90 Relationship Quiz Questions (for Couples, Marriages, and Singles)

Need some relationship quiz question ideas? 

Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 90 relationship quiz questions for you. Feel free to pick and choose which questions work for you—or just use them all! 

We’ll also teach you what makes a good relationship quiz question and how to optimize your quiz. But if you’re eager to get to our questions list, then head on over

Let’s get started! 

Table of contents 

Why create a relationship quiz? 

If you’ve ever taken a relationship quiz, then it’s probably looked something like the below: 

image1 8 1

A relationship quiz is a great way to get to know your partner and your relationship habits and patterns. 

You might want to create a relationship quiz for a couple of reasons. 

You’re a relationship coach or therapist—Our quiz software will help you build a lead magnet (the quiz) for your business. So a relationship quiz would be a perfect addition to your marketing strategy. 

You’ll get more prospects, sales, and traffic! But you don’t need us to convince you; see for yourself by reading Ashley Beaudin’s success story of generating 3k+ leads in one week! 

You want to create a quiz for you and your partner—You might be interested in creating a relationship quiz for fun. Maybe you and your partner want to get to know each other more, or maybe you’re looking for something to do. Whatever it is, our quiz questions have you covered! 

You want to host a couples trivia night—Are you a trivia lover? Then a relationship quiz is a great idea to host with you and your friends. You could even make a competition: who knows their partner best? 

If you want to learn more about relationship quizzes and why you should create one, check out our complete guide: How to Create a Relationship Quiz.

What are good relationship quiz questions? 

A relationship quiz is no good without interesting questions. With that, there are five ways to improve your relationship quiz questions. Let’s take a look at each one. 

1. Focus on your audience 

Have you ever taken a quiz with questions that have nothing to do with you? It’s not very fun, is it? 

So, when you create your relationship quiz questions, focus on your quiz-taker. If you’re not sure where to start, then consider their relationship status. Who’s going to take your quiz? A couple? Someone who’s recently divorced? Someone single? 

Now that you’ve determined their status, ask questions about their relationships. For example, if your quiz is for singles, then you probably wouldn’t want to ask something like: 

image8 3 1

This question would only make sense for a person who’s dating or married. Instead, you could ask a question like below: 

image4 4 1

This question is perfect for someone who’s single—you don’t have to be in a relationship to answer it. 

Are you catching our drift? All of your questions should target your audience, or else they won’t take your quiz.

For more tips on how to get to know your audience, check out our guide: 6 Steps to Knowing Your Audience Better

2. Be personal, but not TOO personal 

Imagine meeting someone for the very first time. Within the first two minutes of chatting, they say, “So, tell me the deets about your and your S.O.’s intimate life. What makes you satisfied?” 

If someone asked you this, you’d probably feel a little uncomfortable, right? Maybe it’d be different if you knew the person, but you don’t; they’re a stranger. It’s a bit weird. 

So, when you create your relationship quiz questions, make sure they’re inviting. You want quiz-takers to feel comfortable, not invaded. But this doesn’t mean you can only write shallow questions. You can still ask deep questions, as long as they aren’t intrusive.  

Let’s go back to the example of meeting someone for the first time. Let’s say you and this person hit it off and talk about your relationship life for a few hours. If they ask you a deep question at this point, you might be more open to answering it. 

With that, we suggest starting your quiz with low-key questions like “What’s your relationship status?” or “What do you and your partner do for fun?” 

Then you can start asking deeper questions, like: 

image13 20

And then, you can end your quiz with even deeper questions: 

image10 13 2

Like any conversation you would have with a stranger, start slowly and progress. 

3. Be creative  

Imagine if you came across this quiz question: 

It has been proven that couples are much happier when they feel like they “found the one,” so what is keeping you from finding the one for your life? 

Okay . . . this question is terrible! First, it’s one long run-on sentence, so it doesn’t make much sense. And there are a lot of extra words that could be cut. 

Second, there’s no punctuation or fun vocab to keep it interesting. Most people take quizzes because they’re fun, not because they sound like a textbook. 

So here’s a tip your high school English teacher wouldn’t approve of—break grammar rules. And use capitalization for FUN! You’re not writing a research paper; it’s okay to ditch the rules. 

Okay, let’s rephrase the boring question above to something fun and exciting. 

image6 4 1

Notice how this question is: 

  • Direct 
  • Positive 
  • Easy to understand 
  • Focused on the quiz-taker 

The takeaway? Try to focus on these traits when you create your relationship quiz questions. As for the grammar, here are a few ways you can break the rules: 

  • Start your sentences with “But” and “And” 
  • Use capitalization in the MIDDLE of your sentences 
  • Use exclamation points!!! 
  • Keep your sentences short, and avoid run-on sentences 

4. Use different question formats 

Sure, it’s easy to use the same question format throughout your quiz. But you might want to switch it up now and then. 

When you use different question formats, you’re able to: 

  • Ask questions using different perspectives 
  • Keep quiz-takers interested from beginning to end 

So, instead of asking only one type of question, switch it up to include: 

True-or-false questions—This question format is nice because you don’t have to think of creative question answers. And you’re still getting to know your audience. 

This or that” questions—An example of a “this or that” question would be something like “Get married or move in together?” 

Survey questions—The answer options for survey questions are: agree, somewhat agree, neutral, disagree. 

Trivia questions—If you want to create fun questions for couples, trivia questions are a great choice. Couples can even take these types of quizzes together. 

Some examples of trivia questions would be “How would your partner react if they woke up late for work?” or “What is your S.O.’s favorite food?” 

5. Have interesting question answers 

Your answers are just as important as your relationship quiz questions. If your answers don’t make sense or they sound unrealistic, a user might get frustrated with your quiz. 

Take a look below for a bad example of question answers. 

image11 10 2

Sure, these scenarios are pretty funny. And one or two users might agree with one of these answers. But what about the majority? Probably not. 

If your audience can’t relate to your relationship quiz, they might exit out of the page. Or even worse, they’ll lose trust in you as an authoritative source. Not good, right? 

As we mentioned before, your best quiz questions focus on your audience. So keep this in mind for your answers, too. Consider what quiz-takers would really do in a certain situation, and then write those answers down. 

Need some examples of good question answers? 

image5 6 1

Notice how each answer plays out a realistic scenario. Most people would A. Lose interest, B. Get worried, or C. Shrug it off. 

As you can see, these answers are interesting AND they make sense. Most quiz-takers could easily choose one of these options.

90 Relationship quiz questions to ask 

Now that you know how to write amazing quiz questions, let’s move on to the best part of this guide—all 90 relationship quiz questions. 

You’ll find everything you need in this list of relationship quiz questions, including: 

  • Fun questions for couples 
  • Romantic questions for couples 
  • Questions for married couples 
  • Questions for singles 

Let’s get straight to it! 

Table of Contents 

Funny couples quiz questions 

The following 15 questions are Buzzfeed-like questions. They’re funny and not meant to be taken TOO seriously. So, if you’re looking to create a relationship quiz for fun, then this list is for you. 

1. Where would you and your partner go on vacation?

  • Bali! The island life is to die for. 
  • Paris! It’s the city of romance. 
  • Road trip across the U.S.! 
  • New York City! We love the hustle ‘n’ bustle. 

For questions like the above, we suggest adding image answers to spruce things up. So your question would look something like the below. 

image2 6 1

2. What spirit animal represents you and your S.O.? 

  • A dog—we’re super loyal to each other. 
  • A cat—we love to cuddle but also enjoy our alone time. 
  • A lion—we’re fierce lovers. 
  • Sea otters—we’re soulmates for life. 

3. Someone comes up to you and says, “You and your partner remind me of the celebrity couple _____” 

  • Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds—hilarious yet supportive 
  • Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis—after years of friendship, we found love 
  • Neil Patrick Harris and David Burkta—we’re a tight-knit couple 
  • Chrissy Teigen and John Legend—we’re the definition of romance 

4. QUICK! You have 30 seconds to choose a spontaneous date with your cutie. What will it be? 

  • Visiting a museum in the city
  • Jumping on the first flight out of the town 
  • Buying tickets to a sports game 
  • Spontaneous isn’t my thing. I’d rather order pizza and watch a movie. 

5. What television show are you most likely to watch together? 

  • Shameless—we love a good laugh. 
  • Game of Thrones—we’re all about the action. 
  • The newest Netflix docuseries—we LOVE learning random things.  
  • We don’t watch TV together. We have different tastes. 

6. You go to a psychic and ask about your relationship. What do you hope they’ll say? 

  • “I see you two growing old together.” 
  • “You have fun with each other, but it’s not that serious.” 
  • “I see you and your love traveling the world together.” 
  • “This one isn’t for you. It’s best to move on.”

7. What would you most likely get your partner as a gift? 

  • A new book by their favorite author—they’re a bookworm at heart. 
  • A record player—they’re old-fashioned! 
  • New clothing—they could use a style boost. 
  • Ummm . . . I have no idea. Maybe a gift card? 

8. Do you and your partner ever think about becoming pet parents? 

  • Oh yeah! We go to the pound ALL the time. 
  • We’ve talked about getting a dog in the next couple of years. 
  • Nope, I gotta see if we last first. 

9. If you and your boo ever broke up, would you consider getting back together? 

  • If we broke up for a silly reason, then of course! 
  • Nope, what’s done is done. 

10. What do you and your partner have the most in common? 

  • Our desire to explore
  • Our love of eating and trying new foods 
  • Vegging out, cuddling, and watching our favorite movies 
  • Socializing with our friends and going on group dates 

11. You and your partner have almost everything in common. 

  • Strongly agree—sometimes we have too much in common! 
  • Agree—it makes decisions so much easier to make. 
  • Somewhat agree—we have our differences here and there. 
  • Disagree—we are complete opposites. 

12. You and your love go HARD on Valentines day. 

  • True—we go out to eat, drink wine, and fall in love all over again. 
  • False—I love Valentine’s day, but they aren’t really into it. 

13. You and your boo could talk all night about anything. 

  • Strongly agree—we do this ALL the time. 
  • Agree—we have really good talks. 
  • Somewhat agree—we don’t do this as often, but it happens. 
  • Disagree—our conversations usually end up in fights. 

14. You already find yourself fantasizing about your wedding. 

  • Strongly agree—I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. 
  • Agree—I think about it from time to time. 
  • Somewhat agree—we’re getting there, but we’re not QUITE there yet.
  • Disagree—I’m still deciding if we’ll last that long. 

15. You think about your S.O. almost every minute of the day. 

  • True—they have me hypnotized.
  • False—I’m pretty busy. 

How well do you know your partner? quiz questions 

Ever wonder how well your partner knows you? You can find out with this scored quiz! 

In a scored quiz, you answer a list of questions about your partner (and vice versa). Once you’re done, you’ll receive a score. The higher the score, the more you know your partner. You can make a scored quiz easily with Interact quiz software.  

The first five questions are basic things you’d probably know about anyone you’re close with. 

1. What’s your partner’s favorite food? 

2. What is your partner’s middle name? 

3. What’s your partner’s favorite color? 

4. Where did your partner grow up? 

5. What’s your partner’s favorite hobby? 

This next set of questions is a little harder. But you’ll probably know a good amount of them. 

6. What’s your partner’s most irrational fear? 

7. What’s your partner’s favorite sports team? 

8. What food is your partner allergic to? 

9. Is your partner super organized or kind of messy? 

10. What is your partner’s normal day like? 

And now they’re EVEN harder! 

11. What is one of your partner’s biggest life goals? 

12. Your partner is invited to any concert of their choice. Who would they see? 

13. What is your partner’s favorite childhood memory? 

14. What is something your partner would never admit to anyone else? 

15. What is your partner’s biggest pet peeve? 

Relationship-growth quiz questions 

The following relationship quiz questions are deeper and more personal than the ones above. So if you’re a relationship coach or therapist, then this next set of questions is for you.

1. What gift would you want your S.O. to get you for your birthday? 

  • The pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing for the past few weeks. 
  • Tickets to a concert—I love experiences. 
  • As long as we spend quality time together all day, I’m happy. 

2. How does your partner make you feel daily? 

  • Safe and comfortable 
  • Anxious and attached 
  • Happy and spontaneous 
  • Irritated and withdrawn 

3. What did you do when your partner first told you, “I love you”? 

  • I automatically said it back. I’d been feeling it for some time. 
  • I said it back but didn’t mean it. I’d feel too bad to leave them hanging. 
  • I’d already said it a while ago, so I was happy to finally hear it from them. 
  • I didn’t say it back. I needed more time. 

4. How much quality time do you like to spend with your S.O.? 

  • As much as possible—I LOVE being around them. 
  • A good amount, but I also enjoy my alone time. 
  • Maybe once or twice a week? I’m busy with other things, like work. 

5. What does “I love you” mean to you? 

  • Supporting me through the good and bad 
  • Listening and understanding my emotions 
  • Cuddling and touching me 
  • Telling me “I love you” and other affirmations 

6. Have you ever considered your relationship toxic? 

  • Nope—this is the best relationship I’ve been in.
  • Sometimes, but we try to talk it out. 
  • Yeah—I know we aren’t meant for each other, but I’m scared to be alone. 

7. If your partner broke up with you today, how would you react? 

  • I’d be hurt, but I’d get over it eventually. 
  • I’d resent them forever. How could they do that to me? 
  • I’d feel scared. What will I do without them? 
  • I’d move on pretty quickly. I knew we weren’t meant to be together anyway. 

8. What happens when you and your partner fight? 

  • We yell at each other but fix the problem at some point. 
  • One of us usually ignores the other for the rest of the day. 
  • Honestly? I usually just give in. 
  • We don’t fight that much anymore. We’ve learned to talk it out. 

9. Would you ever be interested in an open relationship? 

  • Yeah, we’ve talked about it before. 
  • Hell no! I’d get way too jealous. 
  • I want to, but my partner is not about it. 
  • Sometimes, but there’s no rush. 

10. Do you like being in long-term relationships? 

  • Definitely. A relationship is an investment, and I’m always in for the long-haul. 
  • Yeah, but if it’s not meant to be, then it’s not meant to be. 
  • Not really. I feel suffocated in long-term relationships. 
  • My longest relationship has only been a few months, so I don’t know. 

11. When you spend time with your partner, you feel calm. 

  • Strongly agree—I feel anxious if they aren’t around me. 
  • Agree—I feel safe around them.  
  • Somewhat agree—but they can stress me out. 
  • Disagree—I can’t stop thinking of everything else I have to do. 

12. You and your partner live together. 

  • True—it’s going great! 
  • True—it’s been . . . interesting. 
  • False—we’re not there yet. 

13. You like to take relationships slow and steady. 

  • True—what’s the rush? 
  • False—once I fall in love, I fall hard. 

14. Relationships scare me. 

  • Strongly agree—I’d rather not be in one. 
  • Agree—but I hope to find the right person one day. 
  • Somewhat agree—but I think it’s worth the fear. 
  • Disagree—being single scares me more. 

15. I believe in soulmates. 

  • True—there’s someone out there for everyone. 
  • False—you have to put in a lot of work. 

Marriage quiz questions 

This next set of questions is for married couples. But you can usually switch out the word “spouse” for “partner” if you want to use these questions for non-married couples. 

1. When my spouse and I fight, it usually goes like this: 

  • One of us brings up a past argument to fuel the fire. 
  • We yell at each other and then leave the room. 
  • We talk it out as best as we can. 
  • We’re barely around each other, so fights don’t happen very much. 

2. If you were to go back in time, would you marry your spouse all over again? 

  • Definitely! Times get tough, but I wouldn’t change a thing. 
  • I’m not sure. They aren’t the person I thought they were. 
  • Nope. We’re on the brink of divorce. 

3. How do you and your spouse stay connected? 

  • We still go on romantic dates to this day. 
  • We always tell each other about our days and make each other laugh. 
  • We don’t do much. There’s not enough time in the day. 

4. How would you describe your relationship with your spouse? 

  • Eternal—we’ve been through it all and still love each other. 
  • A rollercoaster—when it’s good, it’s good . . . but when it’s bad, it’s BAD. 
  • Steady—nothing amazing, but nothing terrible. 
  • Downhill—I don’t think I can be with them any longer. 

5. What made you fall in love with your spouse? 

  • Their looks and charm 
  • Their intelligence 
  • Their humor 
  • Their big heart

6. Why does your spouse love you? 

  • They always tell me how loving I am. 
  • They find me hilarious and fun. 
  • They find me very attractive to this day. 
  • I’m not sure. They never say much about that. 

7. How do you show your spouse love and affection? 

  • I plan fun dates and adventures for us to go on. 
  • I make their coffee in the morning and keep the house in order. 
  • I tell them how much I love and appreciate them every day. 
  • I buy them gifts often. 

8. How does your spouse show love and affection? 

  • They frequently buy me gifts. 
  • They make me dinner and give me massages. 
  • They tell me they love me. 
  • They take me on fun dates. 

9. How do you and your spouse raise your children? 

  • As a team—we always stick by each other’s sides. 
  • Against each other—we don’t look at raising children the same way.

10. Do you and your spouse raise your children equally? 

  • Yeah, we’ve worked out a balanced schedule. 
  • One is the breadwinner and the other stays home, but we like it that way. 
  • They work a lot, so it’s usually just me (and I wish it were different). 
  • I work a lot, so it’s usually them (and I wish it were different). 

11. I still get butterflies around my spouse. 

  • True 
  • False 

12. Our communication has improved over the years. 

  • Agree—we talk everything out. 
  • Neutral—we’ve had good and bad times of communication. 
  • Disagree—I feel like my spouse is a different person now. 

13. You feel passion and intimacy toward your spouse 

  • True—we’re intimate regularly. 
  • False—we’ve lost the spark. 

14. You’ve never cheated on your spouse, and vice versa. 

  • Agree—we’ve stayed faithful. 
  • Disagree—but we worked through it. 
  • Disagree—and it hasn’t been the same since. 

15. You believe that you and your spouse will stay together forever. 

  • True—we have an unbreakable bond. 
  • Neutral—I hope so, but I’m not positive. 
  • False—we’ve talked about getting a divorce. 

How well do you know your spouse? quiz questions 

This next set of questions is just like the “How well do you know your partner?” quiz questions, but for spouses!

Notice how these questions are a bit more personal than the ones we created for partners. This is because marriages are usually several years long. With that said, you can use these questions if your audience isn’t married by substituting “partner” for “spouse.” 

1. When your spouse was a child, what did they want to be when they grew up? 

2. What was your spouse’s favorite childhood memory? Their least favorite? 

3. Can you describe what your spouse does at work exactly? 

5. What are your partner’s favorite and least favorite parts of their work? 

5. Where would your spouse love to travel? 

6. What is your partner’s biggest fear, and why? 

7. If your spouse could spend all day doing whatever they wanted, what would it be? 

8. Would your spouse rather live without internet or hot water? 

9. Would your spouse rather live without coffee or sugar? 

10. If your spouse won the lottery, what would they buy? 

11. If your spouse could eliminate one household chore, what would it be? 

12. What is your spouse’s biggest deal breaker in relationships? 

13. What is your spouse’s hidden talent? 

14. What is your spouse’s all-time favorite movie? 

15. What does your spouse like the most about themselves? The least? 

Relationship quiz questions for singles 

There are many newly single people out there who just ended a relationship or marriage. And don’t forget about the ones who are new to the relationship game altogether—they want to improve their outlook, too. 

Here’s a list of relationship quiz questions for singles. As this audience most likely wants to improve their relationship game, most of these questions are personal. 

1. What do you look for in a relationship? 

  • Spontaneity! I love to travel and go on adventures.
  • Stability! I want my partner to always be there for me. 
  • Humor! They have to make me laugh all the time. 

2. Why did your last relationship end? 

  • Honestly? They were boring! 
  • We were pretty toxic. I couldn’t trust them anymore. 
  • We didn’t see eye to eye regarding our future goals. 

3. Your partner forgets your birthday—how do you react? 

  • I act like it isn’t a big deal and then cry about it later on my own time. 
  • I’m hurt, but I also know they still care about me. 
  • I feel betrayed. How could they forget my birthday? 

4. You go on a bad date. What happened? 

  • They didn’t pay for my meal—no thanks
  • They had terrible dinner manners. I can’t handle impolite people! 
  • We just didn’t click. Every conversation lasted for about five seconds. 

5. Do you feel ready to be in a relationship? 

  • Yeah, I think about it all the time! 
  • I don’t know . . . my last relationship wasn’t so good. But maybe I’ll find the right one. 
  • Nope, I’m not open to relationships right now. 

6. Do you believe in monogamy? 

  • Definitely. I’m not into open relationships. 
  • Kind of, but I’m open-minded about it. 
  • Nope, I don’t think we’re meant to be with one person forever. 

7. What’s your definition of cheating? 

  • Anything as small as texting someone you’re attracted to. 
  • Anything physical is cheating. 
  • It’s only cheating if you slept with someone else. 

8. What’s the longest relationship you’ve ever been in? 

  • Less than 6 months—I’m not into long-term relationships. 
  • 6 months–2 years—I’ve had one or two long-term relationships. 
  • More than 2 years—I invest in my relationships. 

9. What is your take on love? 

  • It’s absolutely amazing if you put in the work. 
  • It’s like a fairytale—I usually forget about my family and friends when I’m in one.
  • It’s scary—I never know what’s going to happen. 
  • There are so many failing relationships out there, how could I believe in love? 

10. What three traits does your ideal partner have? 

  • Supportive, protective, and caring 
  • Hilarious, adventurous, and big-hearted
  • Intelligent, witty, and supportive 

11. You’re almost always in a relationship. 

  • True—what can I say? I love, love! 
  • False—I’m very picky about who I date.

12. You definitely have a type.

  • True—I look for the same characteristics, every time. 
  • False—I like a variety of people. 

13. You enjoy spending time by yourself.

  • Strongly agree—I could be by myself forever. 
  • Agree—I love spending time alone at least a few times a week. 
  • Neutral—I enjoy it every now and then.
  • Disagree—I try to be with people whenever I can. 

14. You easily trust others. 

  • True—I think everyone has good in them. 
  • False—I’m a closed book.  

15. You want to get married one day. 

  • Strongly agree—I think about it all the time! 
  • Agree—I’m excited about that stage. 
  • Neutral—It depends if I meet someone worth it. 
  • Disagree—Marriage is not my thing. 

How to optimize your relationship quiz questions 

So, now that you have 90 relationship quiz questions to choose from, you might be wondering what else you can do to make your quiz questions amazing. 

There are a few ways to optimize your relationship quiz questions. Following these tips will help you create a better experience for your quiz-takers. 

Let’s get to it. 

Align your questions with your results 

Your results should ALWAYS correlate with your questions. I mean, imagine taking a quiz and getting an inaccurate quiz result. Would you sign up for the quiz-maker’s service? Probably not. 

So, if you want to make sure your questions and results correlate, create your results pages first. 

When you create your results pages before your questions, you’ll have a better structure on what type of questions to write. This way, your questions won’t be random, and it’ll be easier to lead each question to a result. 

Our guide on building a results landing page should help you out! 

Become the authoritative source 

Your end-goal of this relationship quiz is to build your email list, get more clients, or launch an online course, right? 

If you’re a relationship coach, mentor, or work in the psychology field, then you’re probably nodding your head. 

If this is the case, then an important part of your quiz should be getting users to trust you—and your relationship quiz questions should reflect that. In other words, your quiz questions should show your knowledge about relationship growth. 

This doesn’t mean your quiz questions can’t be fun. You can use punchy copy and humor. But at the same time, your questions should target the user’s habits, patterns, and wants in a relationship. 

Questions like “What’s your and your S.O.’s favorite movie to watch?” and “What celebrity couples are most like you and your partner?” don’t target your user’s habits and patterns. Sure, they’re fun, but they don’t reflect your expertise. 

Instead, ask questions like “A cutie starts a convo with you at the coffee shop and then asks you on a date. How do you feel?” 

With this question, the quiz-maker is trying to see if a user wants to be in a relationship or not. And the copy is fun to read. 

You can always head back to our relationship-growth set of questions for inspiration. And feel free to check out our guide on how to ask better questions for more insight. 

Use branching logic 

Instead of using the same quiz questions for every single user, you can use branching logic to personalize each journey. 

Here’s how branching logic works: When a user answers the first question, the next one will be based on their last answer. This way, their quiz journey is customized to their answers. 

image7 4 1

So, when someone answers the question “How would your friends describe you?” as “Positive and stress-free,” they’ll be taken to a new set of questions based on that answer. 

Branching logic is a great way to optimize your quiz because: 

  • It creates a unique experience for each user 
  • Divides quiz results into email lists 
  • Promotes services 

Read all about conditional logic quizzes in our guide: How to Make a Conditional Logic Quiz

And if you’re curious about what makes our other quizzes so successful, check out our case studies! 

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Now that you got the hard part out of the way, it’ll be easy to create your relationship quiz with Interact! Feel free to use as many of the questions we created above in your quiz. 

All you have to do is create a free account with us and follow our step-by-step guide on how to create a relationship quiz. Our guide will teach you how to: 

  • Choose a relationship quiz topic 
  • Create a relationship quiz 
  • Build a quiz funnel 
  • Promote your quiz 

And that’s it! With all of these relationship quiz questions and Interact’s quiz-making software, you’ll create a BOMB relationship quiz in no time. 

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