Use AI to Write Product Descriptions to Promote Products

We all know great product descriptions can enhance your brand’s image and gain more website traction. But did you know AI can write them for you? Read on to learn how AI can write product descriptions to promote your products. 

Interact does not personally sell tangible products, so for this example, we turned to Amazon. E-commerce stores should use product descriptions no matter what they’re selling or where they’re selling it. Of course, a good product description should define the product, but it should also detail why a customer should purchase it. 

We used Open AI playground for this example. Our goal was to have AI come up with high-quality, ready-to-post descriptions good enough for websites, landing pages, or social media posts—wherever products are sold online. 

Let’s take a look!

Getting Started with Using AI to Write Product Descriptions to Promote Products

Jackie, our quiz coach, is a Buffalo Bills fan, so we’ll create product descriptions for the blue-and-orange patches below. 

Here is a closer look: 

Step 1: Copy and Paste Product Title Directly into AI Platform

We want to see what would happen if we just copied the title directly from Amazon into the Open AI playground. 

Step 2: Edit the AI Instructions

Next, we used Prompt Engineering to give the AI some brief instructions (see below). 

After clicking “Submit” at the bottom, Open AI generated the following: 

This isn’t our favorite description, so we’ll click the “Regenerate” icon, which is next to the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen. Below is what the AI came back with.

This new generation is great! 

The product description is good enough for an e-tailer to copy and paste directly on a website with a few tweaks. For example, the Buffalo Bills are a football team, not a rugby team, as stated in the post. We went directly into the paragraph and corrected the wording, editing it to: “Bring your favorite Buffalo Bills Football Patches…” 

Writing product descriptions doesn’t get much easier than this! 

Step 3: Create your Product Page 

There are so many ways we could use and repurpose this content. The following image is an example of what the product page could look like: 

You could also add an affiliate or website link. 

Use AI to Write a Social Media Post to Promote your Product

After you’ve created your product page where people can purchase your item, you need people to find the product page. You can easily use AI to gain more traction through social media posts. 

Pinterest Promotion Post

Let’s go back to Open AI and see what type of content it can generate for writing a social media post for the Buffalo Bills patches. We used the following example with the same title as the product description to create a post: 

Even though we’re talking about the same product, the content is different because it’s being written for a different purpose. 

The AI created both descriptions in a matter of minutes. The Pinterest-length post—the second paragraph shown above—is a great representation of how Bills fans talk. The language will resonate with fans, making it more impactful and enticing. 

You can put your own spin on the product description by going through and editing it. We can also have the AI generate a new social media post, which will give us two completely different posts about the same product. Generating a second post is an excellent way to test to see which one performs better. 

Facebook Promotion Post

There are Facebook groups interested in purchasing these patches, so for today’s test, we’ll see how well AI could write a Facebook-length post.  

The first post (above) sounds too much like a sales pitch. We’ll try again, this time adding more instructions for the AI, specifying the tone in the following prompt. 

Open AI came back with a much better post. The conversational tone works because people don’t want to see ads in their Facebook groups telling them to just buy a product. You want to speak directly to your audience, in this case, Buffalo Bills fans.

Final Thoughts on Using AI to Write Product Descriptions to Promote Products

There are so many ways to write product descriptions flexible enough to repurpose as social media posts. You can promote your products and your whole e-commerce store. 

It’s super easy to have AI generate the content you need in the tone you want. Then, you’ll have room to be creative and embellish the outputs with your own style. 

Sell more products with better communication to really connect with and attract your ideal customers.

Editors note: This article was a transcript reworked by Sophia Stone, Interact Marketing Intern 

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