How Simply Productive Fosters High Quiz Conversion Rates

This article highlights how Simply Productive fosters high quiz conversion rates with their Organizing Style Quiz. You’ll learn why we love this quiz strategy and ways to strengthen your own quiz for better conversion rates.

Simply Productive is run by Sherry, a trainer and professional organizer working with business owners, entrepreneurs, and working professionals who are overwhelmed with their cluttered spaces and digital chaos. She helps people create highly efficient systems to run their businesses and lives with focus, finally experiencing the freedom of an organized work space and home. 

Let’s jump in!

Hot Quiz — The Four Organizing Styles: Who are you?

Simply Productive's home page with quiz pop up

Simply Productive’s quiz features four organizing styles. It sits front and center on the homepage to immediately grab the attention of website visitors. The quiz helps Sherry’s audience identify their organizing style so she can best help improve their clutter and organize their space.

Sherry greets quiz-takers with the title, “Take the Quiz to Discover Your Organizing Style.” Then, they see a clear quiz description: “Organizing is more than just pretty bins and containers. It’s about designing your dream system so you can find what you want when you need it with ease. Ready to get clear on exactly where to start, how to declutter, and the best way to organize your space? Experience more joy and freedom in your life today.”

Sherry’s Organizing Style Quiz includes eighteen questions about quiz-takers’ current way of cleaning and organizing their home space. 

At the end of the quiz, Sherry edited the text for the opt-in form for better conversions. She lets quiz-takers know they’ve reached the end of the quiz and will soon find out their organizing style, why she needs their email addresses, and what information she’ll send them.

Sherry uses the Interact results pages to offer a simple Organization Style result and a quick description. Her CTA button leads to a landing page with more in-depth information about the result. This page includes a video from Sherry, plus tips and solutions quiz-takers can do right away with their style. 

Why We Love Simply Productive’s Organization Quiz

For a business vertical like Sherry’s Simply Productive, we know everybody has bad habits, but the important part is having a solution that makes customers feel good about moving forward.

Sherry’s quiz questions give a positive soft entry into what could have been a negative connotation. Instead of telling quiz-takers how messy they are, Sherry keeps her lead-magnet quiz positive so she can support them even through the tough questions!

Her opt-in form has clear instructions for quiz-takers. It explains exactly what they can expect next and reminds them that they can unsubscribe anytime. This strategy is successful because Sherry communicates the value in subscribing. 

Sherry keeps every movement in the quiz simple (pun intended!) by not including wordy questions or results. When someone finishes the quiz, they’ll first see a shorter version of their result—this is to cater to people who are just curious. However, quiz-takers ready to move forward can dive deeper through the call-to-action button.  

Sherry’s results pages are great because she is not trying to sell anything. She’s just helping her audience learn more about who they are and why they do what they do. This top-of-funnel quiz is effective in being a soft entry into Sherry’s Simply Productive world.

How to Get Higher Quiz Conversion Rates

Although Sherry’s Organization Style quiz is a bit different from our general best practices, she yields a higher conversion rate by optimizing certain aspects of the quiz. Here’s what we learned so you can get higher quiz conversion rates:

  1. Craft quiz questions that feel easy to answer with cheerful tones (even if they generally have negative connotations).
  2. Save the more challenging and reflective questions for the middle of the quiz. Place the easiest questions at the beginning and end of your quiz.
  3. Optimize the language in your opt-in form for the highest conversion rates. Let quiz-takers know what’s next and why you’re asking for their email, and remind them they can unsubscribe later.
  4. Make the process simple by including just a title and a short description on the results page.
  5. Provide more information to help your audience and new subscribers as they move through your funnel. 
  6. Know when to make the sale! It doesn’t have to be in your results or even in the first email. Research your audience and find out what’s best.

Wrap Up

We love that Sherry from Simply Productive optimized her opt-in form for higher conversion rates. This is the heart of lead generation, which is so important and often overlooked. Crafting the right messaging in your quiz opt-in form can help quiz-takers decide to subscribe with their email address. Simplify your quiz funnel to move your audience through seamlessly and build trust before pitching a sale.

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