Why We Love Sabrina Philipp’s Conversational Quiz 

This article highlights Sabrina Philipp’s quiz, “What’s holding you back from hitting your next income level?” You’ll learn why we love Sabrina Philipp’s conversational quiz and how you can follow her lead to optimize your quiz funnel.

Sabrina Philipp, owner of Sabrina Philipp International, has helped more than a hundred thousand entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs design intentional, manageable, and profitable businesses, allowing them to experience the freedom they’d been craving. 

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Hot Quiz: What’s Holding You Back from Hitting Your Next Income Level?

By taking Sabrina’s quiz, quiz-takers discover what’s holding them back from building a profitable business. The quiz asks six questions about who quiz-takers are as entrepreneurs, and each of these questions has a purpose and leads to a corresponding result. The results provide immense value, informing quiz-takers how to improve their business to turn a higher profit.  

Note: Sabrina’s quiz is front and center on her home page and in the footer of every page, making it hard for her audience to miss. 

The best part is the video she includes in the results. Sabrina sends quiz-takers a video along with their results, explaining what they mean and introducing herself. This is a great way to form a connection with quiz-takers right off the bat. 

Why We Love Sabrina Philipp’s Conversational Quiz

Sabrina’s quiz exemplifies many of our recommended best practices, contributing to why her quiz is so successful. Ultimately, all her quiz pieces work together, bringing quiz-takers (and Sabrina) to their desired outcome.  

Let’s take a closer look at why we love this quiz:

  1. Sabrina’s quiz has excellent visibility. It’s front and center on her home page and in the footer of every website page. 
  2. The quiz is conversational, and the questions are concise, making it quick and easy to understand. Each question is intentional in its phrasing and placement.
  3. Sabrina customized the quiz to her brand and embedded it into her domain. 
  4. Sabrina’s quiz results use videos to explain the result and introduce her as the expert, immediately forming a connection. Including a video where she speaks is her first touchpoint as a coach without even hopping on a call!
  5. The call to action is straightforward and actionable. “Take my mini-course and start your online business in six steps. Watch your inbox for the next tip on how you can level up your income.”

How to Optimize Your Funnel

successful quiz takeaways

Learn from Sabrina’s quiz to optimize your quiz funnel. Think about the journey you want your audience to take when they arrive at your quiz. Then, move quiz-takers down the funnel by helping them quickly get through each question, your opt-in form, and finally, to the results. 

Have quiz-takers enter the funnel by making your quiz easily accessible online. Don’t assume your audience can find it if it’s only in one place. The more visible it is, the better. Understanding who your audience is and where they are online is crucial to have more reach.

In most cases, we see dropoffs after the first question. To make sure your first question is well-received, follow Sabrina’s lead and use positive, relevant, and concise questions to build a connection with quiz-takers. 

Here are a few points to consider when crafting your questions:

  • What do you want your quiz-takers to be doing?
  • How can you word your questions and answer choices to cause quiz-takers to reflect?
  • What would you say to a potential customer during a real-life conversation?
  • What are the most important questions you could ask to help your audience?

Keep an eye on your analytics to better understand how your quiz is performing. The insights from your quiz will help you decide what to tweak to better help your audience. 

Wrapping Up 

Implementing best practices for quizzes can significantly enhance their effectiveness and user experience. We love that Sabrina Philipp’s quiz exemplifies how these best practices work together to achieve this. Her quiz is easy to find and follow, and it feels like you’re having a conversation with her as you answer the questions.

Another way to craft a quiz that provides value to your audience is to ask yourself what your customers need. Then, use a call-to-action to guide quiz-takers toward their desired outcome. Finally, use quiz analytics to understand quiz performance and audience insights to better help your audience.

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