How Wandering Aimfully’s Quiz Helped Generate Nearly $300k in Revenue

What problems were you hoping to solve with a quiz?

We hadn’t touched our email list growth strategy in years, and we were resting on our ol’ laurels. We had a big internal meeting (it’s just the two of us 😂), and we decided to thoroughly review all of our Wandering Aimfully marketing channels. 

We already knew our email list was our most important marketing asset, but we didn’t know how much our new-subscriber rate had decreased over time. We found we were only getting eighty new email subscribers per month. We quickly realized that relying on people to find our email forms on their own wouldn’t cut it moving forward. 

We love experimenting with new ideas, and a quiz was something we’d never tried before, so we decided to go all in. 

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As soon as the quiz was up on our site, we saw a 400% increase in new email subscribers (with zero change in website traffic)! Our experiment worked. And, of course, we love welcoming 400+ new people to our email list every month with no extra ongoing effort on our part!

Key Takeaway: Before creating your quiz, consider what strategies you’re currently using to build your email list. Are you using any freebies or lead magnets to deliver value? How successful have they been in helping you grow your list? Like Jason and Caroline, it may be beneficial to put your efforts toward creating one super valuable lead magnet—like a quiz—to grow your email list.

What inspired you to create a quiz? 

We’d seen a few other folks in the online entrepreneur space using quizzes and thought they were an interesting way to lead people to email lists. One thing we REALLY like about quizzes is something we talk about in a podcast episode, “The Art of Making It Hard (LOL).” 

Creating a set of questions that people have to take the time to answer builds friction and anticipation. If someone doesn’t have the patience to answer seven questions, we don’t want them on our email list (especially because we write long-winded emails). 

We love that going through a quiz takes a bit of extra work for a new subscriber, AND we’re able to deliver immediate value based on a “Business Bottleneck” problem we identify within their results.

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Key Takeaway: Creating friction within your quiz may help you qualify more leads, especially if you sell a high-ticket offer. Giving quiz-takers a taste of the content they can expect from you is a great lead nurturing strategy. Take this golden piece of advice from Jason and apply it to your quiz results descriptions, landing pages, emails, and more.

What kind of results have you seen from the quiz?

Since we use our quiz to lead to our signature offer, we’ve found that 147 of our WAIM Unlimited coaching program customers were tagged as quiz-takers! That means our quiz has aided in bringing in $294,000 in total revenue to our business. 😱🤩🎉

Now, the quiz isn’t the only thing that sells our program. A lot more goes into landing a $2,000 customer, BUT we know the quiz was most likely their entry point to our tiny slice of the internet, which is amazing!

Almost 100% of our revenue comes from our email list, and to have found a reliable source of list growth (that doesn’t feel sleazy) is wonderful. We don’t spend any money on paid ads and rely solely on organic traffic to grow our list. It’s incredible to have found a way to grow our email list that aligns with our values.

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Wandering Aimfully’s quiz analytics from
their main homepage 
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Wandering Aimfully’s quiz analytics from Instagram
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Wandering Aimfully’s quiz analytics from
their blog’s welcome mat call-to-action
Key Takeaway: Viewing your quiz as a delightful introduction to your brand is a great way to help you build personal relationships with your community. For someone to confidently make a purchase from your shop or business, they first need to know who you are and trust you. Offering highly valuable content for free through your quiz is a significant step toward building trust with quiz-takers.

You feature your quiz front-and-center on your homepage. Talk to us more about this strategy!

Especially in the online business world, we believe your homepage should do ONE thing: direct potential customers toward an action you want them to take.

If someone wants to learn more about you, they can head to your “about” page. If someone wants to learn more about your product, they can check out your “sales” page.

The homepage is a place to try to solve a problem for someone and usher them where you want them. Do we think a super-simplified homepage is the right move for everyone? No way! But we LOVE to experiment, and we found this setup works well for our business—and the new subscriber numbers don’t lie!

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Key Takeaway: We love how Jason and Caroline direct all of their website visitors to their quiz. By highlighting it on their homepage as the main call to action, they can easily attract more quiz leads while minimizing other distractions. While you may want a more comprehensive homepage design than what you see here, it’s a great example of how to go all-in with your quiz!

We love the illustrations on your quiz result landing pages! How did you decide which information and visuals to include?

When we sketched out the quiz and the quiz results, my wife Caroline had the idea to give an actual personality to each result. She paired these personalities with fun alliterative result names and custom illustrations, which she created, to add visual relatability.

It’s one thing to create an illustration, and it’s another to tie it into a problem you’re hoping to help someone solve (or at least give them some thought-provoking ideas). We think the resulting illustrations greatly reflect who we are as business owners and how we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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Key Takeaway: It takes twice as long to process words as compared to visuals. If your quiz lacks visual appeal, your audience may pass over it or feel overwhelmed by walls of text. Instead, you can include brand photos, stock images, or custom illustrations to make your quiz really stand out.

What role does email marketing play in your business and quiz?

Email marketing is essential to our business and has been since 2010 in various other businesses we’ve owned. When we started thinking about creating a quiz, we knew we wanted to send a helpful three-day email series afterward.

We strongly believed that if we just showed the quiz results on a quiz completion page and stopped there, we wouldn’t make an impression on someone who’d just found us and spent time answering the quiz questions.

Going a step further to visit someone’s (precious) email inbox is something we don’t take for granted. We spent two weeks writing, editing, and creating the three-day email series results for our five quiz personas. In total word count, I believe all our quiz results emails (combined) are the length of a standard traditionally published business book!  😱

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Aside from the quiz, we write a weekly email newsletter to our audience, sharing our experiences and lessons learned as fellow online business owners. Email is a two-way street for us, and as social media apps come and go, we’ve consistently been able to rely on our email list to drive our business revenue.

We know that a customer of our main product (a $2,000 un-boring coaching program) is typically on our email list for at least six months before purchasing from us. Because we know that data from years of experience, it helps us to continue to invest efforts into our email list. We don’t assume any new subscribers will purchase from us, and we’re happy for them to buy when the time is right for them.

Key Takeaway: For most business owners, email marketing is essential in playing the long game. While some subscribers may make a purchase immediately after signing up for your list, many of them will lurk and consume your content. Jason and Caroline’s approach to nurturing leads over time with the three-day quiz email sequence and a weekly newsletter helps them create sustainability and improve profitability.

How do you use the quiz to bring more people into your coaching program?

Our quiz fits into our business as the starting point. It’s how someone goes from a complete stranger on the internet and crosses what we call a “marketing bridge” to our little island in the ocean of the world wide web. 😉

The quiz results and email series show new subscribers how we teach, introducing us as people they can learn from. Then, we continue to send them helpful weekly emails leading up to one of our two open enrollment periods for our un-boring coaching program, WAIM Unlimited.

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Our business model is both exactly like other “online coaches” but also VERY DIFFERENT at the same time. 🤣 Our coaching program has a price tag that acts as a finish line, meaning once someone pays us $2,000 in total, they stop paying us and continue to get value from us for life without paying another dollar.

We’ve done the math: we know the $2,000 customer lifetime value is the perfect number for us to run a profitable business that requires no Facebook Ads, no employees, and an extremely flexible schedule and lifestyle.

Key Takeaway: Before you create a quiz, think about what you want it to lead to. It’s best to pair it with one of your signature offers. Depending on your desired business model, you may choose a high-ticket offer like WAIM Unlimited or lead with a low-cost product. Quizzes can be customized to fit any industry, so you’ll have many opportunities to lead people toward your next offer.

What is your best piece of advice for new quiz creators?

It’s the advice we’d give for any marketing effort: Do it differently. Do it your way. 

Do your research and learn what works from other people BUT don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use your unique experiences to stand out. Over-deliver on your quiz results and try to make it fun!

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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