Make a Lead Generation Quiz in 89 Minutes

Lead generation quizzes are one of the most effective lead magnets in existence. A quiz has the ability to capture a visitors attention, engage them, and then turn them into a warm lead. All of this happens in a totally automated way, and on average lead generation quizzes convert at 40.8% once someone starts engaging with the quiz.

In this guide I’ll show you my exact process for creating lead generation quizzes after 10 years of building quizzes at interact and helping more than 10,000 customers generate over 80 million leads with quizzes.

I timed myself and completed a lead generation quiz in 89 minutes, I’ll show you the exact steps I took to accomplish that and also provide strategy commentary along the way so you can use this as a guide to launch your own lead gen quiz in a couple of hours and start seeing results today.

Here’s the quiz I created in 89 minutes

Steps to create a lead generation quiz

  1. Planning your lead generation quiz
  2. Mapping the flow of your quiz
  3. Idea – what to title your lead generation quiz
  4. Results – writing the outcomes of your lead gen quiz
  5. Questions – creating paths for quiz takers to follow
  6. Lead Generation Quiz Opt-in Form
  7. Embedding + Promotion of your lead generation quiz

Planning your lead generation quiz

The first thing I do when planning out a brand new lead generation quiz is to sit down and write out the key elements. Doing this on paper lets me focus and not try to do too much. Having a timer also keeps me on track so I don’t try to encompass everything in the first go-round of building the quiz.

Below is my sketch-pad version of planning a lead gen quiz, but here’s a longer version of planning your quiz that gets into more detail.

For my quiz I’m creating a “Where should you focus to grow your business?” lead gen quiz because we work with a lot of business owners and time is the most scarce element for us entrepreneurs so this is a top-of-mind issue people would love some insights into.

Lead Generation Quiz Outline
Lead Generation Quiz Outline

Mapping the flow of your quiz

Next step is mapping out the flow of your quiz. This is how someone will proceed through the questions of your quiz depending on how they answer the quiz questions. It might seem like a lot, but when you think about it you’re just running through how someone would be directed if you were doing an initial consultation with them and needed to figure out what advice you’d give.

In my example I’m trying to help people identify where they should focus their time to grow their businesses, so I need to know what they’re currently doing, what’s working, what’s not working, and then I can give a recommendation.

Lead Generation Quiz Planning
Lead Generation Quiz Planning

Here’s what the map looks like once built into interact. I chose to use a branching logic format for this one because it made things easier, here’s a video on branching logic if you’re curious about how it works.

Branching logic map
Branching logic map

Idea for your lead generation quiz

The best quiz idea for your business will solve your customers’ biggest problem.

That means you identify what they are wanting the most help with and then create a title that tells the customer you will help them find the best possible solution to that problem.

Note: I’m going to take you through the process for building a quiz from scratch, but you can use one of our 100’s of pre-built quiz templates that follow this same build order.

Before writing your quiz title you’ll need to know what problem most people are coming to you for help with. This comes from knowing your customers, and if you’re looking for a formula to finding the answer for what problem most people have I wrote this piece on turning customer research into definitive insights. TL:DR you interview a bunch of people, ask them what their biggest problem is, then compile the most common answers.

For the quiz I’m building the title is “What should you focus on to grow your business?” because the biggest problem our customers have at interact is a lack of time, so the solution they need is where to spend their time so they can grow and then hire people so they can have more time.

Results for your lead generation quiz

Your quiz results give a personalized solution to the biggest problem identified in your quiz title

You are narrowing in on which solution will work best for the person taking your quiz and giving them 1-6 options depending on the products and services you offer (E-Commerce quizzes usually have more recommendations than B2B or Digital Product Quizzes).

The science behind why this is so effective at getting people to take action dates back to a study conducted at an upscale food market in 2000 when researchers Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper tested the difference between offering up 24 types of jam to passing customers versus offering up 6 types of jam.

When they offered 6 types of jam, customers were 10 times more likely to purchase when compared to offering up 24 types of jam. Read more of the story on Harvard Business Review.

Big takeaway here and implication for quizzes is that fewer choices is better than more choices when it comes to making a decision on how to solve your biggest problem. Make your results concise and give few choices that are personalized to the quiz taker.

Below is what my quiz results look like for my focus quiz. I recommend one area to focus on, in this case
“Product Improvements” and then relate that area back to the person who has taken the quiz to explain why this is my recommendation for them.

quiz results
quiz results

Questions for your quiz

Your quiz questions identify which solution will work best for your customers’ biggest problem

The best quiz questions are direct, and get the quiz taker to their ideal solution as quickly as possible. On average 65% of people who start answering quiz questions end up finishing the quiz, which is crazy high. It’s because of something called “epistemic curiosity” which is the positive feeling we get in anticipation of reaching a goal.

Quiz questions spark epistemic curiosity by building up anticipation as someone answers the questions and gets closer to finding a solution for their biggest problem.

You’ll also be able to draw your customers in by showing them that you understand them. What I mean is if your questions spark thoughts and curiosity that your customers already have about how to find their solution it will demonstrate your deep knowledge of the customers’ problem. That will build huge amounts of trust because you’re now aligned in solving their problem instead of trying to sell them something.

Lead Generation Opt-in form at the end of your quiz

Offer ongoing solutions to customers’ biggest problem as identified in the quiz

The lead generation opt-in form comes up at the end of your quiz after someone has answered all the questions when anticipation is at an all-time high and interest in solving the biggest problem is peaked.

At this pivotal point you simply offer to provide ongoing solutions to help solve the big problem. The big problem is the reason why anyone took your quiz in the first place and it’s also the reason they’ll want to opt in and become a warm lead for your business.

Keep it short and to the point. This is not the time to give your pitch, that’s already been done by the work you put in with the quiz title and questions. For more in-depth analysis here’s our guide on quiz opt-in forms.

quiz opt in form
quiz opt in form

Embedding + Promotion of your quiz (getting people to take it)

Put your quiz where people are interested to take the next step

The best place to promote your quiz so people will take it is at the point when they are interested to go further in solving their problem. This is usually on your website, either as a button, popup, or announcement bar.

You want your quiz to be ready when someone has decided “Okay, I actually want to work on solving this problem” so problem-aware but not solution-aware.

Again, here’s what my actual quiz looks like embedded into this post on WordPress.

Make your own lead generation quiz with Interact

We’ve been doing this for 10 years, have the most direct integrations, and strategy support to help you get your quiz built and launched properly. You don’t have to use us, these principles apply to lead gen quizzes regardless of what platform you build on, but with us you get the added benefit of all this knowledge we’ve accumulated over a decade infused into everything we do.

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