How Lyndi Cohen’s Quiz Generated 3,000+ Leads in 4 Months

What problems were you hoping to solve with your quiz?

We currently have two main products: the Keep It Real program and our Back to Basics app. Each product has a different target customer. Our program is focused on emotional eating while the app is for people who already have a healthy relationship with food.

We found that some customers were unsure of which product was right for them since there can be a little bit of overlap. We decided to create an Emotional Eating quiz to identify our target customers more clearly and put them into distinct “buckets” based on their quiz type. Once we were able to do that, we could confidently recommend the right product for them.

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Key Takeaway: If you offer multiple products like Lyndi, it might make sense for you to create a product recommendations quiz. It will act as a personal shopper, guiding your customers through a personalized process to find their best-fit solution. Think of your quiz as a 24/7 salesman that can run on autopilot!

How did you choose the topic of emotional eating for your quiz?

Our program is very focused on helping people with binge or emotional eating. Binge Eating Disorder is the most common eating disorder, and many people suffer from it in shame and silence. 

However, some people in our audience don’t necessarily identify as binge eaters, but their behavior would suggest otherwise. We chose the topic of emotional eating to capture these people and point them toward the right support.

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Key Takeaway: Before you choose a quiz topic, make sure it naturally ties in with your expertise and brand personality. If the topic feels like it’s too far outside your niche, you may have difficulty standing out in your industry. 
If you want to cover a more serious topic like Lyndi, it might benefit you to include lighthearted copywriting and aesthetically pleasing imagery to add a feeling of positivity and hopefulness.

What results have you seen after launching your quiz?

We’ve generated over 3,000 leads in about four months, and many of them have become customers. Originally, we didn’t force users to input their email to see their results as we were concerned about drop-off numbers, but we have changed our approach after the first month.

Surprisingly, over 50% of the individuals who start the quiz go on to complete it, so it’s been a good way to ensure we’re able to collect qualified leads. 

We also tag our leads with their answer types inside our email service provider. This gives us a good understanding of the types of customers we are attracting and their likelihood to engage or purchase based on their type. 

Key Takeaway: While your quiz is a valuable resource all on its own, it can be even more valuable when used to grow your email list. Inside Interact, you can connect your follow-up email sequences through your email service provider to automatically generate new leads. Click here to see our full list of integrations.

What do you want quiz takers to walk away with after completing the quiz?

One takeaway was for users to understand that emotional eating is really common and they aren’t alone in the journey. Also, they are quickly prompted to check out our free five-day course.

Through our follow-up emails, we’re able to provide a lot of high-value content and inspire prospective customers to explore our Keep It Real program. Alternatively, we suggest they check out our Back to Basics app depending on where they are on their journey.

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Key Takeaway: Before you write your quiz results, think about the major takeaways of your quiz. What do you want someone to know about themselves after taking your quiz? What insights, revelations, and advice do you want to leave them with? Your answers to these questions will help you write impactful result descriptions that will inspire your audience.

What made you decide to include only six questions in your quiz?

We wanted to make the quiz short enough to encourage people to complete the quiz and enter their email addresses. That way, we can stay connected with them for the long haul. This also ensured we could easily generate a verified lead.

To accomplish this, we needed to quickly hit on the most common pain points that people suffering from emotional or binge eating experience. Then, we had to convey it in a relatable way.

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Key Takeaway: While we usually recommend for quiz creators to use seven to 10 questions in their quiz, Lyndi had a specific reason for including only six questions. We’re always here to share quiz-building best practices, but you don’t need to follow them if your strategy is built differently. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken! 

Your quiz leads to a free five-day course. Tell us more about this strategy!

The free five-day course is a high-converting email sequence that provides high-value content on the subject of emotional eating. It acts as a “warm-up” for the Keep It Real program.

We use the five-day course to build trust amongst colder leads who are not as familiar with my story and experience. It gives practical strategies our audience can implement into their lives right away to build a healthier relationship with food.

The quiz strategically funnels people into this email course which eventually leads people to the program. We’ve seen a really nice conversion rate from the free course, and the quiz acts as a great lead generator since it is the first step in this particular funnel.

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Key Takeaway: While Lyndi makes it optional to sign up for this email course, you can automatically enroll your audience in an email series after they give you their email address. This is a great way to stay in contact with new leads and point them to the main offer within your quiz marketing funnel.

What is your best advice for new quiz creators?

Think about what kind of problems your customers may be experiencing and try to create a quiz that offers them a solution. We find that including quiz questions that focus on a customer’s persona work quite well.

Also, make the quiz-taking experience fun and engaging, but make sure your quiz isn’t too long. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure someone completes the quiz and gives you their email address. 

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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