How to Make AI Sound Like You and Not a Machine

Using AI may initially seem daunting, especially when you’ve been writing your content from scratch. Today, we will answer how to make AI sound like you and not a machine. 

Let’s get started!

Crafting Prompt Design to Sound Like You 

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The first question we will answer: 

How do you get a quiz made by AI to sound like you wrote it and not a machine?

If you’ve been following our blog, you may have read about asking AI to write in a specific tone—for example, maybe you’re shooting for an informative and friendly voice. And the good news is it’s totally doable! 

The magic behind getting AI to sound like you is within the prompt design. Many people can be informative and friendly, but you want your AI content to sound like you—not just anybody who’s informed and friendly.

When building out quizzes using Interact AI, we show AI how we sound. First, we type in the prompt, telling AI to write content in a voice similar to ours. 

Once you nail down this process, your AI-generated content will sound like you rather than a robot. 

Creating a Quiz with AI 

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The second question: 

How do you use AI or ChatGPT to write a quiz for you?

Once again, that fits under proper prompt design. At Interact, we know what the core

parts of making a quiz are: 

Our prompt designs match the concepts above. Before we tell AI how to speak like us, we tell AI how to write an effective quiz in the quiz prompts. We do that by asking AI to write pieces of the quiz, just like we would instruct you to do in our coaching. 

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To start, you want the right quiz topic. To help you figure this out, we give AI information by copying and pasting it from a website, and then it develops the best quiz topic based on that information. For this step, any relevant content would work, like a blog post, for example. 

Once you decide on a quiz title, we’ll ask AI to determine the best outcomes or quiz results. Then we’ll check in to ensure you’re happy with what AI came back with. If those results or outcomes differ from how you speak, the rest of the quiz won’t sound like you. After you verify your results mirror your tone, we’ll ask AI to write the questions and answers.

At this point, you’ve given AI enough content to mimic your tone, and it will finish writing your questions and answers accordingly. As a result, AI will produce content for you that doesn’t sound like a machine or robot wrote it, and you’ll be able to connect with your audience. 

Wrap up on How to Make AI Sound Like You and Not a Machine

If you love these conversations about AI and prompt design, check out our other AI blog posts! Be sure to also check out “Grow,” our weekly team podcast.

If you want us to create a quiz for you, head over to Interact AI. We’ll work with you to build an entire quiz that sounds just like you!

Editor’s note: This article was originally a transcript reworked by Sophia Stone, Interact Marketing Intern

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