ChatGPT Prompt to Convert Any PDF, Article, or Website into an Assessment

Assessments are not just quizzes; they’re a great way to gauge your audience’s knowledge and provide them with valuable insights. This post will guide you through using a ChatGPT prompt to convert any article, PDF, or website into an assessment-style quiz. 

Let’s dive in! 

Why you should use an assessment (scored quiz) 

Assessment-style quizzes help show people how much they know about a topic. Take a look at the below quiz template:

Your quiz-takers will answer a few questions about their situation, and at the end of the quiz, they’ll receive a score and a description of what it means. 

A quiz similar to the one above is an excellent reminder that if you score above a zero, there’s always room for improvement. Because that’s what you want for your audience, right? Use a scored quiz to let someone evaluate where they are, and they will likely take your guidance and next steps to get that perfect score. 

Let’s head over to ChatGPT to learn more about the prompt!

The ChatGPT prompt to convert a PDF, article, or website 

ChatGPT Prompt: 

Read this text. 
[insert article, PDF, or website]
First, identify the primary topic of the text—not the title, but what it’s actually talking about. 
Then, create a quiz based on the primary topic of the text with: 
– Five questions 
– Four answer choices per question 
– Three outcomes 
Follow this quiz format. 
<Quiz format> 
Quiz Title:
<Choose one of the following title formats>
How (behavioral attribute related to topic) are you?
Are you a (behavioral attribute related to topic)?
Question 1: [Question text]
Answer A: [Answer text]
Answer A score: [Number of points]
Answer B: [Answer text]
Answer B: score: [Number of points]
Score Ranges:
Min-Max: [Outcome Title]
Outcome 1 Title 
Outcome 1 image: [What kind of photo would represent this result and feature a person? Answer with a two-word search term] 
Outcome 1 description [75-100 words, starts off with “Your…” Then describe the outcome in a positive way and follow up with recommendations on how to improve starting from a good place and getting better]

First, ask AI to read your text: 

Next, add the link to a PDF, article, or website you want to use to make an assessment quiz. The rest of the prompt goes into what an assessment-style quiz is and the format of the assessment quiz so AI can write it all for you. 

After clicking submit, AI will give you a quiz title and a series of questions with answer scores. 

It will also give you score ranges and three different outcomes:

In this example quiz, the outcomes rank someone as beginner, intermediate, or expert.

Time to build out your quiz in Interact!

Make, customize, and optimize your AI quiz in Interact

Next, copy and paste this information from ChatGPT into your Interact account so you can start building your quiz. During this process, you can customize it however you’d like, and then offer it to your audience so they can subscribe to your email list.

Let’s look at ways to embellish or customize your assessment or scored quiz! 

ChatGPT only sometimes knows the facts—you are the expert when it comes to your brand. You can add specific questions to highlight important topics in your AI-generated quiz. 

For example, the blog post we used to create our quiz created this question in ChatGPT: 

The answer to this question is “Less than 2%,” which is an outstanding statistic for Interact to call out because quizzes, on average, convert up to 40%. We want to ensure this stands out to someone interested in using a lead magnet because we want them to try a quiz. 

Another great way to embellish your quiz is by “beefing” out your quiz result pages.

The quiz results above tell viewers why they’re a beginner, but we recommend giving them more. For example, provide information about opt-ins if that’s what they need.

Here are a couple of great additions you can include to your results page: 

  • Links to free resources
  • Blog articles that go into more detail on related concepts
  • Any helpful courses your business may offer
  • Webinars 
  • Paid offerings 

You also want a call to action on each result page, which will help convert quiz-takers to customers. Embellish your result pages with a biography so people can learn more about you and where else they can find you online. 

In the Interact Quiz Builder, you can add an image to your quiz results page by clicking on the placeholder and searching for your desired image. 

You can even upload your own branded photos or include a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video to explain the results to your audience—a very personalized touch that your customer will love. 


The above is how you can make, customize, and optimize an assessment quiz for your business! By using assessment quizzes, you’re not just testing knowledge; you’re engaging your audience, guiding them toward improvement, and converting them into loyal customers.  

If you haven’t started on your quiz yet, head over to our AI-Powered Quiz Maker to have a quiz built for you.

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