How Erica Lasan’s Quiz Doubled Her Email Open Rates

Q&A with Erica Lasan, JOY Strategist

What inspired you to create your #JOYGem Superpower quiz?

I was first inspired to create a quiz after taking someone else’s! I had taken other quizzes, but none were as powerful as Dallas Travers’s Success Superpower quiz.

What's your Success Superpower website header with Take the quiz CTA

After taking Dallas’s quiz and receiving my Connection result type, I read through the quiz result landing page and felt like she was reading my soul. I felt seen and understood at that moment, and it made me want to take action on whatever she had to offer.

I listened to the podcast episodes she recommended and completed the exercises she gave through her email series. After five months of following Dallas, I decided to enroll in her program. I saw firsthand how effective quizzes were, so I wanted to create one of my own.

Like Dallas, I wanted to make a long-lasting connection with my audience while building my list. When I thought about creating the perfect funnel and lead magnet for my business, I kept coming back to building a quiz—and that’s how the #JOYGem quiz was born!

What's your #Joygem superpower quiz cover
Key Takeaway: If you’ve been inspired by a quiz, consider what about it had an impact on you. Like Erica felt after taking Dallas’s quiz, what made you feel seen and understood? Use these insights to guide your own quiz-building journey.

Where did the name #JOYGem come from? 

My work is centered around joy. I focus on helping women in transitional phases of life deeply understand themselves and identify what brings them joy so they can radiate joy to others.

I started sharing #JOYGems at the end of each episode of my JOYrney to Purpose Podcast. Most of the #JOYGems I shared were inspired by scripture since I identify as a Christian, but they are helpful for all creatives.

I want to help others shift their mindsets to start seeing joy as a selfless act. By receiving joy on an individual level, only then can you share it with others. This is what I call Radical Joy, and I’m passionate about sharing it with the women who take my quiz.

Joyrney to purpose podcast description
Key Takeaway: We love how Erica used the hashtag #JOYGem to create branded quiz result types. With a hashtag like #JOYGem, Erica can simplify her messaging while ensuring no other competitor can replicate her quiz topic. It also adds a dash of delight and pure fun, convincing others to take her quiz to find their #JOYGem type. You can use this strategy when creating your own quiz.

What problems were you hoping to solve with a quiz?

I initially wanted to outsource the quiz creation and setup to someone else so I could focus on other projects, but I’m really glad I didn’t. By creating the quiz myself, I feel like I understand my audience even better.

Luckily, Interact made it really easy to do it myself. I’m such a huge fan of Interact that there are literally days when I want to scream it from the rooftops! Creating my quiz has been so beneficial in communicating the somewhat vague work that I do as a JOY Strategist—and my quiz has made the process of getting site conversions so much easier and FUN!

Before creating my quiz, I didn’t know how I wanted to segment my email list after someone converts on my website. I also didn’t have a clear way of identifying their specific needs, but now I’m able to talk to people through the #JOYGem types.

When I’m talking to someone, sometimes I try to guess their #JOYGem type. I always direct them to the quiz to make sure it feels true to them, but it’s a fun way to connect with others.

Result distribution with 24.4% of people getting Vision as their result
Key Takeaway: There are benefits to outsourcing your quiz creation as well as creating it yourself. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to building a successful quiz, so consider how much time you have and what areas you need help with. Do you need support with quiz content writing, strategy, or setting it up in Interact? No matter what you need help with, our certified Interact consultants can help. If you want to DIY your quiz like Erica, feel free to look at our in-depth quiz-building guides on the blog. 

What kind of results and feedback have you received from the quiz?

I love hearing how spot-on someone’s quiz results are! There are conversations I never would’ve had without the help of my quiz. Receiving personal messages and emails from people who loved the quiz is a great feeling.

Getting leads to my website was a big goal, and I’ve seen an increase in traffic to my site after launching my quiz. It’s also helped me convert more visitors to email subscribers, raising my average open rate from 30% to 60% with my quiz email sequence. Quiz-takers who sign up for my list are truly engaged with my emails.

Email series for each result with average open rates (all greater than 45%)
Key Takeaway: We love that Erica saw her average email open rate double when using her quiz email sequence! Email subscribers are most engaged when they receive personalized content, which is exactly what a quiz does. Keep this in mind when you’re writing your own follow-up quiz emails.

What do you like best about your quiz and why?

I love how I’m able to foster connections with my audience very quickly. I can also share my JOY Quest program without feeling like I’m being too pushy or sales-y. 

I didn’t want my community to feel like the only reason I was starting a relationship with them was to sell them something. I also didn’t want to brag about my work—instead, I wanted to gradually introduce how I view joy and its significance in our lives.

The quiz has helped me reconnect with people I haven’t spoken to in a long time and engage with those who are new to my work. My quiz is a valuable free resource, and it doesn’t take much time to receive personalized results. I also save a lot of time by automating everything, so it’s been a much better way to nurture people before and after they join my list.

introduction to Erica
Key Takeaway: If you find it difficult to sell and promote your services, a quiz can make this process easier. Instead of leading with your sales pitch, you can make a genuine connection with your audience first. When your audience wants to continue learning from you beyond the free content you offer, it presents the perfect opportunity to sell your products or services.

You’ve created amazing quiz result landing pages! Tell us more about the strategy behind them. 

I noticed how other business owners were using extended quiz result landing pages, so I decided to do the same thing. I knew I wanted to include podcast episode recommendations since I was inspired by Dallas Travers, but I also wanted to put my own spin on it.  

I put a LOT of effort into each quiz results page (like this). I wanted to outline each person’s strengths, describe their #JOYGem superpower, and give them actionable steps on how to charge their joy. I may condense the information someday, but I really love all of the value I offer right now.

Even with creating these quiz result pages, it only took me about three days to complete the process, including my email sequence and quiz content. That’s not bad at all!

header for Productivity result page
Key Takeaway: The extra effort you put into creating quiz result landing pages can really pay off! We recommend designing these pages within your website so you have full creative freedom, but you can also use our template library to guide your extended quiz result descriptions. 

What made you decide to offer The JOY Quest program on your quiz results page?

Before creating my quiz, people noticed my joy and energy, which led them to check out my website. However, I quickly found that people weren’t signing up for my program on their own. It’s easier to convert ideal buyers when they have something specific to connect and engage with, so I set out to build the quiz.

I recommend that everyone start with my JOY Quest program, so attaching the offer to the quiz was a natural fit. With interactive videos, worksheets, and checklists, I can help women who want to take the material at their own pace after finishing the quiz.

The JOY Quest is also affordably priced at $147, so everyone can learn more about cultivating joy in their daily lives. I use the quiz to introduce this starting offer to my audience, so they can start their JOYrney!

Join The JOY Quest program on result page
Key Takeaway: It’s a great idea to connect your quiz to one of your signature offers. Whether you sell physical goods, digital products, or services, you can use a quiz to engage with potential buyers and lead them to your offer. We usually recommend using your follow-up email sequence after the quiz to introduce your offer rather than including it in the quiz itself. This gives your audience a lot of upfront value through the quiz before they might make a purchasing decision. 

What advice would you give a new quiz creator?

Just do it! You never know what you’ll learn through the process. 

As a business owner, my quiz has been as beneficial for me as it has been for my audience. It’s inspired me to dig deeper into my own work and experiment with fresh, new ways of teaching about joy.

My quiz has inspired ideas for podcast episodes and new content, and it has given me an entirely new understanding of marketing. I know it can do the same for you.

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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