Use AI (ChatGPT) to Write YouTube Titles and Video Descriptions

Sometimes when writing, you just hit a wall; it can take time to brainstorm even the simplest content. With this post, we’ll show you how easy breaking through writer’s block can be with AI. You’ll learn how to use AI (ChatGPT) to write Youtube titles and video descriptions

Choosing the right Youtube titles and video descriptions is important for your viewers and your channel. It helps tell the story of what you are covering in your video with important follow-up links and information. Additionally, it aids your SEO strength for your Youtube videos so they can be easily searched and found by the right audience.

We wrote (in the OpenAI Playground), “Write a YouTube description about why prompt design is so important when using AI.” 

Here’s what it gave us back: 

We edited the language a bit so the content matches our brand voice. This is especially important when you use AI (CHATGPT) to write Youtube titles. It was so much easier to start with a rough draft from AI rather than from scratch because—as we all know—sometimes our minds just go blank when we’re not in the mood to write.

Now that we have a description, we’ll ask AI to “Write YouTube video titles for a video about why prompt design is so important when using AI.” 

AI came back with seven different titles: 

We rephrased the second title option to better fit what we were looking for. 

As you can see, getting a baseline for content you can revise is super easy when using AI. 

The next time you create a YouTube video, try these prompts!

Editor’s note: This article was originally a transcript reworked by Sophia Stone, Interact Marketing Intern

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