How Quiz Results Get Shared on Facebook

When a quiz becomes extremely popular it’s usually because people who take the quiz share their results on Facebook, which leads to it going viral. This is a guide on how quiz results get shared on Facebook so you can create your own quiz that gets shared.


One of the more important questions we get asked at interact is about how quiz results get shared on Facebook. The quizzes that go viral end up getting shared 10’s or 100’s of thousands of times. This guide is designed to walk you through the options for how your quiz takers can share their results on Facebook in order to drive more traffic back to your quiz.

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How Results Get Shared

Here’s what a quiz result looks like shared on Facebook

It’s for a quiz titled “What Kind of Adult Are You?” that has been shared 146,000 times on Facebook.

The format of the Facebook share is:

“I Got (My Quiz Result) – Title of Quiz”

Which ends up as “I got You Are: The Yuppie! – What Kind of Adult are You?”

By default when these results get shared the entire post is clickable and points back to where you can take the quiz for yourself.

How someone shares their results

Interact has built-in capabilities for people to share their quiz result directly to Facebook with the click of a button.

Here’s an example of what that looks like, you can see at the bottom of the screenshot to the right it says “Share Your Results” with a button for Facebook and another for Twitter.

When you click that button you’ll be prompted to share the post and go through the typical options for choosing visibility options.

When someone clicks on the post they’ll be taken to a full-screen page where they can take the quiz (like this) when they get to the end of the quiz they’ll be shown the same results page where they can share their results on Facebook just like the original post.

This is how the viral loop gets started, if every person who takes the quiz gets more people to see it because they share their results on Facebook then your quiz by definition becomes viral.

Sending Quiz Takers Back to Your Website

The results share looks the same

If you have your quiz embedded on your website then when people share their quiz outcome on Facebook it will look the same as if it were just the quiz (Note, it will still say even if it is pointing to your website because of a Facebook update recently, see the FAQ section at the bottom of this article).

The quiz taker still shares their unique outcome

Once someone answers all the questions and opt-in (hopefully), then it’s your turn to live up to your end of the deal and send them to a personalized outcome that is most helpful to where they are at.

We recommend redirecting the quiz result to your own page.

When someone clicks on the share link it goes to your website

The difference with between this option and the previous one is that when people click on the social share they’ll be taken to your website instead of to a quiz URL that stands along on the website.

To do this it’s simply a matter of changing the quiz share link and embedding the quiz on your website.

Where You Can Place Share Buttons

With interact you can choose where to display social share buttons

You can place buttons above the featured result image, below the featured result image, and below the result description at the bottom of the quiz result.

This will maximize exposure to ensure the most people share their quiz results.

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1. Why does the Facebook share always say on it?

Due to a recent update by Facebook, every time a quiz is shared it must says on it, this is part of the security crackdown they’ve been doing in response to election tampering. Here is a full explanation as to why this is happening.

2. Can I embed my quiz in a Facebook post?

You can’t put the whole quiz in a Facebook post, you must always link to the quiz either on its own URL or to a page on your website where the quiz is embedded. Here are the instructions for posting your quiz on Facebook.

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