chatGPT for quiz description
screenshot of chatGPT output with short description for quiz

The quiz description is short, concise, and to the point. 

The opt-in form entices people to subscribe to your list after taking the quiz:

screenshot of user asking chatGPT to write copy for an opt-in form
screenshot of chatGPT output with opt-in form copy for quiz

Congratulations! You just created your quiz in a matter of minutes. Now, let’s see what your quiz will look like when you move this information over to your Interact account!

Looking at Your Personality Quiz in Your Interact Account

Now is when the quiz title and short description come together on the cover page. We went ahead and added an image we thought was best fit for this specific quiz: 

screenshot of Interact quiz cover page

The quiz-taker can easily press “Take Quiz” and begin to answer your quiz questions:  

screenshot of Interact quiz question

In the back end of the quiz-making process, you can see that each of the answers correlates to a specific result: 

screenshot of Interact quiz logic settings

This is important so your quiz-taker ends up with the proper result at the end of the quiz:

screenshot of Interact quiz result outcome

Note that on the quiz results page, the quiz description from AI—shown below—looks different than the result description shown in the image above: 

screenshot of quiz result output from chatGPT

There is a difference between the two descriptions because we added the bottom section on the results page using our expertise at Interact. We added some new content to guide our quiz-takers to take action: 

screenshot of Interact quiz result outcome

In the case of this specific quiz, we want our quiz-takers to create a quiz with Interact. 

Final Thoughts 

The beauty of a personality quiz is you’ll know more about the people who subscribe to your audience! You can recommend the best next steps based on their quiz results. 
If you’re ready to use a personality quiz but would like more help, head over to Interact’s new AI tool, and we will build a quiz for you!

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