Should you use a quiz in your business?

I get this question all the time, and have a very simple answer for you. It all comes down to your website traffic and the industry you work in. Quizzes are exceptional at converting website traffic into leads and sales but spotty at best when it comes to acquiring new traffic if you don’t already have an established website that can benefit from the SEO power of quizzes.

To break this down, I’ve arranged businesses into three tiers, and two out of the three can benefit greatly from quizzes while the third it’s risky at best and I recommend does not use quizzes.

Please note: If your site is a blog and you do not have your own products or you have an entertainment site and do not sell your own products, then multiply the traffic numbers by 5 before considering paying for an interact quiz subscription.

Please consider not using quizzes until your traffic has grown. Most people who sign up for Interact quizzes and end up unhappy are people who have low traffic to their websites and are expecting quizzes to get them traffic. While this very rarely can happen, that traffic is not consistent or sustainable. Even if your quiz does go viral that only lasts for a few days at the high end.

Quizzes are a conversion optimization tool that helps you automate traffic to lead conversion instead of having to talk to every person who is interested in your products or services.

At tier 1 here is what I recommend after working with small business for 15 years.

  1. Please: do not buy a bunch of software tools or courses that promise to help you learn to grow. You will end up wasting both your time and your money because you’ll spend all your time learning and if you have no one to sell to the learning won’t be applied anyways.
  2. Software you do need to get started is a website and an email software. I recommend Squarespace, Showit, or Leadpages for your website and ConvertKit or Flodesk for your email marketing if you are just getting started.
  3. Identify what is working to grow your site traffic. If it’s posting regular blogs, podcasts, videos, instagram, whatever it is, make a habit of posting content that resonates with your ideal customers and drives traffic to your site.
  4. Build up your site content. You have to build up your site, it’s the only thing you own on the internet. All the social platforms can de-rank you at any time for any reason and you can be totally wiped out. You have to establish yourself.
  5. Use your site builders’ built-in list building tools. Have people subscribe to hear from you on a regular basis, or incentivize subscription by offering a free call to everyone who is interested. In the beginning you have to do things manually, and you should not pay for tools that promise high conversions when you have no traffic to convert in the first place.
  6. Pay attention to what’s working and focus on the process. Let’s say your process is to create a weekly podcast, then turn that podcast into a blog post using ChatGPT. Repeat that process every week, or twice a week, and share the podcast/blog on your socials. Double down on topics and patterns that are getting you traffic, and repeat that process every week for as long as it takes. To set expectations, it’s usually 12-24 months before you’ll reach 5,000/month in traffic to your site.
  7. Talk to every person who is interested in your products/services and wants to speak with you. Don’t try to automate the process using a quiz or something similar, if anyone is interested in what you do and wants to talk, talk to them. You’ll learn an infinite amount from these early customers, and they will also give you great ideas for content to create. It’s a flywheel where you talk to your ideal customers.

To sum this all up, if you have less than 5,000 visitors to your site do this.

  1. Talk to your ideal customers however you can
  2. Create long form content (podcast/blog/video) on your website for your ideal customers at least one a week and promote that content on your social channels.
  3. Build your list using built in tools your site offers and an email software like ConvertKit or Flodesk.
  4. Repeat the process until you reach 5,000 visitors a month or have so many interested customers and revenue that you physically cannot talk to everyone who is interested in your products/services anymore.

Tier 2: Your website traffic is between 5,001 and 75,000 per month – Primary Quiz is Recommended

Quiz strategy tier 2: Create a primary quiz on your website following this approach. This quiz addresses the main reason people come to your site and guides them to the right resources/products

Examples of tier 2 quiz strategy:

Quizzes may be a good fit for you. Around this stage you’re probably starting to feel the pinch of not having enough time to personally talk to everyone who is interested in your products and services, and as a result conversions begin to drop. There’s a steep difference in conversion between you, with all of your expertise, being able to help each person who is interested in what you have to offer, versus a static, non personal website that simply lists what you have to offer.

This is where quizzes can be super useful, providing a middle ground between you helping each person individually and your website just explaining what you do and inviting people to join or buy. A quiz is a simplified version of you and they way you help people that is automated and lives on your site. That way, when someone comes to your site they have a more personal experience where your quiz can ask the same questions you would ask to figure out how you can best serve the customer, and then points that customer to the right place on your site and recommends the right products, services, or content for that particular customers’ needs.

Interact quizzes also generate leads right inside of the quiz experience, so you can follow up with people after the fact. The leads can be automatically segmented so you can even filter out leads that are not the right fit without having to waste your time talking to people who aren’t right for your business.

Tier 3: Your website traffic is between 75,0001 and millions per month – Full Quiz Strategy is Recommended

Quiz strategy tier 3: In tier 3 I recommend using quizzes for SEO addressing multiple top topics for your business. You can also implement a primary quiz on your site home page but that doesn’t always make sense.

Example of tier 3 quiz strategy: Gretchen Rubin

Tier 3 customers I work with are thinking about expansion. All the systems are in place, products are dialed in, and funnels are working well. My favorite strategy for tier 3 is using quizzes for SEO since you can now easily create quizzes with AI and setting up SEO optimized pages is pretty easy. There is huge search volume for a lot of search terms and it’s a great way to get in front of audiences that are thinking about the things you can be helpful with as a business.

You can also use the quizzes in more specific ways, like recommending resources within a sub-topic or having quizzes on each sub-category page of an E-commerce site, there’s really a lot of implementations you can do to make your site more interactive and personal in tier 3. What I recommend is getting a regular cadence of launching quizzes, typically once a quarter is what we do in the Interact Plus program, which is our full service quiz program for tier 3 customers.

Conclusion: Should you use a quiz?

From all the data we’ve gathered over the last 11 years running the top quiz platform, the real cut-off to see great results is 5,000/month traffic to your site. That’s the point at which you’re starting to transition from being able to help everyone who is interested in what you do to needing more automation, and quizzes are excellent in that way. Once you hit tier 3 and top 75,000 visitors a month then it makes sense to diversify and expand your quiz strategy to many quizzes that target high traffic SEO terms and solve a range of problems for your customers.

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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