How to Run a Quiz as a Facebook Ad

One of the most common uses for quizzes is to run them as Facebook ads. I’m going to get straight to the point here and go through the important elements of creating a quiz Facebook ad. There is a screenshot below and we’ll break down each element.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 8.52.04 AM

1. Create the Facebook Ad

How to actually format the ad that will run. We recommend choosing the ad type that is a single image within Facebook. The ad should emulate the actual quiz that you have created because that is already set up for getting the most engagement. If you need to the best practices on quiz creation click here.

A. Description above photo

This is pulled directly from the short description of your quiz. Simply copy and paste the short description of your quiz.

B. Photo

The photo itself should again be directly from the quiz. As a reminder this photo should feature a person on it.

C. Headline

The headline should be the title of the quiz, if you need help on writing titles, here are the best quiz titles.

D. Description Below Photo

This is optional, just put Find out now! if you want to add something here.

E. Button Type

When you choose the type of button for the ad, make it “Learn More” which is the most generic version and you don’t want to cause confusion.

2. Link to Quiz

The ad will link directly to your quiz on its own page by default (like this) which is ideal because it’s completely mobile responsive, and you can disable the cover page of the quiz so that it jumps right into the questions.

3. Conversion Tracking

If you’d like to track conversions on your quiz to calculate cost per lead or do retargeting, here is the complete guide to Facebook tracking for quizzes.

4. Budget, campaign length

How long to run the ad, who to target, etc.

A. Budget

Start with a small budget per day. For most companies this means $20 or less. If you’ve set up conversion tracking this will be enough to know how much your cost per lead is.

If the ad runs at this low cost and gets you a satisfactory cost per lead, ramp up the daily spend to your maximum budget. Depending on how big your audience is this can go as high as $1000 per day but can be as low as $3 per day if you’re on a tight budget.

B. Audience to target

You should target an audience that you already have set up in Facebook and have run ads to before. This is the only way to get an accurate idea of whether your quiz is getting you leads at a lower cost over other lead magnets.

If you’ve never used Facebook ads before, upload a list of your contacts and create a lookalike audience based on who you already work with and use that audience to target with your ad.

C. Campaign Length

Quiz campaigns can last for up to 3 years, we’ve had customers run the same exact quiz for that long and get consistent results the entire time. Because a quiz is unique to each person who takes it, and depending on how you answer the questions it can be different when the same person takes it more than once you can run them for a very long time.

D. Cost per lead expectations

Cost per lead ranges from $0.10 to $6 depending on your industry and target audience. You should compare your cost per lead with other lead magnets to get an idea of whether your quiz is performing better than other ads.


At interact we consistently get reports from customers using quizzes as Facebook ads and getting their lowest cost per lead for all time. Setting up ads should be simple at first, just copy what your quiz looks like if you followed the quiz building best practices and then run it at a low cost to establish cost per conversion, then ramp to your maximum budget.

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