How to make a character quiz

Character quizzes are a type of quiz where you ask people questions and then show them their character result at the end of the quiz. You can adapt a character quiz to your brand by creating characters that relate to what your business does.

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In this post we will look at a character quiz from Harley Jordan, who created a great “Are you a bunny, cat, deer, or fox?” quiz for her brand. Here are the steps to create a character quiz for your business.

Writing quiz titles

The title of a character quiz usually follows one of two formats.

  1. Which (character type) are you?
  2. Are you a (character), (character), or (character)

The first option builds curiosity by getting people to wonder which character they are. The second title builds curiosity by making people wonder which specific character they really are. Curiosity is a powerful thing. Use it to your advantage.

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Character quiz cover page

How to write quiz questions

Questions in a character quiz are where you determine which character type someone is. Write these questions as you would speak in real life. There are two types of questions. We recommend 5-7 questions for character quizzes.

Text questions

Use text questions when your question is best represented in words. Examples of this are questions about personality or interests, not best shown in image form but best expressed as text on a page.

Character quiz question 1

Image question

Use image questions and answers when your question or answer choices are best shown as pictures. Examples of this are when talking about events or activities, places, things, physical objects. Help people visualize the question or answer choice.

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Character quiz question 2

Write your quiz email lead generation form

Follow general best practices for quiz opt-in forms. Your goal here is not to just get as many subscribers as possible, but to actually build connect with people who do opt in so they are engaged subscribers.

Character quiz opt in form

Writing quiz results

The results of your character quiz should describe the character type in context of the person who would get this character type. Make your description positive, and if you offer suggestions, make sure to frame them as “you are doing great, now you can do even better by implementing (blank)”.

Remember that people respond better to positive outcomes than to negative. So if you want people to work with you, engage with your brand, or buy from you, make sure to keep your outcomes positive .

We have full instructions on how to write quiz results here and if you choose to redirect your quiz results to your own landing pages we have instructions on creating quiz result landing pages here.

Character quiz result

Continuation and recommendations for each result

Character quiz result continued

Promoting your quiz

Website header

The best way to promote your character quiz is in your website header. You can use our built-in announcement bar promotion, or implement the quiz as a menu item on your primary navigation.

character quiz website header

Link in bio

The second best way to promote your character quiz is as a link in your Instagram bio. Link to your quiz and let people know they can take your quiz on your social posts.

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Conclusion: Character quizzes are fun and help your business grow

People love to know which character type they are. You can build curiosity and motivate people towards action with a quiz that identifies their character type. It’s also a memorable experience for your customer, one that they’ll be likely to tell others about and be excited to share.

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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