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This is a step-by-step guide for setting up a quiz to build your email list, complete with instructions for how to promote the quiz using your website and Facebook ads. The guide is broken into two parts.

Part 1: Setting up your quiz

Part 2: Promoting your quiz

Let’s get to it.

Setting up your quiz

Select a template that makes sense for you, or start from scratch

Interact has over 100 quiz templates to choose from across a variety of industries. If you are doing something specialized, you can still start from scratch and not use a template, either way the tool is dead simple to use.

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Customize the cover and add your own logo to brand the quiz

The first thing you’ll do after selecting a template or starting to build your quiz from scratch is customize the cover page of the quiz. This is what people will first see when they click through to your quiz and it’s important. In terms of how to title your quiz, there are only two templates you should think about.

1. For personality quizzes it’s “Which (Blank) are You?”

2. For assessments it’s “How Much do You Really Know About (Blank)”

Stick to one of those two templates, customize it to your use-case, and you’re golden.

The other thing to do right when you jump into the builder is upload your own logo so the quiz is branded like your company (this requires a Pro account).


Customize the quiz results (personalities or score ranges) based on your brand

Each quiz outcome is unique and can be customized with a separate image, description, links, videos, and more. The Interact quiz templates are all set up to where you don’t really need to change much, but you can still modify them if you’d like. At the very least, you should add links in each quiz result so that people can click through to your website after completing a quiz.

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Customize the questions and correlations to your liking

You can quickly and easily modify questions on a template or add new questions from scratch. On each question you’ll see a button in the top right corner of the page that says “Result Correlations” you can click that to connect up the answer choices to the outcomes for personality quizzes.

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Connect your email marketing program

Interact integrates with most email marketing systems and marketing automation systems (see full list here). You can sign into your email marketing or marketing automation account and select the list that you want to connect with your quiz. Interact will automatically send the quiz results along with the new emails you capture in your quiz so you can segment your list based on quiz results and send personalized follow-ups.


Customize your lead capture call to action form

Change the text on the lead capture form and make sure you cover two main things.

1. Tell people why they should opt-in, other than just getting to see their quiz results. For example, you can send everyone an exclusive discount on their recommended pair of shoes (if you’re doing a shoes quiz)

2.Tell people how you’re going to contact them. Will you be sending a monthly email? Calling people directly? Just give people a heads-up.

form content

Embed on your website

Within Interact, click “publish” and then copy the iframe embed code for your quiz and paste it into your webpage. We also have a wordpress plugin that turns your quiz into a shortcode if you prefer that.

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Promoting Your Quiz

We’ve identified two primary methods for building your list in a cost-effective manner using a quiz.

1. A Facebook ad targeting your audience

Set up a Facebook ad to target the audience you want on your email list and use the quiz as the creative and copy for that ad. Quizzes are naturally appealing on Facebook (as I’m sure you’ve noticed on your newsfeed the last few years), which is why they work great as ads. We’ve seen our customers acquire leads using Facebook ads for as little as $0.20 per lead. You can also leave the same ad running to the same quiz for a very long time (record so far is 3 years).

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2. A link on your website

Another place our customers are finding huge success is by adding a link to the quiz inside of their website. In today’s web world, people pretty much gloss over as soon as they see an email opt-in form, but a quiz is different, and captures attention immediately. By adding an image of your quiz to your website you can drive a new, consistent flow of new leads.

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Those are the basics of setting up quizzes, now get back to it!


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