How Nina Clapperton Created an Engaging and Timeless Quiz

We love Nina Clapperton’s timeless quiz on her travel blog, Nina Out and About. In preparation for an upcoming travel conference, we’re taking a closer look at Nina’s quiz, “What country should you live in?” Travel is one of the most popular quiz topics.

Nina Clapperton is the founder of Nina Out and About—a solo female expat blog based on Nina’s experience of living in eight countries in ten years—and She Knows SEO, where she teaches travel bloggers to scale their business with SEO.

Let’s take a closer look at how her travel quiz offers perpetual benefits to her business and engages her audience over and over again!

Hot Quiz: What Country Should You Live In?

Screenshot of Nina's quiz

Nina’s Quiz, “What country should you live in?” lives on a landing page on her website. People first find it on the footer of her home page, where they can click to access the quiz. True to her blogging expertise, Nina briefly explains the quiz by introducing the idea of living abroad without it feeling like a sales pitch.

The quiz includes twenty-five practical questions that focus on personality characteristics. Although twenty-five sounds like a long quiz, the questions are concise and easy to answer. They require little thought but still encompass who quiz-takers are, what they like, and their budget. This is all to help determine what country they should live in.

At the end of the quiz, the results recommend a country with a short explanation. The result description includes a conversion-focused blog post about the pros and cons of living there. Then, quiz-takers get quick tips on important documents to have ready to make the final leap.

Nina offers more free resources throughout the rest of the results page and a low-ticket offer as her call to action. 

In our last conversation with Nina, she shared how she promoted her quiz successfully with the targeted SEO she established for her website.

Why We Love This Timeless Quiz

The beauty of this quiz is its timeless essence. You can take the quiz repeatedly, revisiting when you’re ready to pick up and move again. It entails the perfect composition for travelers and digital nomads to frequently engage with Nina’s brand.

Although more than what we usually recommend, twenty-five questions feel appropriate due to the gravity of the topic. Moving to another country requires notable consideration. However, the questions don’t feel too personal or burdensome to answer. It takes less than two minutes to complete the quiz, which follows our best practices. 

Nina’s quiz results are also concise. The results don’t try to convince quiz-takers to move to that country; instead, it informs them of the necessary preparations for making that final leap. Her results description feels genuine in that it even breaks down the pros and cons of moving to each country.

After all this information and free resources linked within the results description, Nina’s call to action offers a low-ticket guide for moving abroad. The offer is broad but on-topic, and she keeps her new subscribers interested even if they disagree with their results. 

How to Create a Timeless Quiz

Composing a timeless quiz is no easy feat, but it’s totally possible. It’s easy to see how it makes sense for a travel quiz (you can travel multiple times throughout your life), but it can also be implemented in other industries. Here’s how to create a timeless quiz for your business:

  1. Choose a quiz topic that aligns with your existing offerings and campaigns.
  2. Use the personality style quiz to categorize your audience by persona rather than stage of journey.
  3. Repurpose your content to lead back to your quiz.
  4. Craft a quiz that lasts two minutes or less. 
  5. Optimize your website for SEO. 

These five tips for creating a timeless quiz work because they’ll create an environment where your audience can come back and have a new experience with your quiz. The answer choices can change over time based on new life experiences or discoveries. 

Wrap Up

Nina Clapperton’s timeless quiz offers perpetual benefits to her business and engages her prospective audience and existing subscribers. Nina’s quiz offers genuine guidance on moving to another country. It’s perfect for travelers and digital nomads to frequently engage with Nina’s brand. 

You can create a timeless quiz for your business (even if it’s a different industry!) by creating an environment where your audience can have new experiences with your quiz. 

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