Set Up Your Quiz Funnel with Mailchimp

Think of your quiz results as an invitation for new leads to go deeper with your brand. When you set up your quiz funnel with Mailchimp, you’ll engage your audience using the power of personalization once they subscribe to your quiz. A cohesive quiz funnel encourages your audience to accept this invitation and ultimately buy from you. 

Let’s discover the benefits beyond the quiz results page and into your new subscriber’s inbox. 

Benefits of Sending Quiz Results by Email

Sending quiz results via email offers a plethora of benefits that can significantly enhance your marketing strategy. One of the most notable advantages is the increased engagement it fosters. Sending quiz results via email helps teach your leads to open emails.

Your audience will expect their quiz results via email with anticipation and excitement, and you won’t end up in their spam folder. 

Jenna Kutcher results page from what's your secret sauce quiz

Ultimately, this can lead to higher open rates and click-through rates, as recipients are eager to see their results. This keeps your audience engaged and increases the chances they’ll interact with your content and brand.

Improved Email Marketing Stats 

When your audience sees that you’re providing valuable content, such as their quiz results, they’re more likely to open future emails from you. This can increase your email open rates in Mailchimp, which is a crucial metric in email marketing.

Moreover, sending quiz results via email can significantly improve lead nurturing. When a potential customer completes a quiz, you have the opportunity to follow up with them. Include a call to action asking them to reply with their thoughts on their quiz result or send personalized recommendations.

This personalized approach can help move leads down the sales funnel by showing that you understand their needs and interests. It also keeps your brand at the forefront of their mind. This increases the likelihood of them choosing your products or services.

In addition to nurturing leads, sending quiz results via email can provide a better understanding of your audience. The data collected from quizzes offer valuable insights into your audience’s preferences, behaviors, and needs. This data helps you get really specific in your email follow-ups. Use this information to refine your marketing campaigns and create more relevant content. 

You can increase engagement and conversion rates by tailoring your content to your audience’s interests, ultimately getting more sales.

Segmenting Your Email Subscribers with Quizzes

Email segmentation is the process of dividing your email list into smaller groups based on shared characteristics. Segmentation organizes your email list so you can send more relevant and targeted emails. This leads to higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Mailchimp banner of email segmentation benefits

For example, consider you own an online eCommerce shop and have exclusive/local offerings in-store. You’re able to run a promotion only to the segment of your email list who lives nearby. It doesn’t make sense to email someone about an in-store promo when they can only shop online. 

Segmenting your email list in Mailchimp by location or shopping preference allows you to effectively communicate the in-store sale to those living locally without bothering your online shoppers. 

Consider you are a mom-entrepreneur with an online business. If someone follows you for your business strategies, they won’t read what you made your kids for dinner last night. Instead, send them other resources, like checklists, blogs, and podcast episodes, that give them those biz strategies. 

Alternatively, if someone is following you because they’re also a mom managing a business, send that child-approved (or epic-fail) spinach black-bean brownie recipe you made and the lessons learned from it.

Things just got personal, huh? You will make these types of connections with everyone who subscribes to your email list in Mailchimp through a quiz.

Quote by Mary Chapman, Formaggio Kitchen. I really believe segmentation helps us to prevent unsubscribes because people aren't just getting swarmed with emails.

Optimizing Your Existing Marketing Funnels

When you set up your quiz funnel with Mailchimp, segmentation sets your business up for future success. Your quiz makes it easy to implement—especially if you already have email campaigns ready.

Since quizzes convert at an average of 40%, make a quiz that relates to an existing email sequence or campaign you’ve already created. When your new quiz relates to existing email automations, you’ll save time and bring awareness to your offerings from people who need them most.

Consider what you need to know about someone to qualify them for your funnel; these are questions you should ask in your quiz and the quiz results. Take a look at Jenna Kutcher’s Secret Sauce Quiz, where she asks what someone wishes they knew more about: 

question example from Jenna Kutcher's secret sauce quiz

After delighting leads with their full quiz results, Jenna could later send quiz-takers who selected option four (wanting to know more about building an email list) to her List to Launch Lab funnel. This funnel is an entire email sequence and collection of content she’s already created, ready to reach the exact people she created it for.

Furthermore, I’m sure you can see how those who selected option two might need more information about digital marketing before they’d be ready to build an email list. Those answering option one are likely further along in their business, with an established list, looking for more information on scaling. Lastly, those who choose option three are all about photography! 

These are all different conversations you’ll have with your new subscribers when you show up in their inboxes. To accomplish this, integrate your Interact quiz with your email marketing system, like Mailchimp.

With direct integrations, like Mailchimp, you can set up tags to segment your leads based on your chosen criteria.

In addition to the benefits of segmentation, you’ll narrow down and personalize the messaging for your audience, making it easier to create or find content and funnels to repurpose.

Looking Forward to Set Up Your Quiz Funnel with Mailchimp

Sending quiz results by email is a great way to get into your ideal customer’s inbox (not spam folder!), improve your email marketing stats, and optimize your existing marketing funnels. 

Use a quiz to set up this segmentation, and you won’t only send leads their value-packed personal quiz results, but you’ll easily curate (and reuse!) specific messages, content, and resources to delight your audience through email for days, months, and years to come!

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