How Flower Moxie Maximizes Their Product Recommendation Quiz

We love Flower Moxie’s quiz, Flower Budget Calculator. This article highlights what we love about this quiz and how you can follow suit to maximize your own product recommendation quiz.

Amy McCord founded Flower Moxie in 2013 after eight years of planning hundreds of weddings. Amy had the idea to build a site specifically to help DIY brides with their wedding flowers. Flower Moxie was born as a side hustle on a $5,000 shoestring budget. 

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Hot Quiz: Flower Budget Calculator 

Flower Moxie's budget calculator quiz cover page

Flower Moxie’s Budget Calculator Quiz is an intelligent and clever way to get new subscribers or interested clients in the door. It gives quiz-takers a general idea of how much they should budget and invest in flowers for their wedding based on their knowledge of the average cost of DIY wedding flowers. 

Flower Moxie’s quiz is in the main menu of their website, under “Education” and “Getting Started.” Although it’s a lead generation quiz, this entry point is further down the funnel, targeting customers who may already be interested.

When taking the Budget Calculator Quiz, quiz-takers breeze through nine discovery questions about their wedding. The questions are all practical and meaningful, leading customers to the result that fits within their budget.

Why We Love Flower Moxie’s Quiz

Flower Moxie’s Budget Calculator Quiz provides a creative spin on applying product recommendation tools to the funnel. This quiz successfully gives meaningful information before the pitch, with generating sales still being the ultimate goal. Let’s dig deeper into why we love this quiz:

  1. Flower Moxie’s website branding (and flowers) does all the work, allowing the quiz to remain simple and shine.
  2. The cover page makes no promises but still captures visitors with unconventional quiz practices. Eliminating the question format in the title and “take quiz” button copy gives the experience more authority. 
  3. The questions are easy to answer because they only ask about flower logistics. It’s to the point and concise.
  4. The quiz results educate without being salesy. Quiz-takers receive a range in their budget based on their quiz answers, including how much they can save if they move forward with Flower Moxie.
  5. The quiz funnels visitors to the right products based on their answers, effectively filtering people by budget and likeness to make a purchase.

Maximize Your Product Recommendation Quiz 

Product recommendation quizzes are a skillful way to integrate data capture into your eCommerce platform, like Shopify. This quiz-style can help you filter people who visit your website, educate them in a non-salesy way, and automatically funnel them to the right products.

You’ll convert visitors into sales significantly faster—and build trust. Quiz-takers don’t feel oversold when taking a quiz like Flower Moxie’s Budget Calculator. They feel they’re learning from an expert in a niche market, helping them make the best decision for themselves.

On the backend, you can use the quiz to improve your product offerings by understanding what your customers want. To maximize your product recommendation quiz, ensure you are following these best practices:

  • Craft your questions carefully. Make sure your questions are relevant to your products and that they’re easy to understand.
  • Personalize the results to the individual user so they feel like the quiz was designed for them. They’ll be more likely to trust your recommendations.

Achieving a successful funnel like Flower Moxie means understanding the end goal and working backward. Their quiz lives in a funnel stage that assumes quiz-takers are ready to explore wedding florals but hasn’t decided on a vendor. 

Position yourself as an expert in your niche by giving your customers useful information (like the budget range and recommendations) and educating them about your product (how to DIY and save money).

Wrap Up

We love that Flower Moxie’s Quiz gives meaningful information before the pitch. Product Recommendation quizzes convert visitors into a sale significantly faster and increase their trust in your brand. 

Implementing a product recommendation quiz, like Flower Moxie’s Budget Calculator, helps you filter website visitors, educates them without being pushy, and funnels quiz-takers to their perfect product match. Craft your quiz questions carefully and personalize the results to the individual user to achieve this. Lastly, understand the end goal and work backward to build a successful quiz for your audience.

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