How to Make a Quiz with InteractAI

After 10 years as the industry leader in quiz software, we are proud to introduce InteractAI Quiz Maker. You can now create a first draft quiz in 2 minutes instead of three weeks. No quiz writing experience is required.

Let’s take a look at how you make a quiz with the Ai.

Part 1: How to make your quiz with InteractAi

When you land on the AI Quiz Maker, click the button to create a quiz.

interact ai

The AI will ask you if you have an idea for your quiz. InteractAI is built to work whether you have nothing prepared for your quiz or if you pretty much have it all written already.

do you have an idea in mind

Let’s go with the “No, I don’t have a quiz idea” option. If you do have an idea or exact title, you’ll be prompted to enter those.

The first question you’ll be asked is for your website. You can also use a blog post or shop/product link here. If your site isn’t public, you can copy/paste text. This link or text is the information source that the quiz will be built based on.

Interact partner Cubicle to CEO was kind enough to let us use their site for this tutorial. They actually have an Interact quiz they created (without AI)– you can check it out here.

Cubicle to CEO

After we put in the URL we will answer a couple of additional questions about our use-case. The first is to describe your business.

What does your business do interact ai

The second is to tell the AI what your customer’s biggest problem they come to you with is.

What is the most common problem you help customers solve interact ai

Now, the AI will provide you with a few quiz titles to choose from.

choose a quiz title interact ai

Once you select your title, the AI will ask you what you want your quiz to do.

select what you want your quiz to do interact ai

Then, you can choose how many questions you want your quiz to have.

how many questions do you want your quiz to have interact ai

The last question is to specify if there are specific areas you want your quiz to focus on.

specific topics interact ai

Then, you sign up (free) to generate your quiz.

sign up free interact ai

Just wait 2-3 minutes, and your quiz will be ready!

quiz ready interact ai

You’ll be loaded into the Interact quiz editor, in part 2 we will look at all the features and customizations you can make on your quiz.

quiz editor interact

Part 2: Top Interact Quiz Maker features

Once your quiz is generated by the AI you can make it even more your own. Here are the most popular features our customers love to use in their quizzes. With these features, you can customize your quiz for most use-cases.

1. Direct integrations

With 24 direct integrations plus thousands more through Zapier, you can connect your quiz directly to your email list. You can also segment your leads based on which quiz result they get. If you want to get really specific, you can segment based on answers to any individual question within your quiz.

integrate your quiz with interact

2. Design your quiz

Use your brand colors and white label your quiz. The goal is for your quiz to look like it’s part of your site with no indication it comes from a third party. You’ve worked hard to build your brand, and your quiz will match what you’ve created.

Design your quiz

3. Redirect quiz results

Create your own landing pages on your domain for each quiz result, then redirect quiz takers to your landing pages. This is helpful for increased customization and tracking. Customers love the flexibility to design results pages exactly how they want.

redirect quiz results

4. Embed your quiz + add to link in bio

Add your quiz to any page on your site, and add it to your link in bio. Alternatively, you can use a direct link to your quiz, and we will host it for you. Either way, the quiz works seamlessly on any device and any platform.

add quiz to link in bio

5. Branching and conditional logic

Create branches in your quiz so people get routed to different sets of questions depending on their answer choices. With branching logic, you can create a unique quiz path for every single person who takes your quiz and have full control over which quiz result they will get.

branching logic quiz interact

6. Actionable analytics

Get key insights about your quiz takers that you can put to use. You can see overall conversion numbers for your quiz, breakdowns of how many people answer each question each way, and which results people are getting. For every lead who opts in, you can also see all of their answer choices and which result they get.

ellen analytics

7. Human support + documentation

Best-in-class support from our dedicated team and detailed documentation for using the Interact Quiz Maker software. Our customers love being able to chat with a real human and rave about the easiness of our documentation for self-service.

Interact team

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