Using ChatGPT to Generate Content Ideas and Write Blog Posts

With OpenAI you can generate unique content ideas and write blog posts for those ideas in a few minutes. Here’s exactly how to do that.

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Use ChatGPT to generate ideas for content

The first prompt I’m going to put in is:

“What are some blog post ideas for a company that creates lead generation quizzes small businesses can use?”

This won’t give me specific ideas for content, it mostly shows me articles we already have. Unless you’re just starting out a general prompt won’t tell you anything new. Here’s what the readout says.

general OpenAI prompt for content ideas

Everything on that list is topics we’ve already covered, but there is one that stands out. Number four says “Top 10 industries that can benefit from lead generation quizzes” which makes me think about the whole list of industries that can benefit from using lead generation quizzes, which will be my next prompt.

Use ChatGPT to expand on a key content idea and generate unique keywords

OpenAI is super good at coming up with many ideas once you key it in on one concept. The underlying technology learned by guessing the next word in content so it’s very good at adding to ideas once you feed it something.

What I’m going to do is ask it to expand on the concept of which industries can most benefit from using quizzes. Here’s my OpenAI prompt to extend my brain and get new ideas.

“What are the top 25 industries that can benefit from using lead generation quizzes?”

Now this spits out really helpful ideas, and we haven’t covered all of these industries on our blog.

List of industries that can benefit from quizzes

Use ChatGPT to Write a Blog Post for a unique idea that ChatGPT Generated

I can pick an idea off the list that ChatGPT just generated and ask ChatGPT to write a blog post on the topic. It will create it instantly and do a pretty great job. You just need to add images, links, and do some editing.

Here’s how I prompted ChatGPT to write the blog post.

“Write an 800 word article about how a [transportation company] [can use a quiz to generate leads and engage their audience].”

For this prompt you need to add specifics for it to work properly. I’ve put those in brackets.

  1. You have to put in the type of company the blog post is being written for
  2. You have to tell ChatGPT what the purpose of the blog post is. What is the Company supposed to learn from the post?

The more you add these specifics the more ChatGPT can write the way you want it to. As you get more specific it can get glitchy so I’ve found that a few specifics are a good starting point.

Here’s what it generates.

ChatGPT generated blog post

It’s pretty great as a starting point. And from here there are three things you have to do before launching this blog post. (This is what ChatGPT is not good at)

  1. Add images relevant to the blog post
  2. Add examples and external links to the blog post. Include research statistics.
  3. Proofread for readability and grammar. Fact check what the ChatGPT response says.

These three things are what will differentiate you in the age of AI-generated content.

Go create with ChatGPT

Here’s the link to ChatGPT. My advice is to play with it, learn how it functions, pay attention to how it speaks. ChatGPT is trained on human knowledge created thus far, so it has a way of interacting that is predictable as you learn with it. The faster you can develop a muscle for understanding how it functions the faster you can partner with it to generate ideas and create blog posts.

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