How Interact’s Referral Program and Quizzes Revolutionized Sarah Ann’s Design Business

Let’s dive into the world of Sarah Ann, a brand designer who has harnessed the power of Interact quizzes to grow her business and generate consistent passive income. Discover how she has leveraged Interact’s referral program to create a win-win situation for her business and audience.

Sarah shares her journey of using quizzes as a lead magnet, attracting creative entrepreneurs, and building a thriving email list!

What is it like being an affiliate with Interact? 

Being an affiliate with Interact has been such a pleasure! When it comes to affiliate programs, I feel strongly about protecting the integrity of my endorsements: I only promote resources I personally use and find valuable. Interact makes that easy! I am comfortable promoting Interact quizzes because I know firsthand how much potential they have for growing businesses.

Interact quizzes are easy to build, and they can be transformative for brands seeking evergreen growth. After seeing how online quizzes have produced results in my own business, I genuinely want to share Interact with other entrepreneurs so they can achieve evergreen growth, too. Interact’s referral program allows me to share my experience and earn affiliate income when new users join (win-win!).

In addition to a valuable product, Interact also has a supportive team. They always reach out with new ideas for quizzes, promotions, and affiliate opportunities. I care about working with businesses that have real people behind their brand, and Interact shares my value for personal connection.

Key Takeaway: Interact’s referral program enables affiliates to align with their brand values and receive personalized support from the team, showing a genuine interest in their success.  

I focus on my core content creation through my blog. I usually share my link via blog posts, which then drive traffic via SEO and Pinterest. Some of my blog posts include:

I also share the link on the resources page on my website, and I occasionally include it in my email newsletters as well.

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Key Takeaway: Try your best to strategically promote quizzes through multiple social media channels to maximize lead-generation opportunities.  

What successes have you experienced from the referral program? 

The Interact referral program brings consistent passive income into my business every month. Those monthly payments add up over time and give me a reliable source of annual income.

For me, the biggest success is time. I’m passionate about purposefully investing my time—I believe our hours on this earth are finite, and I want to be intentional about where I invest my time and energy.

Passive affiliate income from Interact breathes margin into my schedule. As a brand designer, my business mostly revolves around 1:1 services with individual clients; while I’m passionate about these 1:1 projects, I know there is a limit to how many clients I can work with per year. I want to be mindful of my capacity so that I can serve each of my clients to the fullest.

The payments I receive from Interact each month translate to fewer 1:1 projects I need to take to meet my financial goals—allowing me to devote more time to the clients I choose to work with.

Ultimately, affiliate income gives me enough cushion to focus on projects I’m truly passionate about and to be fully present for the moments outside of work that matter most.

Key Takeaway: Interact’s referral program offers consistent passive income, providing financial stability. This allows affiliates to focus on projects they are passionate about while adding flexibility to enjoy more time for life outside of work. 

Tell me about your quiz and what purpose it serves in your business.

My quiz is titled, “What is your creative strength?” It helps creative entrepreneurs uncover their creative “personality type.” I use this quiz as a lead magnet for my email list, where I communicate with my audience about my latest design work, inspirations, and project openings.

Since I don’t use Instagram, my email list has become so important to my business. It’s my favorite place to share thoughtful content with my audience; it feels like a real conversation rather than letting a social media algorithm dictate my ability to communicate.

Because my email list is so significant to my business, evergreen lead generation is crucial—and Interact quizzes are a valuable way to connect with those new leads. Welcoming new subscribers to my list is the best way to grow my reach and share my offerings with an ever-expanding audience.

I created this quiz years ago, and it runs in the background without requiring any ongoing promotional efforts. After setting up my quiz, I created a few blog posts and Pinterest graphics to promote it; those same posts and pins are still generating traffic to my quiz today. My email list keeps growing, and I keep reaching new audiences—without any extra work required. This is the magic of an Interact quiz!

Key Takeaway: Quizzes are a valuable lead-generation tool for creative entrepreneurs. They can help grow email lists and reach new audiences with minimal ongoing efforts, resulting in scalable and low-maintenance marketing. 

Who is your target audience, and how are they reflected in your quiz?

My target audience is fairly broad: As a brand designer, I work with creative entrepreneurs across various industries. And so, my quiz focuses on creative personality types—drawing the attention of creative business owners who may benefit from my content or my services.

Key Takeaway: Creating a quiz that targets specific personality types within your target audience can attract creative business owners interested in your content or services. 

Why a quiz? What led you to implement one for your business? What problem has it solved?

I hadn’t considered using a quiz as a lead magnet until the Interact team reached out to tell me more about their platform. Once I designed a quiz, I saw it had so much potential to generate leads in my business: quizzes are engaging for any audience, but they can also be tailored to suit a particular target market.

I’m always seeking evergreen content that lets me focus my time where it’s most valuable. Interact quizzes are completely evergreen, so I don’t have to keep investing time and energy to find new leads. I can let my quiz grow my email list in the background—it’s one less thing requiring time and energy in my business.

Key Takeaway: Quizzes can be used as effective lead magnets, tailored to target specific markets. They also provide content that generates leads in the background, freeing up time and energy. 

What challenges have you had to work through as an affiliate? 

Honestly, I can’t say there have been many challenges: Interact is such a valuable resource, and promoting the program feels genuine and organic. I’ve loved using my Interact quiz and am honored to be an affiliate.

Key Takeaway: Interact’s referral program has been a seamless and enjoyable experience for Sarah Ann!

How has your business evolved since your quiz?

My business has certainly grown over the years since I first published my quiz. My offerings and client experiences continue to elevate as I design brands for businesses in luxury markets. I feel grateful to work with dream clients whose aesthetics and business values align with mine.

Even though my business has evolved, my quiz remains untouched—and it still generates leads! New subscribers are constantly added to my email list, where I share my latest work and current offerings. I’m so impressed by the evergreen quality of Interact quizzes, and I’m thankful for my quiz’s marketing longevity.

Key Takeaway: Sarah Ann’s quiz has been a reliable and long-lasting lead-generation tool, even as her business evolves. 

If we were to quote you on the Interact website, how would you describe what Interact has done for your business?

Interact quizzes provide consistent, evergreen lead generation for my business: my email list constantly grows with new subscribers without any ongoing promotional effort!

Key Takeaway: Quizzes consistently generate leads that remain relevant over time without the need for constant promotional efforts

What is the best quiz for you business?

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