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I frequently hear from customers that quizzes run through Interact are the most successful lead magnets they’ve ever used on Facebook. At first it was incredible (especially that time we did a quiz with The Red Lobster that got 192,000 likes). After a while I began to almost tune it out, which is insane.

Early on, one of my mentors was a VP of Business Development at Pandora, and she told me to be the best in the world at one thing. Well I can say without a doubt that we are literally the best in the world at helping brands drive leads from Facebook.

Here are some numbers. 

A good quiz (of the “Which Blank are You?” variety) will bring in 200 new subscribers for every 100,000 people who “like” your page. (that might not be mind-blowing, but considering that Facebook only shows organic posts to 5% of your audience, that means 1 out of 20 people who SEE your post will end up becoming leads – that’s just people who see it!)

The fact that Facebook only shows your content to 5% of your audience is not a bad thing for quizzes, because it means you can create new quizzes every month without boring your audience. For consistent quiz campaigns focused only on organic followings, we see about 20% existing subscribers opting in and 80% new subscribers.

*This is just for purely organic Facebook audiences

**These numbers are for when you share a quiz organically three times over two weeks

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A good quiz run as an ad will bring in leads at a cost of $0.45 to $3.80 depending on your industry. In several cases quiz ads are driving the cheapest leads companies have ever gotten. You might think that these are shit leads, but they’re not for two reasons. First, you can ensure that you reach only the right audience by creating quiz content that appeals to your ideal customer. And second, you can follow-up in a personalized way by sending out different email or phone call campaigns to quiz takers based on which result they get.

In conclusion:

Interact quizzes are literally the best way to generate leads through Facebook. It’s only logical that Facebook will continue to restrict publishers from driving leads through their network, they want to control that and charge you for it. A quiz is an easy way to get around their restrictions and truly drive meaningful results from the social network.

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