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When it comes to generating new leads for your business, nothing is better than an interactive quiz.

While we at Interact can talk at length about how powerful quizzes are at lead generation and why quizzes generate double the amount of conversions that passive content does, the fact is that the numbers speak for themselves. But in order to turn your quiz into a lead generation machine you need to be able to do more than just create a fun quiz with share-worthy results.

After all, there’s not much point in creating an awesome quiz if you have no way to contact your audience at a later date. Which is why it’s so important that you know how to create the perfect email opt-in form at the end of every quiz you make.

In today’s article, I’ll be showing you four different ways to entice your leads to hand over their email addresses.

Just give me a reason

The most important thing to remember when it comes to building your email list is that you need a reason to ask for someone’s email address. Knowing that no one is going to hand over their contact details just because you asked, you have to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ask yourself: “What’s in it for me?”

What do you have that your audience would find so valuable that they would be more than happy to give you their email address for it?

guy and girl singing "Just give me a reason"

When it comes to figuring out what kind of incentive to offer it’s best to follow these three rules of thumb:

1. The incentive matches the quiz

When designing a lead capture form it’s important to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ask yourself what is the next logical course of action after they’ve taken your quiz?

Unlike traditional lead magnets where you have to guess as to what the intent of your audience is and try to match it up with the right incentive. However, with a quiz you already know what it is your audience’s goals are and what they’re aiming to achieve.

What's your blogging type? optin form

For example, if you had a quiz that’s all about helping people find out their blogging style, then offering a video series on how to create to monetize a blog would make sense as that would be what your audience would likely want to know more about next. Whereas, offering an instructional video series on how to debone a fish make no sense in the context of the quiz.

The more specific you are with your incentive, the higher your conversion rate will be.

2. There’s an option to skip this step

No one likes being held hostage, even if what you’re offering is super relevant and valuable to your audience, people want the choice to choose for themselves. Which is why it’s so important that on your quiz’s lead capture form you provide an option for your audience to not sign up to your email list.

What's your blogging type? optin form with Skip this step highlighted

While this might seem counterintuitive to the whole point of a lead generation quiz, keep in mind that not every single quiz taker is going to be the right fit for your business. You only want to collect the email addresses of leads that you know for certain are interested in what you specifically have to offer.

By giving people an out you’ll ensure that you’re only populating your list with high-quality leads and people who are interested in hearing from you again.

3. There’s a promise for continued value

Everyone loves value, the more value you can provide in your offer the higher the conversation rate of your quiz will be. This is the difference between having a quiz that someone spends a couple minutes on and immediately forgets about and a quiz that you can actually use to generate high quality leads.

As important as it is to provide instant gratification, to make a truly compelling offer, you also need to be able to demonstrate how signing up to your email list provides long-term value as well. Not only does this give you the opportunity to set the tone and expectations of your relationship with the lead, but it’ll also demonstrate your brand’s area of expertise.

This is why on your email opt-in form you are explicit in what the benefits of signing up are and how often you’re going to contact them.

email optin explaining there will be fun and infrequent updates

In the above example by UNiDAYS, the copy clearly states the benefits of joining their email list (updates that promise even more light-hearted fun) and the frequency of their updates. While simple, this opt-in form helped UNiDAYS achieve a whopping 68.5% conversion rate on their quiz.

Full Results

By far the most common method of collecting someone’s email address is to offer them access to the full results of their quiz. The reason why this works so well is that this kind of offer is already naturally compelling to your audience, after taking the time to complete your quiz who wouldn’t want to find out what their results are?

This is why the most effective place to place your email capture form in your quiz is just before the results page.

The more in-depth your quiz is the more likely you’ll be able to convert a lead on the promise of their full results alone. In the following example by 123test, they know that their quiz results are so valuable to their audience that they’re able to skip past asking for their email and go straight for the sell.

optin offer explaining you can offer full results

Notice how in their copy they make sure to list out the benefits of having access to their full results and how they add scarcity to the offer with a limited time only discounted price.

However, unless you happen to have an in-depth quiz that promises in-depth results, chances are you’re not going to be able to convert your leads with the promise of their full results alone. Which is why many brands will offer further incentive the offer, oftentimes in the form of joining their weekly mailing list.

Email optin form from Digital K

While certainly effective, in order to really drive your quiz’s conversion rate here are a few other ways you can spice up your email opt-in form.

Offer actionable results

One of the best ways to add some extra incentive to your email opt-in form is to show how your audience can take action with their quiz results. This is how you demonstrate to your audience that your quiz is more than a fun distraction and is instead something that will actively provide value into their lives.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to offer a lead magnet that’s been tailored to the quiz results.

In the following example by Neil Patel, in the email capture form for his quiz you can see how he sweetens the deal by offering a “step-by-step guide on creasing your traffic along with access to their full results. Through including a lead magnet, Neil Patel is able to establish to his audience his level of authority and expertise on the subject and increase the value of his offer at the same time.

email optin from Neil Patel highlighting the step-by-step guide that will be sent

What’s so great about this particular lead magnet is how Neil Patel uses the question in his quiz to get his audience to become more receptive to his eventual offer.

By asking questions such as “How much traffic do you generate per month” it gets the quiz taker to seriously think about the problem they are facing and about the possible solutions that are available.

quiz question from neil patel on how much traffic you receive and a slider to answer

In a similar vein, Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You to be Rich uses a similar tactic for his own quiz offering a “full report” that promises to help his leads increase their “earnings potential” along with access to their full results. Just like with Neil Patel, this quiz offers the quiz taker the ability to take immediate action and achieve actionable results.

Quiz results optin offering full report on potential earnings

Product recommendation

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to marketing is the ability to offer that personalized experience that customers crave. According to Autopilot, 72% of people are frustrated with generic marketing messages.

No one likes feeling like they’re one of the crowd, so people are especially grateful when they’re offered solutions and messages that have been tailored specifically to them.

A large part of the appeal behind quizzes is that they’re able to offer a more personalized, and therefore more engaging, interaction between a brand and its audience. This is why being able to offer personalized product recommendations makes such a powerful incentive is that it demonstrates to your lead that you care enough to offer an individualized experience and it offers them the ability to immediately take action after the quiz.

You can see this in action with Primally Pure’s quiz where they use a product recommendation as their primary incentive for collecting the lead’s email address, but also makes sure to mention the other benefits of joining their mailing list as well.

Optin offering your personalized deodorant scent from Primally Pure

What makes product recommendations so powerful is that it also gives you the opportunity to immediately turn a lead into a customer.

Instead of sending the quiz taker to a standard results page, you can add another call-to-action which encourages the lead to immediately purchase the product that they’ve been recommended.

quiz result for deodorant scent quiz with description and button to shop deodorants

Even if that lead doesn’t end up converting right away, you’ve already established that personal connection with them and you can continue building upon that relationship through their recently acquired email address.

Offer a coupon code

As we’ve already established with the previous two incentives, one of the surefire ways to encourage a lead to hand over their contact details is to offer them a way to immediately take action after the quiz.

However, this can be tricky if you don’t have a particular product to recommend or happen to have an especially valuable piece of content to give away.

So, going back into our bag of time-tested and effective lead magnets, we turn to the humble coupon code. Much like a product recommendation, a coupon code gives gives the lead the chance to immediately turn into a customer after they complete the quiz.

In the case of pest control company Rid-o-Mice, they use their quiz as a educate and create awareness about pest control solutions before offering a coupon code on their results page.

pest control coupon as an optin incentive

The quiz itself is quite simple, a simple IQ quiz that tests users about their knowledge about pest control solutions, the problems that can occur, and general trivia about mice.

Much like with the Neil Patel example above, this Rid-o-Mice uses their quiz as a way to think about the problems and solutions that their audience might not have ever thought about before. With the quiz acting as a way to help get the user into the purchasing mindset.

Mouse question with images of typical mouse problems

Of the 134 people that took this simple quiz, 50% of them made direct purchases using the offered coupon code. Furthermore, for the 50% that took the quiz but didn’t make a purchase with a coupon code, Rid-o-Mice was still able to turn the majority of them into customers at a later date.

Sign up to a competition or giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff, so tap into that by offering people the chance to win something awesome from you.

Competitions and giveaways are one of the most tried-and-true marketing tactics in the world, used by marketers of every stripe to promote their business and build their audience. When combined with the power of online quizzes, you have yourself a lead-generating powerhouse.

The Dallas Mavericks used this to great effect by offering their quiz takers the chances to enter a raffle to win a signed jersey by Dirk Nowitzki. This was so effective that they managed to generate a conversion rate of over 80%.

optin offering the chance to win a Dirk Nowitski jersey

The great thing about a competition or giveaway is that you don’t even have to offer your own product as the prize. Competitions are an excellent cross-marketing opportunity, where you can partner up and help promote a different brand.

The World Wildlife Fund employed this tactic for their quiz, offering their audience the chance to win a Patagonia jacket.

optin offering opportunity to win a Patagonia jacket from World Wildlife Fund


And there you have it folks, five very simple tactics to help you boost the lead generating power of your online quizzes.

Something I’m sure you’ve noticed while reading this article is that you don’t have to be limited in just using one, or even two, of these incentives. Don’t be afraid to mix and match as many of these offers as you want in order to increase your conversion rate.

Just make sure that when coming up with the right incentive to offer for your leads to keep in mind the three rules of thumb we’ve established and watch as collecting email addresses becomes a breeze!

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