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Sometimes you just have too much good content. A new customer coming in could get overwhelmed by the volume of education you can offer. This is a good problem to have, but still a problem. Such is the case with Amy Porterfield. At this point, if you were to read and listen to everything Amy has created you’d be getting a full graduate degree, or more.

Amy porterfield playlist quiz

So when a brand new person comes in, it’s helpful to have an easier and more personalized entry point into the world of Amy’s education, which is why she created an awesome quiz that helps build a personalized podcast playlist for people. It lives on her site and greets people with an offer to find their own personalized business building playlist. I like this because it addresses the problem people most likely have when they come to the site, which is “how do I build my business?” and it presents a tangible, simple way to overcome that challenge through content.

Amy porterfield business building quiz question

The quiz asks relevant questions to determine what stage of business I am currently at. This is a very nice continuation of the reason why I started the quiz, which was to find my business building playlist, so clearly in order to find that I would need to talk about where I am today and where I want to go.

Amy porterfield quiz question

The final question asks me to describe my current state of business support, showing me that Amy understands what it’s like to build a business and how important support really is.

Screenshot 2024 03 17 at 10.32.20 AM

After I answer all the questions I have an opportunity to opt-in to Amy’s email list. This is ideal because I’ve already answered some questions, I’m invested, and I’ve also seen that Amy understands me through this quiz. That’s why quizzes have such a high conversion rate.

Amy porterfield playlist quiz result short version

Now I’m greeted with a friendly message and I’m directed to check my email for my full business building playlist. There’s also a call to really follow through, which is just the encouragement a lot folks need when trying to build a business, it’s not easy after all.

Amy porterfield business building quiz email follow up

Now I get an email in my inbox with the subject line “your quiz results” which is best practice and gets the highest open rates. I can click through to see my full quiz results.

Amy porterfield business building quiz result full

These quiz results are where this quiz really shine. They are in-depth, informative, and designed to be maximally helpful. They also redirect to Amy’s site so she can really build them the way that’s best for the customer.

Quizzes are great for recommending content. And if you’re at the stage where you’ve got so much valuable information you need to start pairing it down for starters, a quiz could be a great solution for you. The principle here is to show you understand where your customer is at, then show them relevant content to help them reach their goals.

Amy did this beautifully with her Business Building Playlist Quiz I highly recommend checking it out, I know I learned from it.

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