How Boss Babe Fitness Academy’s Quiz Customizes Women’s Health Journeys

From Certified Public Accountant to multiple 6-figure Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Mindset coach, Jaiana Francis is the Founder & CEO of Boss Babe Fitness Academy. The nation’s leading fat loss program for the busy, career-driven woman looking to burn stubborn body fat, get toned and unapologetically confident in 24 weeks while healing her relationship with food, regardless of time constraints. Jaiana walks us through the success of her quiz and how she customizes women’s health journeys through it.

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My quiz truly allows my ideal audience to get valuable health information that allows them to be a part of that process of. Raising their hand and saying, yes, this is more information I want to learn about.

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Boss Babe Fitness Academy and the “Learn Your Body” Quiz

Hello, my name is Jaiana Francis and I’m the founder and CEO of Boss Bay Fitness Academy, and I am so excited to answer some questions that the Interact brand has given me so that you can understand how their quiz platform has helped me and my company. So the first question is, Tell me about your quiz and what purpose it serving your business.

So my quiz is a body type quiz that helps women on a fat loss journey understand their body type and the associated workout and nutrition protocols that are going to be unique to their body so they can finally ditch diet culture. Question number two, who is your target audience and how are they reflected in your.

My target audience is the busy on the go Boss babe, who is ready to understand how healthy works for her body. My target audience is the woman who is finally ready to give up diet, culture, and want. And the woman who wants a supportive and empowering relationship with food and exercise. And that is going to be reflected in my quiz questions and answers since my quiz is designed in a way that helps women assess their body type and then, I provide them with customized nutrition and exercise, uh, next steps so that they can see results without ever having to diet again.

Promoting the Quiz

So number three is how did you promote, run your quiz, and then for how long? So my quiz is promoted as a banner on my website, which is www dot. Boss Bay fitness I also created social media posts on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, sharing more information about the three body types. The three body types are the endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph.

My posts encourage the viewers and the audience who are following those posts to take my body type quiz. I also have my body type quiz embedded in a link tree that’s directly created on my website so that we’re always driving traffic to my website where that banner is. But then there’s also a little widget with the quiz there at all times. So not only am I promoting it on my website, I’m encouraging my followers to tape the quiz and a call to action, and then it’s also in the link tree. If you go to any of my social accounts. 

What Problem Was the Quiz Solving for Boss Babe Academy Fitness?

So, personally, I thought a quiz would be really fun. It’s a great way to get to know more about yourself from the person who’s taking it, regardless of what topic you’re taking a quiz for. And I really wanted my quiz to have that O M G. That’s so me feeling and. Was able to give that to my audience because they’re directly answering questions that’s going to give them an outcome, assessing their body type, and then give them associated nutrition and exercise recommendations.

So, so my quiz truly allows my ideal audience to get valuable health information that allows them to be a part of that process of. Raising their hand and saying, yes, this is more information I want to learn about. Because if they didn’t wanna learn their body type, if they didn’t want nutrition and exercise recommendations for their body type, they wouldn’t be taken a quiz in the first place.

Any Challenges While Creating the Quiz?

Honestly, I didn’t really face any challenges. I really love the Interact tool. The interface is very friendly, and I love that when you’re creating your quiz, you can use gifts or gifs, however you like to say it.

I am a total gift person and being able to bring that aspect of my personality to my quiz, I feel like it’s just another level of allowing me to really connect with my true, ideal audience. How has your business evolved since your quiz? So since creating and launching my quiz, I’ve been able to grow my email list.

I’ve been able to increase the amount of women in my free group Boss Babe Fitness community, which I host on Facebook, and I’ve even been able to use the quiz as a free gift that I get to women joining my free group. So if someone comes into my free Facebook group, Boss Babe Fitness community, and they want to.

Have a freebie that’s around nutrition or exercise. I’ll actually have them take the body type quiz because that’s going to give them customized nutrition and exercise tips versus me giving them a generic exercise or nutrition protocol. 

How has Interact Impacted the Business?

And I would honestly say that Interact has allowed me to engage with my audience in a funny, unique way. My quiz allows women on a health journey to understand more about exercise and nutrition as it pertains to their bod in an interactive way. There is so much information online when it comes to health and fitness, and my quiz allows women who are taking that quiz to have the opportunity to understand more about nutrition and exercise in a way that relates to them personally.

And I truly think that is such a cool opportunity and I am endlessly grateful to Interact for being able to help me bring that to my audience. So thank you so much. Thank you for allowing my company and my quiz to be spotlighted. I am truly so honored and, and you are on fence about using this tool for your company.

Just jump both feet in because I’m telling you, this is such a great, cool game changer for your.

Editor’s note: This transcript has been edited for readability and clarity.

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