How to Get More Clicks on Your Quiz

Imagine you’re driving, and a billboard captures your attention. The company’s message is clear enough to understand the ad within three seconds. This strategy is precisely how a quiz cover page should work to get more clicks on your quiz.

Lead-generating quizzes have an average conversion rate of forty percent. However, that’s only true for quizzes with the right strategy to hook people to click “take quiz.” Yes, visibility is vital, but an optimized cover page is also key. In this article, you’ll discover how to get more clicks on your quiz.

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How to Get More Clicks on Your Quiz with a Cover Photo

Getting more clicks on your quiz starts with having the right cover photo. The cover photo matters as much as (maybe more than) the copy. Before anyone reads your quiz text, they’ll notice your cover photo. So how do you choose the right one?

In the Interact builder, a couple of options exist for adding a photo to your quiz cover page. You can use your own photos (jump to the next section for this!) or search for stock photos with our Unsplash integration.

Here are the best practices to get more clicks on your quiz with your cover photo:

  1. The person in the photo should exemplify what the quiz-taker could get by taking your quiz. Their mood, demeanor, and look should be aspirational.
  2. The person in the photo should either be looking at the camera or in the act of doing the transformation this quiz promises to help the quiz-taker do. Connect the quiz-taker (ideal client) to the scenario they should see themselves in after taking the quiz. 
  3. The setting for the photo should reflect your quiz-taker’s setting. For example, are they at home on the couch, outdoors, or in an office at a desk?
  4. Try to match the colors in the photo with your website branding. This strategy brings cohesiveness and symmetry, which positions you as an authority in the space (even if you use a stock photo).

Pro tip: Remember these best practices before the photoshoot if you’re uploading branded photos for your quiz. This way, you can swap photos to test them out whenever you want.

If you don’t have photos or love the idea of endless options in Unsplash, let’s jump to a quick tutorial on finding the right cover photo to get more clicks on your quiz!

How to Find the Right Cover Photo with Interact and Unsplash

Interact Quiz Maker has a direct integration with Unsplash. You don’t have to leave the Interact platform to find the right cover photo (or any photo for your quiz!) with Unsplash. You can search for stock photos right inside the dashboard.

Here’s how to find the right cover photo with Interact and Unsplash:

  1. Log in and edit your quiz to search for stock photos in the Interact dashboard using our Unsplash integration.
  2. Search keywords to find a photo. Be specific but not too detailed. Keep it broad enough to get a variety of options (i.e., woman smiling, man skincare, woman computer, etc.).
  3. Choose an image that matches your website branding colors.

Find the Right Messaging to Get More Clicks on Your Quiz

Finding the right messaging is crucial to get more clicks on your quiz. Once you’ve caught someone’s attention, the quiz title and description should engage them with your brand. 

Like all marketing campaigns, your messaging should be clear and concise. Don’t overthink or embellish the text. The less wordy, the better—people tend to drop off if they have to think too hard. 

Your quiz cover page copy should present a problem you will identify in the quiz. Then, your quiz will offer the solution to help your customer with that problem. 

We recommend writing the quiz description in your voice. However, you can use ChatGPT to inspire you. Here’s the prompt:

[Brief Bio about you and your business] I want to make a quiz about [who your customers are and how you help them]. Write a short description that shows on the cover of the quiz and makes people excited to take my quiz. Follow this format. 
Short Description [25 words enticing me to find my quiz result] 

Wrap Up

The quiz cover page is essential to capturing your audience’s attention and hooking them in to take your quiz. Learn how to get more clicks on your quiz to increase your views and overall conversion rate.

Use best practices to choose or produce the right photo for your quiz cover page. Then, focus on the clear, concise messaging that will entice your audience to take your quiz. 

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