Brew Sales With a Product Recommendation Quiz 

In a world where online shopping offers an abundance of choices, finding the perfect product can be challenging. The Hipster Coffee Quiz shortens the hunt for the ideal coffee blend. For an e-commerce platform, a product recommendation quiz ensures potential customers can quickly discover their ideal product. Let’s look at Hipster Coffee Co’s quiz, “Find Exactly What Flavor of Coffee is Right for You.”

Let’s dive in! 

Hot Quiz: Find Exactly What Flavor of Coffee Is Right for You

The Hipster Coffee Quiz is a product recommendation quiz that allows quiz-takers to quickly find the perfect coffee without having to scroll for hours for the perfect blend. The quiz is in the top navigation bar on the front page of Hipster Coffee Co’s website. This location helps ensure the quiz is one of the first things visitors see when they land on the website. 

For an e-commerce platform like Hipster Coffee Co—offering a variety of coffee products, subscriptions, and more—this is prime placement. It caters directly to visitors who are likely on the website to explore and purchase coffee products. 

The six-question quiz takes less than a minute to complete. The questions focus on coffee preferences and what quiz-takers truly want from their coffee. At the end, quiz-takers are immediately directed to their results page. 

The results page provides a results title, information about the recommended product, and a description of what the result means. The page gives viewers upfront value, information about their coffee personality, and allows Hipster Coffee Co to introduce a sales offer. 

Side note: Hipster Coffee Co also took the extra step of embedding their quiz into their website

Why We Love This Quiz

Product recommendation quizzes on e-commerce websites are an effective way to shorten the time it takes someone to find the perfect product. It drives the speed of the purchase and reduces the shopping cart abandonment rate.

One outstanding feature of this quiz is how the branding is customized to the website. The quiz colors match Hipster Coffee Co’s website colors, creating a seamless online experience for quiz-takers. Incorporating images that align with branding elements contributes to an aesthetically pleasing user experience.

The results page stood out because of the promo code. We don’t see this often, but giving the quiz-taker a little nudge to follow through with the purchase is brilliant. A promo code is similar to a freebie or gift that you give customers for engaging with your brand. It’s also a great way to offer even more value to your audience. 

How to Brew Sales With Your Own Quiz 

When people approach your website, you want them to quickly—in a matter of thirty seconds—figure out what product is right for them. This is what a quiz is for. The quiz’s placement is crucial to generate the most leads and views possible.  

There are numerous ways to display your quiz on your website: 

  • The quiz can be fixed in your navigation bar. 
  • Quizzes can pop up within a certain amount of seconds. 
  • A quiz can be displayed on the home page.

Customizing your quiz to match your company’s branding elements is also essential. This includes changing your quiz’s fonts, images, and colors, which you can do in the Interact quiz builder. Creating a quiz is super easy, and if you’re not sure where to start, head over to Interact’s AI-Powered Quiz Maker.  


The Hipster Coffee Quiz, located in the top navigation bar on their website, shows just how effective a product recommendation quiz can be for e-commerce. It’s a quick, six-question quiz that leads users to personalized results matched to the brand’s aesthetic. Including a promo code on the results page incentivizes potential customers to make a purchase, driving sales for the company. 

Creating a quiz is super easy, and if you’re not sure where to start, head over to Interact’s AI-Powered Quiz Maker.

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