How to Maximize Your Travel Blog with a Quiz Using ChatGPT 

Do you feel like your travel blog is taking off with thousands of website visitors, but you’re struggling to improve your retention rate? Or do you have so much content, it’s hard for your audience to find what they’re looking for? This post covers how to fix these issues by maximizing your travel blog with a quiz using ChatGPT.

Let’s jump in! 

The Three Types of Travel Quizzes

A lead-generating quiz is an excellent way to capture your travel blog traffic. It allows you to gain insights into your audience and personalize their experience by tailoring your call to action based on their results. 

There are three types of travel quizzes you can make to maximize your travel blog, and using ChatGPT will get you there faster. When deciding which quiz style to use, consider your business and what you sell. Are you selling packages, products, or services? A destination, product recommendation, or coaching quiz will work for you. 

Then, decide where to lead people in your quiz result call to action. For example, you can link people to a blog post, booking link, or product page.

Destination Quiz

The travel destination quiz is a classic. A good example is, “Where should you travel next?” However, consider getting more granular with your quiz topic and dig deep into what your services provide.

quiz example to maximize your travel blog in chatgpt: which world famous wine region should you explore

Other options of a destination quiz to maximize your travel blog might sound like, “Which world-famous wine region should you explore?” It’s important to niche down your quiz to attract the right audience and personalize the experience.

A travel destination quiz is right for your business if you:

  • Inspire others to travel by sharing different destinations
  • Recommend restaurants, things to do, site seeing, etc

Product Recommendation 

Product recommendation quizzes aren’t just for eCommerce businesses. The travel blogging industry is great for recommending travel products, travel tours, and itineraries, among other things. Use a product recommendation quiz to share personal experiences and products that you trust. Similar to the travel destination quiz, this can personalize the quiz-taking experience by directly recommending products or experiences you’ve used or explored.

quiz example to maximize your travel blog in chatgpt: what's the perfect bag for your next adventure?

For example, a travel product recommendation quiz might be, “What’s the perfect bag for your next adventure?” You can create multiple quizzes depending on your blog’s recommendations or a generalized quiz with a list of recommendations in the results.

A travel product recommendation quiz is right for your business if you recommend:

  • Products you trust with affiliate links
  • Travel experiences with packages or tour recommendations
  • Services to draft itineraries 


Coaching quizzes are best for people who teach travel bloggers how to scale and monetize their businesses. Since travel blog coaching is already niched, you can already guess that this will be a great quiz. This quiz style might sound like, “What is the best next step to grow your travel business?”

quiz example to maximize your travel blog in chatgpt: what is the next step to grow your business?

When drafting your coaching quiz, consider how you help other travel bloggers grow their businesses. Ask yourself what question your audience always asks you and how you help them solve that problem. 

Prompts to Craft Your Travel Quiz Copy with ChatGPT

Copy and paste the prompts below into ChatGPT to maximize your travel blog with a quiz. Once your copy is ready, log in to your Interact account and build your new quiz! Alternatively, you can request a travel quiz with InteractAI.

Quiz Idea and Title 


[Enter content about you and your business] I want to make a Travel [destination/product recommendation/coaching] quiz. What are five quiz ideas for my business to engage my website visitors and generate leads? Write the quiz idea as a question and print it out like this. 

Quiz Title: [Title]

Quiz Result Outcomes:

Destination or Coaching Quiz:

I want to make the [insert quiz title] quiz. What should the outcomes of the quiz be? I want four unique outcomes. 

Follow this format to create the outcomes.

Outcome 1 Title: [Title]

Outcome 1 Image: [What kind of photo would represent this result and feature a person? Answer with a two-word search term]

Outcome 1 description [75-100 words, starts off with “Your…” Then, the first sentence describes the outcome in second person. Second sentence frames that outcome in a positively reaffirming way. Third sentence tells quiz-takers what they can do with their outcome.] 

Product Recommendation Quiz:

These are my products. If I want to make a quiz that recommends the right products to people, what are some ideas for the quiz title and cover photo for this quiz?

Format the quiz titles as:

1. Quiz title: Which (product) is right for you?

2. Quiz title: What is your (product category) type?

[list products]

I like [insert quiz title]. Can you create four distinct outcomes that include my products for that quiz? Format the outcomes like this: 

Outcome 1 Title: [Title]

Outcome 1 Image: (What kind of photo would represent this result? Answer with a two-word search term.) 

Outcome 1 description: [100-word result description. First two sentences tell the quiz-taker in second person which outcome they got and what that means in an informative and friendly tone. Third sentence recommends specific products for the quiz-taker based on their quiz outcome written in second person.] 

Quiz Questions:

Now, write five questions with four answer choices per question to help quiz-takers find their outcome. 

Follow this format when creating the questions. 

Question 1: [Question text]

Answer A: [Answer text]

Answer A Score: [Outcome title]

BONUS Welcome Email:

Now, write a welcome email for each unique outcome, enticing people to [insert call to action].

Wrap-Up: How to Make a Travel Destination Quiz with ChatGPT

Find the right quiz style for your travel businesses by understanding how your travel blog helps your audience. With a few prompts for ChatGPT, craft your quiz copy to entice your customers to subscribe to your email list. Or request a quiz with InteractAI. Then, scale your travel blog and increase customer retention with your quiz!

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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