Relationship Quiz Questions and Answers

This list of relationship quiz questions is free to use when creating your own dating, marriage, family, or friendship quiz. They are also good for sparking conversations and gaining insights into personal beliefs and values.


Dating questions

Example dating quiz question
  1. When planning a date night, what do you prioritize the most?
    A. Ensuring it’s a romantic setting
    B. Making sure it’s something new and exciting
    C. Keeping it casual and comfortable
    D. Choosing an activity we both love
  2. What’s your response to a disagreement with your partner?
    A. Discuss calmly until we reach a solution
    B. Give each other space before talking it out
    C. Try to lighten the mood with humor
    D. Compromise to keep the peace
  3. How do you prefer to communicate with someone you’re dating?
    A. Deep, meaningful conversations in person
    B. Frequent texts throughout the day
    C. Occasional phone calls when we’re apart
    D. Sharing thoughts and experiences via emails or letters
  4. When you think about your ideal relationship, what comes first?
    A. Passion and romance
    B. Adventure and spontaneity
    C. Comfort and stability
    D. Intellectual connection and growth
  5. At a party with your significant other, you usually:
    A. Stick together the entire time
    B. Mingle separately but check in often
    C. Encourage each other to meet new people
    D. Find a quiet spot to enjoy each other’s company
  6. What’s your go-to gift for someone you’re dating?
    A. Something handmade to show effort and thought
    B. An experience or adventure to enjoy together
    C. Their favorite treat or item they’ve mentioned wanting
    D. A book or album that means something special to you
  7. If you could choose any holiday destination with your partner, where would it be?
    A. A cozy cabin in the mountains
    B. An adventurous trek in a foreign country
    C. A luxurious beach resort
    D. A cultural city tour filled with history and art
  8. How do you show love and appreciation in a relationship?
    A. Through physical affection and touch
    B. Spending quality time together without distractions
    C. Acts of service and taking care of them
    D. Giving thoughtful gifts that remind them of you
  9. Your idea of a perfect evening with your significant other involves:
    A. A candlelit dinner at home
    B. Hitting up a concert or show
    C. Binge-watching our favorite series
    D. Sharing our thoughts on a book or article
  10. What aspect of dating excites you the most?
    A. Getting to know someone on a deep level
    B. The thrill of new experiences together
    C. Building comfort and familiarity with someone
    D. Learning from each other and personal growth
  11. How would you describe your current dating life?
    A. Active and fulfilling
    B. Sporadic and unpredictable
    C. Non-existent but looking to change that
    D. Content with being single, not looking
  12. What happens if you feel a strong connection on the first date?
    A. Pursue it immediately and plan another date
    B. Wait a few days then reach out to see if they felt it too
    C. Give it some time to see if my feelings remain the same
    D. I rarely feel strong connections on first dates
  13. How prepared are you for a committed relationship?
    A. Completely ready and eager
    B. Open to it but not in a rush
    C. Unsure if I’m ready for commitment
    D. Not interested in committing right now
  14. How do you handle rejection after a date?
    A. Take it in stride and move on quickly
    B. Reflect on what went wrong but don’t dwell
    C. Feel deeply affected and take time to recover
    D. Avoid getting too attached to prevent rejection
  15. What is your preferred method of finding dates?
    A. Dating apps/websites
    B. Through friends or social gatherings
    C. At work or educational settings
    D. I rarely actively look for dates
  16. What do you think you need to improve in your dating approach?
    A. My communication skills
    B. Keeping an open mind about potential partners
    C. My confidence and self-esteem
    D. Nothing, I’m satisfied with my approach
  17. How often do you go on dates?
    A. Several times a month
    B. Once a month or so
    C. Every few months
    D. Rarely ever
  18. How confident are you in knowing what you want in a partner?
    A. Very confident, I know exactly what I’m looking for
    B. Somewhat confident, but still figuring out some details
    C. Not very confident, my preferences often change
    D. Not at all confident, I’m completely unsure
  19. How do you handle a date not going as planned?
    A. Adapt and try to make the best of it
    B. Get upset but try to hide it
    C. It usually throws me off, and I struggle to recover
    D. End the date early to avoid further disappointment
  20. Which of the following is most accurate when it comes to your feelings about dating?
    A. Excited about meeting new people and experiences
    B. Cautious but hopeful about finding someone special
    C. Discouraged by past experiences, but willing to try again
    D. Indifferent, dating isn’t a priority for me right now

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Marriage quiz questions

example marriage quiz question
  1. How do you feel about spending weekends with your spouse?
    A. I live for it; it’s our quality time.
    B. It’s good, but I need my space too.
    C. I prefer a mix of alone time and couple time.
    D. I’d rather spend it with friends or on my hobbies.
  2. What’s your favorite type of date night?
    A. A romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant.
    B. A cozy movie night at home.
    C. An adventurous outing, like hiking or biking.
    D. Trying out new experiences or classes together.
  3. What makes you most frustrated about communication in your marriage?
    A. Feeling like I’m not being heard.
    B. Having the same argument repeatedly.
    C. Struggling to express my feelings clearly.
    D. Navigating differences in communication styles.
  4. When a disagreement arises, how do you react?
    A. I try to resolve it immediately with discussion.
    B. I need some time alone to cool off first.
    C. I prefer to write down my thoughts and then talk.
    D. I wait for my spouse to bring it up first.
  5. What are you most excited about in your marriage?
    A. Growing old together.
    B. Accomplishing our shared goals and dreams.
    C. The journey of learning more about each other.
    D. The stability and comfort it brings to my life.
  6. When thinking about responsibilities at home, how do you feel?
    A. It’s a team effort; we share everything equally.
    B. I wish my spouse would take on more responsibilities.
    C. I’m okay taking the lead on household tasks.
    D. We have clearly divided responsibilities that work for us.
  7. How comfortable are you discussing finances with your spouse?
    A. Completely comfortable; we’re an open book.
    B. Somewhat comfortable, but it can be tense.
    C. Not very comfortable; it often leads to disagreements.
    D. We avoid the topic as much as possible.
  8. You have a weekend to do whatever you want without any obligations, what do you do?
    A. Plan a surprise getaway for just the two of us.
    B. Organize a gathering with friends and family.
    C. Dedicate the weekend to self-care and relaxation alone.
    D. Catch up on personal projects or hobbies.
  9. Which member of a famous TV couple are you most like in your marriage?
    A. The nurturing and supportive one, like Monica in “Friends”.
    B. The fun-loving and adventurous one, like Phil in “Modern Family”.
    C. The practical and grounded one, like Claire in “Modern Family”.
    D. The quirky and unconventional one, like Jess in “New Girl”.
  10. When your spouse surprises you, how do you usually react?
    A. With excitement; I love surprises!
    B. With appreciation, even if it’s not what I expected.
    C. With hesitance; surprises make me nervous.
    D. With curiosity; I’m always intrigued by what they thought of.
  11. How well do you communicate with your spouse during disagreements?
    A. Very well, we always find common ground
    B. Somewhat well, but it can be improved
    C. Not very well, it often escalates
    D. Poorly, we hardly resolve anything
  12. How often do you spend quality time together without distractions?
    A. Daily
    B. A few times a week
    C. Rarely
    D. Almost never
  13. How do you show appreciation for each other?
    A. Verbal affirmations and small acts of kindness
    B. Gifts and surprises
    C. Quality time together
    D. We struggle with showing appreciation
  14. How do you handle financial decisions together?
    A. We discuss and agree on all financial decisions
    B. We have a general agreement but act independently
    C. We rarely discuss finances together
    D. It’s a constant source of conflict
  15. What happens if you disagree on parenting strategies?
    A. We discuss our views and find a compromise
    B. We stick to our own strategies individually
    C. It leads to arguments
    D. We avoid the topic to prevent conflicts
  16. To what degree do you experience mutual respect in your relationship?
    A. Always respected
    B. Usually respected, with occasional lapses
    C. Sometimes feel disrespected
    D. Frequently feel disrespected
  17. How confident are you in your shared goals for the future?
    A. Very confident, we’re on the same page
    B. Somewhat confident, but things could change
    C. Not very confident, we have different visions
    D. Not at all confident, we don’t discuss future goals
  18. How frequently do you engage in shared interests or hobbies?
    A. Regularly, it’s a key part of our relationship
    B. Occasionally, when we find time
    C. Rarely, our interests are quite different
    D. Never, we don’t have shared interests
  19. How do you handle household responsibilities and chores?
    A. Equally divided and shared fairly
    B. Divided based on preference and availability but could be more balanced
    C. Mostly falls on one person’s shoulders
    D. It’s a major point of contention
  20. What is your current biggest challenge as a couple?
    A. Balancing career and family life
    B. Lack of quality time together
    C. Communication gaps or misunderstandings
    D. Managing finances and budgeting

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Family questions

family quiz question
  1. How do you feel about family gatherings?
    A. Love them, the more the merrier
    B. They’re okay in small doses
    C. Prefer to keep my distance
    D. Only attend during major holidays
  2. What’s your favorite family activity?
    A. Game nights at home
    B. Outdoor adventures together
    C. Quiet dinners with deep conversations
    D. We hardly do activities together
  3. What makes you most nervous about family reunions?
    A. The potential for drama
    B. Not having anything to talk about
    C. Being asked personal questions
    D. I actually look forward to them
  4. When you were a kid, how did you feel about sharing your room with siblings?
    A. Loved the company and closeness
    B. It was okay, but needed my space
    C. Disliked it, I valued my privacy
    D. Never had to share, so can’t say
  5. You have a choice of a big family holiday or a quiet one with just immediate family, which do you choose?
    A. Big family holiday, the more the merrier!
    B. Quiet one, I prefer intimate gatherings
    C. Mix of both, balance is key
    D. Neither, I like spending holidays alone or with friends
  6. A specific situation arises where your family needs your help but you have personal plans, how do you react?
    A. Drop everything to help my family
    B. Try to find a middle ground
    C. Stick to my plans, they’ll understand
    D. Feel conflicted and stressed about the choice
  7. How comfortable are you discussing personal problems with your family?
    A. Completely comfortable, they’re my go-to
    B. Somewhat comfortable, depends on the issue
    C. Rarely comfortable, I prefer friends’ advice
    D. Not at all, I keep things to myself
  8. Which of these family dynamics is most similar to yours?
    A. Close and involved in each other’s lives
    B. Supportive from a distance
    C. Strained but trying to improve
    D. Disconnected or distant
  9. How do you handle conflicts within your family?
    A. Address them directly and immediately
    B. Give it time and then discuss calmly
    C. Avoid confrontation and hope it resolves
    D. Seek outside advice or mediation
  10. What aspect of family relationships makes you the happiest?
    A. Unconditional love and support
    B. Shared memories and experiences
    C. Growth and learning from each other
    D. Having people who understand me deeply
  11. How would you describe your communication with family members?
    A. Open and frequent
    B. Reserved but respectful
    C. Challenging and sporadic
    D. Virtually non-existent
  12. How often do you engage in activities together as a family?
    A. Multiple times a week
    B. Once a week
    C. A few times a month
    D. Rarely or never
  13. When conflicts arise within the family, how are they typically resolved?
    A. Through calm discussion and compromise
    B. Someone usually concedes to keep the peace
    C. It often leads to prolonged arguments
    D. We rarely resolve conflicts effectively
  14. What do you think is the strongest aspect of your family relationship?
    A. Our ability to communicate openly
    B. Our shared values and beliefs
    C. Our commitment to each other’s well-being
    D. Honestly, we struggle to maintain a strong bond
  15. How do family members generally express affection or appreciation for one another?
    A. Through verbal expressions like saying “I love you”
    B. With physical gestures such as hugs
    C. By performing acts of service for each other
    D. We seldom express affection openly
  16. To what degree do family members respect each other’s privacy and boundaries?
    A. Highly respectful, we honor personal space
    B. Generally respectful, with occasional slip-ups
    C. Not very respectful, often overstepping boundaries
    D. Disrespectful, privacy is frequently invaded
  17. How often do you feel supported by your family in your personal ambitions and challenges?
    A. Always, they’re my biggest cheerleaders
    B. Often, but sometimes they don’t understand my goals
    C. Rarely, I usually seek support outside the family
    D. Never, I feel isolated in my endeavors
  18. How do you handle differences in opinion within your family?
    A. We respectfully agree to disagree
    B. Try to find a middle ground or compromise
    C. It usually escalates into a disagreement
    D. Avoid discussing contentious topics altogether
  19. When it comes to making important family decisions, how is the process typically handled?
    A. Collectively, with everyone’s input valued
    B. By the head of the household or elders
    C. Through lengthy debates until a decision is forced
    D. Individually, we seldom make decisions together
  20. How connected do you feel to your extended family members (aunts, uncles, cousins)?
    A. Very connected, we communicate regularly
    B. Somewhat connected, we catch up during holidays
    C. Not very connected, only see them at family events
    D. Disconnected, I hardly know them

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Couple quiz questions

couple quiz question
  1. How do you handle disagreements with your partner?
    A. We calmly discuss our views
    B. I become defensive and shut down
    C. We argue but reconcile quickly
    D. I avoid confrontation
  2. What’s your favorite thing to do with your partner on an off day?
    A. Stay in bed and relax
    B. Adventure outside and explore
    C. Cook and eat together
    D. Enjoy a movie night
  3. What would be the perfect anniversary gift from your partner?
    A. Jewelry
    B. Trip together to a new place
    C. Heartfelt, hand-written love letter
    D. Organize a surprise party with close friends
  4. How often do you express your feelings directly to your partner?
    A. Always
    B. Most of the time
    C. Sometimes
    D. Rarely
  5. What aspect of your relationship makes you the most happy?
    A. Quality time spent together
    B. Intellectual conversations
    C. Emotional support through tough times
    D. Graceful handling of our differences
  6. Which of these places would you love to visit with your partner?
    A. A dreamy beach destination
    B. A bustling city
    C. A quiet mountain town
    D. A historic cultural site
  7. How would you react if your partner forgot your birthday?
    A. I would be extremely upset
    B. I wouldn’t mind that much
    C. I would remind him/her, not a big deal
    D. I would be a bit disappointed but get over it
  8. The one word that best describes your partner is.
    A. Caring
    B. Inspiring
    C. Adventurous
    D. Ambitious
  9. When you and your partner don’t see eye-to-eye on a topic how do you normally resolve it?
    A. Forcefully impose my views
    B. Submit to my partner’s views
    C. We agree to disagree
    D. We find a middle ground
  10. If you could wave a magic wand, what would the perfect date with your partner look like?
    A. Dinner at a fancy restaurant
    B. Hiking and picnic in a scenic spot
    C. Theatre, concert, or movie outing
    D. A cozy night at home with movies and takeout
  11. How frequently do you and your partner communicate about your feelings?
    A. Daily
    B. Weekly
    C. Monthly
    D. Rarely
  12. How do you typically resolve disagreements with your partner?
    A. Through calm and centered discussions
    B. By ignoring the issue until it goes away
    C. Through heated arguments
    D. By seeking help from a third party (therapy, counseling)
  13. What kind of activities do you enjoy doing with your partner?
    A. Watching shows/movies together
    B. Outdoor activities or sports
    C. Cooking/eating out together
    D. Engaging in artistic interests
  14. Which of the following areas do you find most challenging in your relationship?
    A. Trust and honesty
    B. Communication
    C. Financial management
    D. Conflict resolution
  15. How often do you express gratitude towards your partner?
    A. Frequently
    B. Occasionally
    C. Rarely
    D. Never
  16. How aligned are your future life goals with your partner’s?
    A. Almost completely
    B. Partially aligned
    C. A little aligned
    D. Not at all aligned
  17. How do you and your partner address your differences?
    A. We accept each other’s differences
    B. We try to come to a compromise
    C. We mostly argue
    D. We barely address our differences
  18. Which of these describes you best when you’re upset with your partner?
    A. Proactive and resolving
    B. Silent and tolerant
    C. Passive-aggressive
    D. Confrontational
  19. How invested do you feel your partner is in your well-being and happiness?
    A. Extremely invested
    B. Moderately invested
    C. Barely invested
    D. Not invested at all
  20. What would be your preferred getaway activities with your partner?
    A. Adventure sports
    B. Tranquil beach vacation
    C. Visiting historical sites
    D. Attending festivals/concerts

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Friendship quiz questions

friendship quiz question
  1. How do you feel when a friend cancels plans last minute?
    A. Totally fine, things happen
    B. A bit disappointed, but I understand
    C. Annoyed, but I’ll get over it
    D. Really upset, it messes with my plans
  2. What’s your favorite way to spend time with your friends?
    A. Outdoor adventures
    B. Cozy nights in
    C. Trying new restaurants
    D. Attending events or concerts
  3. What makes you most frustrated in a friendship?
    A. Lack of communication
    B. Unreliability
    C. Negativity
    D. Clinginess
  4. What aspect of friendship makes you the happiest?
    A. Deep conversations
    B. Shared activities and hobbies
    C. Being there for each other in tough times
    D. The laughter and fun
  5. When you think about making new friends, what concerns you the most?
    A. Not having enough in common
    B. Fear of being judged
    C. Time commitment
    D. Potential conflicts
  6. At a party, you notice your friend talking to someone new. What do you do?
    A. Join the conversation to make them feel included
    B. Keep an eye on them from a distance
    C. Go about my own business, they’re fine
    D. Feel a bit jealous but don’t act on it
  7. How often do you reach out first to make plans with friends?
    A. Almost always, I love planning
    B. Often, I like to stay connected
    C. Sometimes, when I remember to
    D. Rarely, I wait for them to reach out
  8. Your friend is going through a tough time, how do you react?
    A. Offer advice and solutions for their problem
    B. Listen and provide emotional support
    C. Give them space until they reach out
    D. Plan something fun to cheer them up
  9. Which movie night theme would you enjoy the most with your friends?
    A. Action-packed adventure films
    B. Heartwarming dramas
    C. Side-splitting comedies
    D. Spine-chilling horror movies
  10. How would your friends and family describe your role in your friend group?
    A. The planner who always organizes get-togethers
    B. The peacemaker who resolves conflicts
    C. The comedian who keeps everyone laughing
    D. The advisor who everyone turns to for advice
  11. How often do you initiate plans with your friends?
    A. Almost every time we meet
    B. Frequently, but I wait for their suggestions too
    C. Occasionally, I prefer others to take the lead
    D. Rarely, I usually wait for them to reach out
  12. How prepared are you to support a friend going through a tough time?
    A. Extremely prepared; I make myself fully available
    B. Quite prepared; I offer support but maintain my boundaries
    C. Somewhat prepared; I try to help but feel unsure sometimes
    D. Not very prepared; I tend to avoid uncomfortable situations
  13. How confident are you in resolving conflicts within your friendships?
    A. Very confident; I handle conflicts directly and constructively
    B. Confident; I’m able to address issues most of the time
    C. Somewhat confident; it depends on the situation
    D. Not confident; I avoid conflicts at all costs
  14. How do you handle differences of opinion with your friends?
    A. Discuss openly and respect their viewpoints
    B. Avoid sensitive topics to keep peace
    C. Agree with them to avoid conflict
    D. Withdraw or end the friendship
  15. To what degree do you feel listened to by your friends?
    A. Completely – they always give me their full attention
    B. Mostly – they listen but sometimes get distracted
    C. Partially – they seem preoccupied often
    D. Rarely – I often feel ignored
  16. Which of the following is most accurate when it comes to your social circle’s size?
    A. Large – I have many friends and acquaintances
    B. Medium – A good number of close and casual friends
    C. Small – A few close-knit friends
    D. Very Small – One or two close friends
  17. How do you react when a friend cancels plans last minute?
    A. Understanding and reschedule without issue
    B. Disappointed but express no hard feelings
    C. Annoyed but keep it to myself
    D. Very upset and may confront them
  18. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when a friend asks for a favor?
    A. Happy to help, no matter what it is
    B. Determine if I have the time or resources first
    C. Wonder why they’re asking me
    D. Feel put upon or inconvenienced
  19. How would you describe your involvement in your friends’ interests?
    A. Highly involved; I share many of their interests
    B. Moderately involved; I participate in some activities
    C. Slightly involved; I show support but rarely participate
    D. Not involved; I have completely different interests
  20. Are you proactive in checking on your friends’ well-being?
    A. Always, without them needing to reach out first
    B. Often, especially if they seem off
    C. Sometimes, when reminded or if there’s a clear reason
    D. Rarely, I wait for them to tell me if something’s wrong

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