22 Examples of High Converting Quizzes Used for Facebook Marketing

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It’s no secret that quizzes are popular on Facebook. The most popular posts on all of Facebook for 2014-2017 were quizzes, and they continue to dominate on the platform. If you want to get in on that benefit check out these examples for some inspiration.

Business/Marketing Quizzes

1. What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

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This quiz is perfect for any business selling to entrepreneurs or small business owners. It appeals to the competitive nature of most entrepreneurs who want to know their type so they can compare to everyone else. I’ve personally seen it used by several  household-name entrepreneur coaches who achieved sub-$1 cost per lead using it.


2. Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mind?

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In a similar vein for entrepreneurs, this quiz has a slightly harsher edge to it, challenging people who think they are entrepreneurs to see if they really have the mind for it. This one works really well for audiences who are either on the fence about things or who are over-enthusiastic.

The Foundation, an online courses site, cut their lead generation cost in half and drove 1000’s of leads using this quiz template.


3. Is Your Idea Profitable?

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This one comes from Lewis Howes, who is quickly making a difference in the online courses space. He went from sleeping on his sisters’ couch to appearing on Ellen and shows no signs of stopping. One of the strategies Lewis is using this year is quizzes, and he turned to interact for that, creating the quiz below.

This one works super well on Facebook, and particularly for the audience Lewis is reaching, which is filled with people who want to start their own business but aren’t sure if they have all the pieces in place. The quiz promises to tell you if your idea is profitable or not, which is the perfect draw to get people off of Facebook and into taking your quiz.


4. Artist, Manger, or Entrepreneur?

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Also called “What’d Your Business Personality?” this is a perfect general-audience quiz to use on Facebook. It appeals to anyone who is in business for themselves (there are 27.9 million small businesses in the US alone). That’s a big audience and you can modify this quiz to match the exact audience you want to reach with it, so it’s flexible.


5. What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

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Why are #1 and #5 on this list the same? To show that you can modify the same exact quiz title to reach a very different audience. For #1 on this list the short description is “Yoga teacher or freelance writer; world-changer or jewelry maker?” whereas for #5 it is “Are you an entrepreneur? or maybe you have a dream of becoming one?” which targets a different type of person.

Also, each quiz uses a cover photo representing the creator of the quiz, which make them look totally unique because each person’s individual brand is on display.

The point I’m trying to make is that with Facebook ads the strategy is often to imitate while putting your own spin on the topic, rather than trying to force it and overwhelm yourself by coming up with something totally different from anything else that exists.


6. What’s Your Blogging Personality?

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This quiz template on the interact platform currently has a 56% conversion rate across everyone who has used it, and 1,243 people have used it. Literally anyone targeting bloggers as your audience can use this template and expect great results. It’s especially effective for Facebook lead generation because so many bloggers already have courses, ebooks, or white-papers, and this quiz is totally different.

P.S. We even created an entire guide on how to make a blogging quiz so this one’s practically done for you


7. What Type of Coach Are You?

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Quizzes have gotten really popular in the coaching space, and this quiz idea is the perfect fit for anyone in the industry. Even better it can be adapted to your specific niche. “What Type of Fitness Coach are You?” “What Type of Life Coach are You?” and the list goes on.


8. Is Your Business Aligned for Growth?

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In the business world there’s always a lagging question of – “Am I doing the right things now to set myself up for future growth?” it’s a very pressing question and one that never goes away, no matter how long you are in business. This quiz helps you answer that question, and thus has amazing power to draw people into your world off of Facebook.

Pro Tip: Personalize this quiz for your business by adding your industry into it. “Is Your Fitness Business Aligned for Growth?” “Is Your Clothing Business Aligned for Growth?” etc.


9. What Kind of Marketer are You?

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For marketers, being on Facebook is part of the job. That’s why this quiz is perfect for anyone who sells into the marketing world. Famous marketing experts like Jeff Bullas have used variations of this quiz with good success. The key to making this quiz idea an effective Facebook ad is personalizing the questions to the exact type of audience you reach. Do you sell to a more analytical audience? Make the questions very technical. Do you sell to a social audience? Focus on social networks.

Pro Tip: Need some guidance on how to write best questions, check out this guide on writing quiz questions


B2B Quizzes

10. What Is Your Brand Voice Style?

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Every single business thinks about their brand. Make a quiz about what your brand really is and you’ll capture the attention of the people who are responsible for controlling the brand in any business. I love this quiz because it’s so adaptable and can really work in any type of scenario. I’ve seen a ton of brand consultants use this exact template to reach their business audiences.

P.S. Check out this case study from Kayla Hollatz who was one of the pioneers for this quiz idea 19

11. What’s Your IT Personality?

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If I had $1 for every time someone asked me how to make a B2B quiz without being boring but also not ruining your brand reputation by making a “What Color are You?” quiz for a sophisticated audience, I’d have about a million dollars. My most common clap-back is to give the example of this quiz, “What’s Your IT Personality” because it’s got what it takes to make B2B quizzes work.

Think about it this way.

Let’s say you sell Enterprise-Level database security software into the IT department of large corporations. This is not the audience that is taking and sharing quiz results on Facebook, in fact, a lot of them probably don’t even DO social media. However, we are all human, and we all like finding out more about ourselves, no matter how insistent we might be that we don’t care. What you do is create “What’s Your IT Personality?” and set it up to ask questions very specific to the IT world. If you want to take things a step further on the fun side, add in a “Which Star Wars Character Matches Your IT Personality?” or “Which Lord of the Rings Character Matches Your Technical Chops?” (I used to work in IT, liking Lord of the Rings and Star Wars is practically a requirement).


12. What’s Your Brand Personality?

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“Josh, you put the same example twice again!” you might be saying. I wanted to show how you can adapt the same quiz to your business style, and also show that the same quiz can look very different. This one is called “What’s Your Brand Personality?” and has a very clean, professional look. The one above is called “What’s Your Brand Voice Style?” and has a much more personable style to it that aims for connection rather than a professional approach.

13. What is Your Communication Archetype?

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Communication is important in every role for every business. Specifically if you target the communications, marketing, or sales department of a business this quiz can work extremely well.

This quiz works well on Facebook because it’s similar to other quizzes like “What’s Your Friend Personality?” or “Which Celebrity Are You?” where a lot of the outcome rests upon the way you interact with others, so it’s got that mass appeal, but it also can be easily funneled into a B2B product that deals with communication by helping people talk in their own unique style.


Retail/Consumer Products

14. What’s Your Color?

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This is actually as generic as it gets for quizzes. The “Which Color are You?” quiz has been around for over a hundred years (it first appeared in Cosmopolitan in 1910), and it has never slowed down in terms of its ability to draw people in.

The concern with something so generic is that it won’t relate back to your actual business and products, but with retail it’s quite easy to connect the dots back to what you sell. Simply link to a selection of products in the persons’ style, or pick one perfect product and feature it as the quiz result for each color.

Pro Tip: You’ll be very low cost click-throughs and opt-ins through this quiz, but focus on your email follow-ups and use marketing automation to filter out the leads progressively so you can get the most out of the Facebook ad overall.


15. Can We Guess Your Jewelry Style?

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This is specific to jewelry, but you could easily do it with clothing, fashion, shoes, anything that has unique styles. The reason people flock to take this quiz is because it’s a reverse challenge. The company is posing a challenge in which they are going to try and guess your style, all you have to do is answer honestly and see if it works.

Using this reverse-challenge technique, we’ve seen companies acquire new email leads for as little as $0.44 per lead.


16. Which Sofa are You?

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I put this one in here because it represents the ability to make any brand fun without losing its integrity. The quiz comes from Home Decorator’s Collection, the interior decoration division of The Home Depot. It goes without saying that they take their brand integrity very seriously, but this quiz walked that line perfectly.

You can adapt the same concept of “Which (Product) Style Best Fits Your Personality?” where you insert in whatever type of product you sell into the quiz title template.

This is one of the most entertaining quiz title templates you can use, and since Facebook is all about being entertained it never hurts to use it.


17. Which Essential Oil Are You?

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This one goes straight to the point, and instead of being a style quiz it actually says “Which (Product) are You?” Which is not only super funny to think about, but also very share-able in our modern-day sarcastic/playful environment that is so prevalent on Facebook.


Animal Quizzes

18. Which Animal are You?

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This one’s been used by Dog Rescues and Animal shelters as well as pet food brands all over the world. The concept of “Which Animal are You?” is one that has prevailed in quiz culture since the very beginning. People love animals and when you can find a way to incorporate cute pictures of animals into your quiz it’s sure to do well on Facebook.


19. Who’s Your Animal Soulmate?

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Launched on Valentine’s Day 2015, the actual quiz below has been used by the World Wildlife Fund for years and it continues to deliver amazing results on a grand scale (think 1000’s of leads a month). Holiday-specific animal quizzes are an amazing way to get attention year-round.

Pro Tip: If you don’t actually work with animals you can still use an animal-based quiz. We’ve seen “What is Your Marketing Spirit Animal?” done a bunch of times, and you can adapt the concept to lots of industries.


Food Quizzes

20. Which Pasta Dish are You?

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This one is really “Which (Any Food) are You?” because I’ve seen it done with cake, pizza, and a whole lot more. These quizzes have some of the best chances of going viral out of any quiz concept I’ve ever seen because who doesn’t want to tell the world that they are spaghetti with meatballs?


21. What’s Your Spirit Burger?

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Ah, mixing the Spirit Animal quiz concept with food…genius. This quiz was invented by HelloFresh and makes for amazing Facebook content because it’s hilarious and everyone loves talking about burgers, eating burgers, being around burgers, all that stuff.


22. Which Red Lobster Endless Shrimp are You?

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Red Lobster’s most “liked” Facebook post of all time is the quiz pictured below. They ran it during their endless shrimp campaign in 2014 and it racked up 192,000 likes in a matter of days.

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