How to Write Blogs with Jasper AI

Welcome back to our AI content creation review series! Today, we’ll be looking at how to write blogs with Jasper AI. With so many AI platforms to choose from, determining the best one for your blog content can be challenging. Luckily, we at Interact have got you covered!

If you’re new here, our AI review series is all about seeing what we get from each AI platform, how to use each platform, and stacking up the pros and cons. For consistency, we’ll generate blog content around the same topic (travel) and create content using the platforms’ free plans. 

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Step 1: Logging in to Jasper AI to write blogs

First thing first: head to Jasper’s website and click “Try for free” to access a free five-day trial—you will need to enter your credit card information. While Jasper’s free trial period limits the number of characters you can create, you can complete different tasks to gain access to additional credits. 

Screenshot image of the starting point for Jasper AI offering a free trial

Step 2: Choose a Blog Template

Now, on to the fun part. On the screen’s left side, click “Templates” and select “One-shot blog post.” This option is in Beta, but it worked well when we signed up for an account.

Screenshot image of Jasper AI's home dashboard with different options in creating content. This step chooses "Documents" and "Content Summarizer"

Before reviewing Jasper, we had only used ChatGPT to create a blog. Let’s discuss some immediate differences. 

ChatGPT does not offer the “One-shot blog post” that Jasper does. This feature provides different fields of information to include in your blog post. In ChatGPT, you’re only looking at a blank screen, and you have to prompt the AI to generate content. 

So, with ChatGPT, you have to know what prompts to use to generate a blog post. Jasper, however, prompts you for the blog topic, tone of voice, and intended audience.

Screenshot image of Jasper AI's feature one-shot blog post

Step 3: Fill in a Blog Post Outline

In our experience, AI produces better content when you start with an outline. To generate an outline with Jasper, request one when filling in the “Blog topic” box. Specify the format and word count, and include any needs and wants to customize the blog post to your liking. 

We asked the AI to take a point of view and back it up with a statistic and example. 

Screenshot image of Jasper AI's blog topic box where you enter the information for the blog you want to make

For “Tone of voice,” we went with “playful/fun,” but you should select a tone that matches your brand voice. You can input up to eight characters of instruction here; the more detail, the better. 

Screenshot image of Jasper AI's Tone of Voice Box and Intended audience box where you enter your information to get the right tone and audience in the article

When you fill in the “Intended audience,” Jasper will know who you’re creating your post for. This is a really useful feature because you want your content to be of interest to and resonate with your audience. ChatGPT doesn’t offer this feature. 

For our blog post on travel, we put “travelers, international travelers, first-time travelers, and new to travel” for the intended audience. Most likely, people more experienced with traveling already know what items they should bring, which is why we used those terms. 

Next, select your preferred languages. We’re keeping everything in English. 

When you’re finished, click “Generate.”

Screenshot image of Jasper AI's options for language

Step 4: Reviewing the Blog Jasper AI wrote

Your post will pop up on the right side of the screen.

Screenshot image of Jasper AI's screen with the blog post output it wrote using the information provided

Let’s look at the blog title and introduction first.

The title is straightforward, and the introduction includes the requested two hundred words. The introduction was similar to what we’ve seen on other platforms, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and teasing a list of top items readers won’t want to forget. 

Screenshot image of the blog title and blog introduction from the output of Jasper AI

Let’s move on to the blog body, which was written in a list format. The first item on the list is a portable charger, followed by a paragraph explaining why that item is essential. As requested, Jasper’s AI included a statistic to support this choice. 

Quick tip: For a larger view of the blog content, just click on the blog. 

Screenshot image of the blog body output from Jasper AI

The statistic references international travel, which is great because we included international travelers in our intended audience. 

However, if we wanted to target first-time travelers specifically, we could just go back and adjust the intended audience. Then click “Generate” again, and the AI will rewrite the body to reflect your edited intended audience. We tried this, and our newly written blog body referenced a smartphone instead of a portable charger. 

Screenshot image of the blog body output from Jasper AI

We love this feature because we can create multiple variations of one blog post to reach even more people. 

Final Thoughts 

We recommend giving Jasper a try! Jasper is a great tool for those new to AI and unsure how to prompt a platform to produce appropriate content. Jasper prompts users by presenting them with specific fields to get the best information to write content. We found this so much easier than starting from scratch on a blank screen. 

Jasper’s blog posts are reliable and high quality, similar to the content we received from ChatGPT and Anyword. 

After signing up for a free plan, Jasper sends users an email inviting them to join the Jasper community. We didn’t have time to explore the community, but we love any extra support! 

Credit: This article was a transcript reworked by Sophia Stone, Interact Marketing Intern

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