How to Use AI Without Sacrificing Creativity or Quality

We’re still exploring AI to see what we can come up with using all the new technology! Here’s the big question right now: How can you use AI without sacrificing creativity or quality? How can you use AI to your advantage while also amplifying your own voice, experiences, and knowledge?

The answer is to use AI platforms as a starting point to generate an outline, a shell, or an idea of what you want to put on paper.

Let’s jump in!

Using the Output from AI Without Sacrificing Your Creativity or Quality

In order to use AI without sacrificing creativity or quality, you need to do more than copy and paste what AI gives back. You need to put your own spin on the content, which includes editing the text and outline or filling in any blanks.

We asked OpenAI to “Write a description for Interact Quiz’s Community, The Quiz Collective by Interact”: 

image 9

Sure, we could copy and paste this onto a sales or product page, showing that access to this community comes with an Interact plan. However, this is only partially accurate; the text only calls out some of the important things our community has to offer.

Jackie, our quiz coach who’s currently playing with OpenAI, frequently engages with our community. She created the community to interact with members who initially joined through our coaching program. She’s an expert in this area and has much experience in what the community is designed to do.

Even so, if we had to write a sales page pitching our community, it would still take some time to nail down what to include or focus on and how to package the information. It’s a lot of work to develop content from scratch, figuring out where to start and knowing what to include and leave out. Therefore, we want to use AI to help us get started on this copy without sacrificing creativity or quality and making sure it holds our brand voice.

Check for Quality and Accuracy

When you start with AI, it will save you all of that time in development. 

We asked AI a straightforward question and received a well-written response. This first sentence was entirely accurate. 

image 5

This statement is spot-on. It’s a fact our community is proud of, and it aligns with our values. We decided to keep this sentence as is. 

Now, let’s take a look at the second sentence. Do we really want people to explore the world through quizzing? We felt this sentence didn’t capture our brand, so we changed it to better align with Interact’s purpose. 

image 8

Let’s consider another sentence. It accurately represents why we designed our community the way we did. It’s there for members to create effective quizzes to find their ideal customers who will benefit from their products and services. 

By making that little change, we added our own creative spin, energy, and ideas to what AI gave us.  

Now let’s look at the next sentence.

image 4

The above sentence from AI is not true. 

Interact does offer hundreds of templates for creating quizzes—and they are carefully crafted and curated by experts on our team. However, that is not the purpose of the community. This sentence could either be deleted entirely or revised for accuracy. 

image 4

Finalizing Edits to Keep Copy On-Brand

Let’s combine the above sentence with the previous sentence and turned it into one statement. We also changed some of the language: 

image 6

Finally, we made some edits to the last couple of sentences. The paragraph first looked like the below in AI: 

Then with a few edits, it turned into this: 

image 7

An AI machine would not know what’s in your head. You are absolutely able to exercise your own creative spin on anything AI writes for you—an excellent reason why AI won’t replace your job

AI is a tool that allows you to cut through the fat and figure out what you want to say. Then, you can take what it gives you and finesse it to match the specific message you want to share.

Wrap-Up on Using AI Without Sacrificing Creativity or Quality

We hope you can see how simple it is to have AI write a description about your company that you can improve and expand on. AI highlights the most important and impactful features, encouraging people to join your community. Use AI as a tool to create an outline so you can stop staring at a blank screen. It will help you generate ideas of what you could use to write product descriptions, blog posts, or quizzes. You can then add your voice to the text based on what you know because you know your business and customers best!

Editor’s note: This article was originally a transcript reworked by Sophia Stone, Interact Marketing Intern

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