How Consider the Wldflwers Prioritized Lifestyle for their Quiz

We love Consider the Wldflwer’s quiz: “Which engagement ring style is best for you?” When you know your ideal customer and prioritize who they are as a person, new subscriptions and customer loyalty will increase. This article highlights how Consider the Wldflwers prioritized their customer’s lifestyle in their quiz.

For ten years, Consider the Wldflwrs has helped people choose jewelry that expresses their story and style. The team is uniquely able to meet clients exactly where they are, guiding them toward a piece they’ll love for a lifetime.

Let’s jump into the engagement ring style quiz!

Hot Quiz: Which Engagement Ring Style Is Best for You?

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Let’s look at how Consider the Wldflwers prioritized their customers’ lifestyles in their quiz.

The engagement ring style quiz is a product recommendation quiz, lives in an article, and educates visitors on different structure styles. Their website aesthetic is simple, elegant, and clean, and their quiz perfectly matches their brand.

The article describes the different types of ring structures found in the quiz. There is a clear call to action to take the quiz to determine which style is best. 

Each question is clear and concise (our number one best practice!). Quiz-takers can breeze through it with ease. The quiz focuses primarily on lifestyle (day-to-day activities and hobbies) to recommend ring styles.

The results pages are short but descriptive, detailing why the recommended ring style is the right choice. Lastly, the results have a clear call to action that leads quiz-takers to a product page filtered with the preferences they indicated in their quiz answers. 

Why We Love Consider the Wldflwer’s Quiz

It’s important that jewelry (especially if worn daily) flows with a person’s lifestyle. Consider the Wldflwers created a quiz to understand people’s lifestyles better to recommend products effectively. They kept their ideal customer’s day-to-day in mind to help them during their purchase decision-making process.

The quiz questions are simple with easy readability, increasing the likelihood of quiz-takers completing the quiz. It’s not wordy, but still gets the point across. In addition, each question is intentional to help figure out how the perfect ring can adapt to daily life. 

The engagement ring style quiz aims to match the perfect ring structure. Then, it provides a perfectly curated list of products. It’s a perfect example of how to categorize ideal customers into different personas rather than categorize products for quiz results. 

In the future, the data insights will segment new subscribers, so Consider the Wldflwers knows how to market new product releases. Plus, because lifestyle can change, it’s the perfect recipe for repeat quiz-takers to find a new product for their new daily activities. 

How to Create a Quiz that Prioritizes Lifestyle

The first step is to understand your ideal customer so you can create a quiz that prioritizes their lifestyle. Know why they’re buying your product and what they’re using it for (or what activities your product needs to adapt to). Then, with this in mind, form personas for your ideal customers.

Here’s how to optimize your quiz to prioritize lifestyle:

  1. Do customer research 
  2. Identify your ideal customer avatar and establish three or four different personas
  3. Assign three or four characteristics to each persona
  4. Craft five to seven questions based on each characteristic
  5. Keep your quiz simple to move people quickly through the funnel
example of quiz question Consider the Wldflower uses in their quiz
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Step into your customers’ shoes when understanding your target market’s personas to build a meaningful quiz they can connect with. Although short and simple, the engagement ring style quiz is thoughtful with persona characteristics and how it relates to everyday customers.

Wrap Up

Prioritizing your ideal customer’s lifestyle goes a long way in building relationships and customer loyalty. Consider the Wldflwers does this thoughtfully by stepping into their customers’ shoes to understand them first. 

The engagement style quiz aims to match the perfect ring structure to each customer as a person. Then, it provides a perfectly curated list of products. This makes the customer feel heard and saves them time researching the right ring, accelerating the buying process and building meaningful relationships.

Draft a quiz that connects with your audience and moves them seamlessly through your marketing funnel and onto your email list!

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