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You can make your own character quiz using Interact Quiz Builderdisney 1

I realized today that a huge portion of the popular quizzes built using Interact are character quizzes “Which Studio C Character Are You?” “Which Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Flavor Are You?” these are the types of titles that continually pop up on Twitter and Facebook. So in honor of that, I wanted to create a guide that not only shows how to go about making a character type quiz but also shows how to use that quiz to generate some ROI and drive traffic back to your domain.

Step 1: Write the character types

So to make a character quiz you need characters for people to get as their results. In the interact quiz builder, the character types come first, and this is how you should write the quiz – that way you can correlate the questions to the various characters as you go. In general I have a few tips for how to write great quiz results that come from our existing users who have done a good job.

1. Be really uplifting. Think of quiz results as your audition to get shared. If the person taking your quiz enjoys what their result, they are much more likely to share it on social sites, and since social accounts for 75% of quiz traffic, you need people to share.

2. Think about sharing ahead of time. There is a specific formula for how quizzes get shared, and knowing about it ahead of time will ensure you maximize the social reach of your quiz. The formula goes like this “I got (my result)(title of the quiz)” So for my result below where I got Goofy it would be “I got Goofy – Which Disney Character are You?” this snippet along with the result picture of Goofy will appear in my Facebook news feed when I share my quiz result.

3. Provide a follow-up. If you look below at the Goofy result, you’ll see that there’s a link to check out more stuff about Goofy and buy Goofy merchandise on the Disney website. That’s a very intelligent thing to do in your quizzes as people are typically very curious to read about their result after finishing a quiz.


Step 2: Create compelling questions

Quiz questions are my absolute favorite part of any quiz. I mean, where else do you get to ask your website visitors personal questions and have them actually answer without being weirded out? haha. In all seriousness, it’s pretty cool that quizzes allow you to have one-on-one conversations with your web visitors in a way that’s far more personal than them reading some article you wrote. There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to take full advantage of this opportunity, here’s what those things are.

1. Use lots of images. All 100 of the top 100 quizzes built using Interact have at least one picture question. What I mean by picture question is a question like the one below where there is a question and then the answers are images or vice versa.

2. Take queues from games. A quiz is really a version of a game, so you game-like tactics. One of my favorite games recently is called trivia crack, and they do a great job of creating compelling questions, think of your quiz as a game when writing the questions. Trivia-Crack-modes


3. Don’t be afraid to get a bit personal. People like to talk about themselves, according to a Time magazine study, 60% of everything we say is about our person. It might seem odd to ask personal questions, but it can actually really boost the stickiness of your quiz and make people enjoy taking it.

4. Have 6-12 questions. This many questions will take approximately 2 minutes to answer, this is the sweet spot between boring people and making your quiz believable.

5. Have 3-6 answer choices per question. Again, this is the right amount to make your quiz accurate but not overwhelm people with options.

disney 2

Step 2.5 (optional): Collect new leads

1. Consider what you need. There are known drop-offs in conversion for every extra piece of information you ask for. (I.E. asking for a phone number in addition to email address drops opt-ins by 20%) Keeping that in mind, never ask for more information than you know what to do with. Don’t request a zip code just in case you might need it, only ask for a zip code if you are going to actually send offers based on location.

2. Be up-front about what you’ll be sending. It’s better to say “we send updates weekly” than to not say anything at all. We live in a post-spam world where everyone from email providers to individuals is hyper-wary of un-requested messages and will not hesitate to blacklist you.

3. Have a compelling offer that’s related to the quiz content. When you set up your lead generation form inside your quiz, you have the luxury of knowing exactly what state of mind your audience is in when the offer is presented. Take advantage of that by relating your offer to the quiz subject. (I.E. “opt-in to get exclusive offers on Mickey merchandise”) then, using Interact you can sort your list by which result they got and send targeted messages.

disney lead gen

Step 3: Follow up and get your money’s worth

Quizzes can fundamentally change the way we engage with email subscribers. Because you know which Disney character your email subscriber is (or whatever your quiz covers), you can send content and offers that actually interest your audience without a doubt instead of just guessing and hoping your newsletter stick.

Here’s a hypothetical list of emails to send to your quiz list.

1. Immediately with a thank you. Right after someone puts in their email, it’s almost expected to receive some sort of confirmation. You can make yours special by referencing the quiz result they got (I.E. “Hey goofy! thanks for taking our quiz”)

2. A week later with a list. One week after the person took the quiz, send a list of “The 10 most “Goofy” things to ever happen” or something along those lines, a fun piece of content just to stay connected.

3. Two weeks later with an offer. A couple of weeks after the person took your quiz initially, you can send them an exclusive offer, maybe a discount on “Goofy” merchandise or a code to watch the Goofy movie at a discount.

Basically character quizzes will never get old. There will always be a new show or new dramas developing to create character quizzes about. It’s up to you to pick the right trends and create a great quiz, the draw will take care of itself. Click the link below to start making your own quiz.

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